Restaurant for Sale Customer Stories: Starting 2024 Strong

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jan 25, 2024 1:23:23 PM


The new year is well underway and our Certified Restaurant Brokers have been busy! With hundreds of restaurants for sale on our website, these specialized business brokers spend time with buyers and sellers every single day. At We Sell Restaurants, these restaurants for sale aren't just business transactions—they are relationships that we build to help clients accomplish their goals to buy or sell a restaurant. As you will see below, some of our clients turn to us when they are ready to retire. Others are simply ready to exit and move to the next chapter. Take a look at some of our latest customer stories from the buyers and sellers that our team of expert restaurant brokers have had the pleasure of working with:

Happy Retirement to Juan and Carmen!Sold 9678

For many veteran restaurant owners, there comes a time when you may start thinking more about stepping down and less about running the business. Subway owners Juan and Carmen in Charleston County were experiencing exactly that.

After nearly a decade owning their Subway store, it was time to retire and enjoy a life after restaurant ownership. 

Carmen said this of her experience with We Sell Restaurants:

"I highly recommend We Sell Restaurants of Charleston SC especially Emily, she is very knowledgeable, professional, and a very kind, down-to-earth person. She keeps you updated and always has line of communication opened. "

Selling a restaurant is so much more than "just business"—it is life-changing event for the owners. We thank Juan and Carmen for trusting us to help them start their next chapter, and we wish them the very happiest in retirement!

Bliss Cakery
Yulee, FL
Certified Restaurant Broker®: April Greenwood

"April Greenwood has been a pleasure to work with!  I highly recommend her and would use her services again if needed!" - seller, Jodi Hague"April Greenwood has been a pleasure to work with!  I highly recommend her and would use her services again if needed!


Bangkok Cabin9957 Bangok cabin Thai Street Food
Hiram, GA
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Jeff Heidt

"Words cannot express my gratitude for what Jeff has done for my family and me. I will admit, that I was at first adamant about how to go about transitioning my business to the new buyer, and was full of doubts and fears that I may not do it right, miscommunicate, nor where to start. However, Jeff has guided me tremendously throughout this process and thoroughly explained it to me, in a way that I could not have imagined.

Jeff made this process go by swiftly with ease and more importantly with patience and understanding. I fully recommend Jeff, for reliable communication, wonderful interpersonal skills, and an all-around wonderful broker and person at heart. You will not regret having Jeff as a broker; spectacular at heart, wise with advice and relations between the individual and myself, but in a professional manner; fast and easy in terms of communication.- Suwan Tobtaen, seller

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker Jeff Heidt with the buyer and seller of Bangkok Cabin.

Hungry Howie's10264 hungry Howies
Kennesaw, GA
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Jeff Heidt

Congratulations to Vishnu on the sale of his Hungry Howie's restaurant in Kennesaw, and congratulations to the new owner, Mike! 

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Jeff Heidt with the buyer and sellers of Hungry Howie's.



We look forward to sharing many more customer stories throughout 2024 as demand for restaurant ownership and restaurant exit strategies climbs. 

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