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What are the Best Restaurants for Sale?  A Restaurant Broker's View

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 23, 2016 5:18:35 PM

Instagram_Image_Template.jpgMany buyers approach us asking for the best restaurants for sale in our inventory of hundreds of business opportunities.  It’s always a struggle to explain that the best opportunity for one person may be the absolute worst for someone else.

What defines the best restaurant for sale?  Is it top line sales?  For some buyers, that’s the most important criteria.   For other buyers, they don’t care about sales as long as the profitability hits their internal threshold for success.  Some buyers will tell us they just want a business with “six figure earnings” and it doesn’t really matter what it is.  We’ve been restaurant brokers long enough to know they don’t really mean that. 

The reality is that the “best restaurant for sale” is the one that’s right for you and your family.  It will be the business that fits your income needs as well as your lifestyle and the quality of life you want for yourself.  After years of working with restaurant buyers, we developed a tool called the Restaurant Assessment Tool that helps buyers decide exactly what is driving their decision to buy a restaurant and from that, determine the best restaurant for them.

Our tool asks you to answer a series of ten short questions and from that, we can help you find the best restaurant.  For most people, buying a restaurant is a lifestyle decision.  Working late nights and arriving home at 4 AM after the bar closes won't be the best choice for someone with a family waking up at 6:30 AM and getting ready for the school bus.  On the other hand, a highly social individual who loves talking to customers may not enjoy a catering business that is focused on delivery but may be right at home in a dining room interacting with their favorite customers. 

If you download the We Sell Restaurants Restaurant Assessment Tool at this link, you can answer three important questions to help you find the best restaurant for sale based on your lifestyle choices. The questions we want you to consider and answer from this exercise are:

  • What type of restaurant am I looking for?
  • What type of restaurant delivers what I need for myself and my family?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice to obtain this restaurant in terms of money, time and lifestyle?

Some of the items you have to consider when finding the best restaurant for sale for your individual situation include not only what the earnings will be but whether the business is financeable.  Not everyone has the full purchase price in the bank and will require lending.  If you do want a loan, how much debt are you comfortable taking on?  For some buyers, the amount of risk associated with lending can be a reason a business that fits every other criteria is not the best one for them to buy.

Understanding where the business is located in relation to your home is also an important consideration.  Most of our restaurant buyers are not young people who are mobile and have the ability to easily relocation.  Our average buyer is mature and has a family and thus significant responsibilities.  For that reason, even if we find their ideal opportunity and everything about it says it’s the best restaurant for them, it will never fit their needs if the commute to the business is more than an hour in each direction.

The bottom line when buying any business, is that is’ a personal decision and a lifestyle choice.  The best restaurant for one person will be the absolutely wrong choice for another. Spend plenty of time in your search and try our Assessment Tool before making a decision on the best restaurant for you to buy.  

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We Sell Restaurants Sells Rio Bistro in Colorado

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 21, 2016 5:16:57 PM

The Colorado office of We Sell Restaurants announces the sale of Rio Bistro Wine Bistro and Restaurant in Pueblo Colorado.  Certified Restaurant Broker, Bob Steinberger was the Listing and Selling Agent on the transaction.   


Rio Bistro, located at 126 South Union Avenue in Pueblo Colorado is located just steps from the city’s new beautiful and vibrant downtown Riverwalk.  This quaint, special fine dining Bistro and Restaurant has been operating profitably since 1999.  The Sellers are retiring after being a staple in Pueblo's restaurant scene for more than a decade.

The Purchaser is Bonagent, LLC, led by Massimiliano Innocenti.  He spent several months reviewing the market and the opportunities in Pueblo before deciding to buy Rio Bistro.  He, like many customers, was a fan of the full bar that runs the length of the dining room with comfortable seating at formal linen topped tables. One nice feature of the Rio Bistro is the exposure to local artists.  Their decor features consignment paintings from local Pueblo artists. 

The seller, Elizabeth Millenet had operated the business since 1999 and retired after many successful years. Her original menu featuring upscale appetizers, cocktails, fine steaks and seafood, seasonal favorites and desserts will continue to be offered Tuesday through Saturday from 5 – 8:30.  She will remain to train the new owner and ensure a strong transition for loyal customer.

John Jordan, Franchise Partner for the Colorado We Sell Restaurant office said, “We are excited to see another new owner take over a great operation in the Denver marketplace.” 

We Sell Restaurants specializes in helping other buy and sell restaurants.  Their goal is to sell more restaurants than anyone else – period!  We Sell Restaurants can be found online at  The company is franchising nationwide and has offices in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas.  Visit our restaurant for sale at this link.

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We Sell Restaurants Expands to Lone Star State; Austin Broker Achieves Success

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 17, 2016 10:46:38 AM

The Nation’s Leading Restaurant Brokers have launched in Austin Texas with Dave Duce named as the latest Franchise Partner

Dave_Duce_Crop.jpgWe Sell Restaurants, the franchise restaurant brokerage concept selling more restaurants than anyone else nationwide, has added to their franchise count in Austin Texas.  Dave Duce, a former multi-unit quick casual owner and entrepreneur launched the market and secured his first transaction in short order.

We Sell Restaurants, a franchise concept focused on helping the food service industry buy and sell restaurants through a unique branded and systemic approach, is now operating in 32 states including those served by the corporate headquarters and franchisees.

In his first few months as a We Sell Restaurants franchisee, Duce quickly established a strong group of restaurants for sale in Austin ranging from franchise resales to independent concepts. The market is extremely active and his price points in the pipeline range from $50,000 to $500,000.

Duce recently sold Cream Whiskers, a unique and popular puff-pastry bakery in densely populated West Campus, two blocks from the University of Texas at Austin.  The concept was started in 2013 by John Sun of JSTY, LLC.  The seller listed with We Sell Restaurants based on a systemic process, strong marketing plan and unmatched closing percentages.  His restaurant was under contract in less than 60 days and only 101 days lapsed between listing and closing.   

Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants said, “Texas is a tremendous state for us with strong transaction counts.  As we continue to see strong growth in this market, we were thrilled to find a franchisee with the industry background, skills, and passion for the job that Dave Duce brings.  His results are typical of the We Sell Restaurants system.  Our FDD Item 19 disclosure shows our franchisees generate six figure earnings in their first year along with faster transactions and shorter times on the market than any other firm.”

Dave Duce says of his experience, “I could never have done this without the intense training and ongoing support I received.”  Co-founder Robin Gagnon said, “The We Sell Restaurants brand has an intensive training program, the longest in the industry to ensure that our partners are Certified Restaurant Brokers with in-depth knowledge and support before they hit the street.” 

The new owner of Crème Whiskers is Hay Good Food, LLC, led by Amira Hassan and Ahme Abdalla.  They invite the community to visit the restaurant as they retain the charm of the existing location and add their personal touch.   


About We Sell Restaurants:  You can find We Sell Restaurants online at, Facebook and Twitter.  To learn more about franchising with We Sell Restaurants, visit  or call 888 814 8226.  We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm assisting those in the market to buy and sell restaurants. 

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We Sell Restaurants Sells Yogli Mogli in Buckhead

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 14, 2016 9:53:55 AM

The Yogli Mogli location in Buckhead is under new ownership based on the efforts fo the Restaurant Brokers at We Sell Restaurants.  Robin Gagnon, Restaurant Broker and Franchise Resale specialist brokered the deal. 

YM_Wall.jpgThis particular Yogli Mogli franchise yogurt shop for sale represented a perfect opportunity for the buyer.  The shopping center location for the store generates its own flow of consumer traffic from both on-site residents and nearly 130,000 residents within 3 miles of the center. Traffic counts average 45,000 vehicles per day and the center is within 1 mile of a major corridor. Co-tenants include high end retail and restaurants.  One great perk of this location is a great outdoor space for additional seating of the Buckhead community that enjoys the frozen treat against a backdrop of the hot Georgia sun.  The seller, YSB, LLC which is headed by Yosoye (Soy)  Adesoye, is a multi-unit owner of the Yogli Mogli brand and he was downsizing his store count to spend more time with family. 

This Yogli Mogli Franchise Yogurt Shop for Sale offers over 40 toppings and 16 flavors. This business model suits everyone with fat-free, low-fat or no-sugar-added varieties available along with sorbet. The Franchise Yogurt Shop for Sale offers frozen yogurt at only 70 to 120 calories per serving, making it ideal for people with calorie restricted or limited-sugar diets. Yogli Mogli’s authentic and superior quality yogurt is packed with nutrients and probiotics and is certified by the National Yogurt Association’s Live and Active Culture seal program for meeting (and exceeding) the required criteria for healthy yogurt.  

Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon said of the sale, “We had this Yogli Mogli Frozen Yogurt Franchise for Sale for a relatively short period of time before it caught the interest of the buyer.  We had only 25 signed Confidentiality Agreements before we put this frozen yogurt franchise for sale in contract and the buyer began working toward franchise approval and training."  

The buyer is a husband and wife team that is expanding beyond corporate America and beginning to generate a portfolio of small businesses.  They plan to improve on both the customer service and sales experience at the store using the marketing and techniques of the Yogli Mogli franchise brand.  The entire Yogli Mogli brand was acquired by U-Swirl, Inc. a short time ago and they offer sweet confections under multiple brand names including Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, CherryBerry, Yogurtini, Let’s Yo! and Fuzzy Peach brands.  According to a company statement, they expect to expand with 20 to 30 store openings during fiscal 2016.  U Swirl operates 259 Frozen Yogurt units in 37 states and 4 foreign countries.  

We Sell Restaurants is the nation's largest restaurant brokerage firm focused on helping buyers and sellers in the restaurant industry.  Our listings can be found online at or by following this link.


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Restaurant Sales Outlook - Recap of First Quarter by the Restaurant Brokers

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 8, 2016 12:40:17 PM


Robert Capture-7.jpgWagner, CPA has issued his first quarter resuts of Atlanta sales volume and the results show an impressive 3.5% increase in volume over the prior year.  His report shows that 71% of the 109 independent restaurants he surveyed posted positive results.  That's in line with what the restaurant brokers are seeing from our buyers and sellers for the same time period.  According to Wagner, this is the best performance for Atlanta market since the first quarter of 2015.   
Wagner's report further explains the trend saying, " Atlanta’s unemployment rate decreased to 5.2% in March 2016 from 5.7% in March 2015. The positive unemployment trend (and related solid employment growth), plus new city residents and abundant business visitors helped Atlanta overcome a bleak national sales trend to post good Q1 numbers."


Q1 Atlanta

Q1 National

2016 Comp Sales



Black Box Intelligence, a restaurant sales and traffic-tracking company found that on the national level, sales for the same quarter were actually down .4%. This is despite the addition of a day in the first quarter this year as the Leap Year added February 29 to the calendar.  WIthout that extra day, sales could have been seriously off nationwide.  These results point to the relative strength of the Atlanta restaurant market.  Atlanta restaurant sales displayed an amazing resilience and a 3.9% swing against the national performance of negative .4%.  Since retail sales and restaurants sales are  weather dependent, some of this can be attributed to tougher climate in other parts of the nation.  

The National Restaurant Association performs its own analysis of the industry including their "Expectations Index" which surveys restaruants to see how many "expect" restaurant sales to improve over the prior time period.  The news on this front was positive as they reported that March led to Forty-six percent of restaurant operators reporting a same-store sales for March 2015 versus March 2016, and 38 percent reporting a sales decline. The news was not as positive on store traffice with only 26 percent of restaurant operators nationwide reporting an increase in customer traffic between March 2015 and March 2016, while 46 percent reported a traffic decline.

What do restaurant operators see in the future?  The National Restaurant Association Expectations Index was at 101.2 in March – down 0.2 percent from a level of 101.4 in February. Despite the modest decline, March represented the 41st consecutive month in which the Expectations Index stood above 100, which indicates restaurant operators remain generally optimistic about business conditions in the months ahead.

The report that "Thirty-eight percent of restaurant operators expect to have higher sales in six months (compared to the same period in the previous year), down from 46 percent who reported similarly last month. Only 13 percent of restaurant operators expect their sales volume in six months to be lower. In contrast, restaurant operators remain comparatively pessimistic about the direction of the overall economy. Only 15 percent of restaurant operators said they expect economic conditions to improve in six months, while 22 percent expect conditions to worsen."


Robert Wagner, NetFinancials president said, “While Q1 2016 Atlanta sales comps are dramatic, they are particularly impressive when compared to the same-store sales decline at the national level. It is noteworthy that half of all restaurant brands tracked by Black Box Intelligence reported negative sales trends in Q1. In contrast 71% of Atlanta restaurants surveyed reported positive Q1 comp sales.”

The Sample:
The 109 non-franchise restaurants were drawn from the metro Atlanta market. Total survey sales volume was $75 million for Q1 2016. The survey includes restaurants in Atlanta’s fast- casual, casual and fine-dining segments opened at least 15 months.

Robert Wagner, CPA is president of NetFinancials, Inc. which provides a full range of tax and accounting services for restaurant companies found online at The NetFinancials quarterly Atlanta restaurant sales survey is provided as a public service to the restaurant industry. 


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Restaurant Brokers Report the Top 10 Restaurants for Sale May 2016

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 6, 2016 11:16:38 AM

The restaurant brokers announce the most popular listings for the month of May 2016.  The top ten list is determined by signed confidentilality agreements restaurant visits, phone calls and overall activity on the listings.  May was a busy month all the way around with new records set for web activity and restaurant for sale listing inquiries.  Here's where the most popular listings fell into the mix.

In first place is this 1,200 square foot Brazilian Cafe for sale one block from the beach in Pompano Beach Florida.  There is a fully equipped kitchen, 12 foot long exhaust hood, and in-ground grease trap all in place. The space can easily be converted to any food concept- either quick casual or full-service. Surrounded by plenty of retail shops, dining and beachside condos –this is a key location to build your restaurant dreams. The low rent of only $1,060 per month is just one more attractive feature. Brought to you by Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband.

Brazilian Cafe and Restaurant for Sale in Broward County - Close to the Beach!
Lease: Renegotiate with Landlord
Monthly Rent: $1060
Inside Sq. Ft. 1200
Outside Sq. Ft. 200
City:Pompano Beach

Runner up goes to this restaurant for sale that includes low rent offered by Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband. The kitchen is fully equipped and in excellent condition. The menu and recipes will transfer with the sale and the owner will train for up to two weeks. You can also let your creative juices flow and bring your own concept and menu.

Restaurant for Sale in Broward County! Can Convert to Any Concept
Lease: Expires August 31, 2016 plus three one year options
Monthly Rent: $1224
Inside Sq. Ft. 1200
Outside Sq. Ft.
City:Pompano Beach

The third most popular restaurant for sale this month s this Indian restaurant for sale offered by Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox. Located in a standalone building in a great delivery service area, it’s no surprise it made our top ten this month. The space is 1,400 square feet and has its own parking lot. Known for its fresh authentic dishes and renowned customer service, it has been attracting customers in the Atlanta community for eight years making it a cornerstone. All it needs a new owner to carry the torch.

Indian Restaurant for Sale in standalone building. Great delivery service area.
Lease: Expires in August 2016
Monthly Rent: $2700 including CAMS
Inside Sq. Ft. 1400
Outside Sq. Ft.

In the spotlight is this restaurant for sale that ranked number 4 on this list.  This sports bar with sales over $575,000! This 6,500 square foot space offered by Dominique Maddox has it all! Weekly entertainment lineup, poker night, karaoke night, Battle of the Bands night just to name a few. Whether it’s family night, a night out on the town, or grabbing a bite to eat for lunch with co-workers, this restaurant can accommodate a variety of crowds. Current items on the menu include burgers, sandwiches, wings, wraps, soup, salads and more.

Gwinnett County Sports Bar for Sale has it all. Sales over 575,000!
Lease: Expires February 2017
Monthly Rent: $6000
Inside Sq. Ft. 6500
Outside Sq. Ft. 200

Rounding out the top five restaurants for sales this month is a booming sports bar in Flowery Branch that generates $880,000 a year in sales. Reputation is key and this restaurant has a great one! Great atmosphere and food has made it a well enjoyed destination of locals. There are TV’s, pool tables and a golf simulator included. This 5,150 square foot space ready to accommodate a crowd of hungry and thirsty patrons is offered by Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon.   From game time appetizers to full course entrees, the fully equipped kitchen has everything in place to whip up anything you want to serve.

Sports Bar for Sale Has It All - Sports, Food and Fun Equals $800,000 in Sales
Lease: Expires 2018 with 2 5 year options
Monthly Rent: $6500
Inside Sq. Ft. 5150
Outside Sq. Ft.
City:Flowery Branch

Number 6 on the most popular list of restaurants for sale is a high traffic restaurant located in the thriving commercial corridor of Fulton County. All equipment is less than one year old. This is a must see 2,500 square foot space in a multi-level upscale retail center. It is fully equipped and easily adaptable to many concepts. Brought to you by Eric Gagnon.   

High traffic Restaurant for Sale in high income area ready for your concept!
Lease: 5 years
Monthly Rent: $4250.00
Inside Sq. Ft. 2500
Outside Sq. Ft.

It’s no surprise this restaurant space for lease that includes a bar made the top ten this month. This 6,000 square foot opportunity in Roswell is offered by Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon. Gorgeous wood bar, outdoor stone patio, upscale tile flooring and brick interior just to name a few features you’ll find in this premier space. This restaurant space for lease is part of a shopping center that attracts both families and business people to the area and is surrounded by affluent high income homes.          

Restaurant Space For Lease with great bar and patio in Roswell!
Lease: To be negotiated
Monthly Rent: $To be Negotiated
Inside Sq. Ft. 6000
Outside Sq. Ft.

Number 8 goes to this unique opportunity in Austin Texas brought to you by Restaurant Broker Dave Duce. This restaurant for sale includes a drive-thru and outdoor patio and just needs your concept! The patio is a must see and is visitble by the almost 30,000 cars that drive this road each day. There is also a full commercial kitchen with hood system.  Refrigerators, prep tables, a freezer, fryer, grill, stove and more are already in the kitchen and waiting for take over.  There are also multiple booths, tables, chairs and outdoor furniture included in the sale.

Purchase this Restaurant for Sale with Drive-thru and Outdoor Patio in Austin, TX!
Lease: expires August 2020
Monthly Rent: $3675
Inside Sq. Ft. 1000
Outside Sq. Ft. 250

Making the list at number 9 is this quick service sandwich shop priced to move and ready for any concept. There is a well-developed customer base and the shop has an excellent reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction. With over ten different meats, four salad mixes, eight cheeses and fifteen different toppings, there is something for everyone!  

Sub Sandwich Shop for Sale in Forsyth County. No Franchise Fees.
Lease: Expires November 2020
Monthly Rent: $1660
Inside Sq. Ft. 1360
Outside Sq. Ft.

Last but certainly not least in the top ten restaurant for sale list for the month of May is a 4,500 square foot turn-key restaurant for lease that seats 100 guests with additional seating outside for 30. This newly remodeled space was a sleek Italian Restaurant but can easily be converted to just about any type of cuisine or concept including a sports bar or burger concept. Located in Gwinnett County in a commercial area known for lunch and early evening business, all you need to do is bring your menu! This space for lease is brought to you by Dominique Maddox.  


Turnkey Remodeled Restaurant for Lease in Gwinnett County
Lease: Negotiable
Monthly Rent: $11000
Inside Sq. Ft. 4500
Outside Sq. Ft. 300

Two of the most popular restaurant for sale listings this month were actually lease spaces and another were listings ready for a reinvention or new concept.  That signals to the restaurant brokers that there is a lot of creativity in the marketplace and those ready and able to launch their own vision of a restaurant. 

Two stores on the list are already in contract or pending offers so the amount of activity seen on these listings definitely shows they get both looks and offers.  For a complete look at all listings for sale, visit our website online using either your smart phone, desktop or Ipad to search. 

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We Sell Restaurants Sells Highland Grill in Marietta Georgia

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 3, 2016 8:54:27 AM

We Sell Restaurants announces the sale of Highlands Sports Bar and Grill in East Cobb (Marietta Georgia).  Restaurant Broker Eric Gagnon was the listing and selling broker on the transaction. 

50896-Highland_Inside_4.jpgHighlands Sports Bar and Grill has been described as a place where you take over the "local" scene.  The cozy location is a well-known little pub where the bartenders and owners know everyone's name. It’s now under new ownership due to the marketing and sales efforts of We Sell Restaurants.  

The seller was Sure Shotz Entertainment Inc. owned by Russell Zimmerman, a multi-unit bar owner.  The buyers, Raed Hamed is poised to expand his stores with even more units in the future.  

Restaurant Broker Eric Gagnon said of the sale, “We had 137 signed Confidentiality Agreements and put this deal in contract within literally 45 days on the market.  Getting it to closing in 84 days is very fast in today’s environment where landlords and deal flow in general seem to be taking longer and longer.” 

This great local Grill and Bar for Sale was listed and sold by the restaurant brokers in just 84 days, a very quick transaction in the industry.  Highlands is a great fit for the buyer since not only do they serve a great menu and plenty of drinks at the bar.  They also have a great stage for live music which patrons are currently enjoying several nights per week as well as poker, trivia, and video games

The location has an open floor layout with approximately 4,000 square feet in desirable East Cobb.  The pub is part of a shopping center with ample parking for the crowds that gather for happy hour or to watch the games on over 20 HD TV’s. 

The buyer, Raed Hamed will use the very large commercial kitchen to accommodate all the current needs as well as any future ideas for menu changes including catering or a larger menu.  The well-equipped location included a walk in cooler, walk in freezer, hood, fryers, oven, flat top and much more.

The bar is located in East Cobb, an unincorporated community in Cobb County Georgia.  This affluent northern suburb of Atlanta is home to some of the state’s best schools, high income households and lots of families.

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We Sell Restaurants Unveils Redesigned Website

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 1, 2016 12:18:13 PM

The new Features Refreshed Design, Enhanced Content, Unrivalled Search and Restaurant for Sale Sort and Filter Functions in Responsive Design.

We Sell Restaurants announces the launch of a new, redesigned version of its website,  Key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design, a more engaging user experience with enhanced search and navigation, and the capability to filter and sort results of the user’s restaurant for sale search.


All We Sell Restaurants restaurant for sale listings have been upgraded graphically and the entire experience is linked to the firm’s back office, B.O.S.S. (Broker’s Operations and Sales System) platform.  This provides for instant access to restaurants for sale locations, photos, videos and more from the leading website offering restaurants for sale. It immediately connects the buyer’s actions in real time to the restaurant broker who is automatically assigned to the client.

"We are excited to be able to offer an upgraded solution to our restaurant buyers and sellers, ensuring their search to buy a restaurant is unmatched,” said Robin Gagnon, Chief Marketing Officer.  "By integrating the latest technology in web design, we ensure that customers accessing the site through a mobile device, iPad or laptop have a seamless and integrated user experience.  Our goal is allow as many choices as possible in the restaurant for sale search.  In addition, we provide a number of free resources for instant download including our guide to buying a restaurant, selling a restaurant or leasing a restaurant.”

The site's refreshed and simplified look, combined with enhanced content, improved search functionality, and optimization for mobile devices allows consumers to better interact with We Sell Restaurants online. In addition, promotional areas throughout the website provide the opportunity to highlight individual listings or restaurant brokers.  The site seamlessly integrates into the newly launched, the franchise site for the brand.

"Our mission is to sell more restaurants than anyone else, period,” said Eric Gagnon, President.  "The sleek, customer-centric design of the site provides an innovative platform for restaurant buyers and sellers that will continue to grow our already impressive search engine results, boosting the discoverability of  our listings, drive sales, and—ultimately—sell more restaurants."

The new allows for more restaurant for sale search choices, such as search by market, search by franchise name and search by price point, earnings or keyword.  Once a search is performed, the user may now filter by key parameters such as SBA loans available, E2 Visa Qualified or Limited hours.  They may also sort their results by price point, earnings or listing numbers. The new website has been in development for more than six months and reflects the latest technological advancements in web design online to find restaurants for sale.   


About We Sell Restaurants

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm.  Now franchising nationwide, the company has listings across nearly 20 U.S. states and has offices open in Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Florida and Texas.  We Sell Restaurants is a registered trademark of the firm.  They can be found online at

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Restaurant Brokers Report From Chicago Restaurant Show On New Trends

Posted by Robin Gagnon on May 23, 2016 2:00:00 PM

The restaurants brokers from We Sell Restaurants and their franchisees attended the world’s largest Restaurant Show this week in Chicago.  The sights, sounds and innovation on display remind us why we love this industry!

Here are some of the highlights and personal favorites.

45 Square Foot Kitchen of the Future.

One vendor had on display an entire kitchen outfitted with convection ovens, prep station, fryer, flat top45_square_foot_kitchen.jpg and refrigeration that fit into a 4 and 1/2 foot by 10 foot space!   They were turning out food as varied as duck sliders and pasta so the menu was not limited by the space.  As rents continue to rise in all markets, a supersize kitchen is no longer a luxury any restaurant owner can afford.  Getting your kitchen footprint smaller should be the goal of any restaurant and in the restaurant broker’s opinion, any franchise that doesn’t have a team focused on this mission is missing the boat.

Our Pick of Cool Products

Oil Handling Safety Chute. 

We saw a great product to move grease from the fryers to the grease trap with no risk of splash.  The portable box was lowered to the ground to capture the grease and then tilted, wheeled and upended to its new location completely hands free.  Most worker’s comp claims in the industry revolve around hot oil so any improvements for its handling is welcome.

Indestructible “Glass” ware

One vendor had a line at his booth to put on a helmet and take a swing at his plastic products that look just as great as glass but with the added bonus that it will not break!  Those taking a swing and hoping to shatter his product failed time and again as the blows bounced off. 

Turbo Pots

Special grooves in the pots concentrate the heat toward the pot removing loss of heat and cooking foods more quickly. 

Delivery Trucks with Cold and Hot spaces running On Solar and Electric

delivery_truck_of_future.jpgThe delivery truck of the future was on full display with plenty of openings to deliver your food hot or cold.  The added bonus to these trucks were that they were solar or electric powered.

Ice Cream that Doesn’t Melt

One vendor has a new product for dishing out ice cream at outdoor venues and fairs that gives you an amazing 8 hours of ice cold holding temperature.  Think “Yetti” except this is insulated ice cream drums, serving stations for gelato and more.

Other Notable trends.

Too Much of…

In the category of ‘we’ve seen enough already,’ the recycled carton industry was on over display with every form of food carrier put forward by multiple vendors. How many brown cartons do we need?

Bigger is better...

Hobart mixers as tall as the shortest restaurant broker (that would be me at just over 5’3”) prove this brand just gets bigger and better to meet demand.

What’s this doing at the Food Show?

We saw more than one company selling a “Body Shaper” that supposedly allows you stand on it for 10 minutes while it jiggles and wiggles your fat away and delivers the same benefit as running on a treadmill for one hour.  Still confused as to why this is at the food show but the view of this device in action was hysterical.   


All in all, the Restaurant Show is a must for anyone in this industry.   The Restaurant Brokers logged over 12,000 steps, 200 samples, countless demonstrations and lots of good times in only one day on the floor. We tweeted some of our favorite moments that can be found on our Twitter account at this link and we’ve included lots of photos.


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Ken Eisenband Scores in Top 5 for State of Florida in Number of Deals

Posted by Robin Gagnon on May 16, 2016 2:43:35 PM

We Sell Restaurants
Franchisee Ken Eisenband receives the prestigious “Dealmaker Award” for transaction volume landing in the top 5 for the state of Florida as well as the Million Dollar Club.   

Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband, franchise partner of We Sell Restaurants, was recently honored for his succeKen_Eisenband.jpgss in deal making at the annual Business Brokers of Florida awards luncheon.  Eisenband was awarded the “Dealmaker Award” as one of the top five business brokers across the entire state of Florida for the most completed business transactions in 2015.  Eisenband was also named a member of the group’s Million Dollar Club for 2015. 

Top Producer, Ken Eisenband has owned and operated the Fort Lauderdale, Broward County franchise office of We Sell Restaurants since 2012.  This is his first year as a member of the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF).  We Sell Restaurants President Eric Gagnon says, “Ken is a definitely a top producer and when you consider that his competition consists of brokers that can sell all types of business, this feat is truly remarkable. His focus on restaurants exclusively does not limit but instead fuels his success. BBF reports that there are currently more than 1,400 members so ranking in the top five is truly an indication of the success he is having with the We Sell Restaurants system.”  Business Brokers of Florida or BBF states they currently have over 4,000 listings and maintain a database of over 16,000 sold businesses for market data comparisons.

Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) is a non-profit association made up of the leading business brokerage companies and agents throughout the state of Florida. It is the largest state business broker association in the country, and the second largest association of business brokers in the world.  According to the group’s website, “Members of BBF must demonstrate their expertise and ability in business brokerage when applying for membership. Once accepted as a member they must adhere to a strict code of ethics.”

We Sell Restaurants is a franchise business brokerage firm specializing in the restaurant industry. The We Sell Restaurants® brand is known nationwide for professionalism, industry knowledge and unmatched service in the sale of restaurants.  They can be found online at

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