Increase Your Restaurant's Value - 3 Things to do Before Selling

By Steve Weinbaum
September 27, 2022

  I’ve been a certified restaurant broker for many years and the number one question I am asked by restaurant owners interested in Selling their Restaurant,, pub, café, sports bar, or fast casual franchise is, “What is my restaurant worth”. This is...
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Franchise Restaurant Success - Vital Tips for a Franchise Resale Program

By Robin Gagnon
September 08, 2022

  If you are are the franchisor of franchise restaurant business, keep reading to learn why establishing a strong franchise resale program is key to the success of your brand.  Franchisees sell their businesses for a variety of reasons. As the...
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What's My Equipment Worth? How to Calculate the Value of a Restaurant

By Chris & Misti Gordon
August 25, 2022

  The restaurant equipment is the backbone of any restaurant. From the kitchen and prep areas to the table and chairs, restaurant equipment is a necessary cost to get a restaurant up and running. When the time has come for a restaurant owner to...
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Selling a Restaurant with SBA Loans Exceeding the Sales Price - Offer in Compromise

By Robin Gagnon
August 23, 2022

  If you are Selling a Restaurant with an Small Business Association (SBA) loan or Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), also issued by the SBA, you may think the situation is hopeless. After all, you may owe more than the loan amount and not have...
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How to Sell Your Restaurant in 6-12 Months: Tips from a Certified Restaurant Broker®

By Brittney Gates
August 04, 2022

  How long will it take to sell your restaurant? This, among other questions, is one that every restaurant owner will ask when thinking about their exit strategy. Selling your restaurant can feel daunting, but the proper preparation and expert...
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What Experience does a Restaurant Broker bring to the table when Selling a Restaurant?

By Scott Ruby
July 29, 2022

  So, you've decided that you are ready, or almost ready, to sell your restaurant—now what? Once you decide to sell your restaurant, the next step is finding the right business broker. For the most success in the transaction, you will want to find...
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Who Are The Restaurant Buyers Of Today?

By Robin Gagnon
June 28, 2022

  After experiencing an unprecedented and tumultuous two years, the restaurant industry has not only persevered but prospered in some ways. Through forced flexibility and adapting, restaurants have created new ways to thrive. After rejuvenating...
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How to Sell a Restaurant: Key Ingredients for a Quick Sale

By John Jordan
June 23, 2022

  If you're looking to sell your restaurant, it's important to know what factors will influence how long the sale process will take. There are several key elements that buyers will look at when making their decision, so if you can make sure your...
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How to Sell Your Restaurant for a Million Dollars or More

By Robin Gagnon
June 21, 2022

  If you're a restaurant owner, then you know that your business is a valuable commodity. But how do you go about selling it for the big bucks? In this article, we will discuss the process of selling a restaurant for a million dollars or more....
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How Pandemic-Era Technology Will Shape Dining Experiences Of The Future

By Robin Gagnon
June 14, 2022

  March 2022 marks two years since Covid-19 first spread in the United States. Every industry has felt the effects of the pandemic in some form or another, but restaurants, in particular, were one of the most severely impacted sectors. Many...
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