Selling a Restaurant Successfully: Golden Hills Coffee, Gigabites, and Cerealphoria

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Coffee lovers and food enthusiasts alike will be inspired by the success stories of the sellers behind Golden Hills Coffee, Gigabites, and Cerealphoria. From the overwhelming growth experienced by Tammi and Frank at Golden Hills Coffee Roasters to Kabir's swift sale of Gigabites Virtual Kitchens, these stories showcase how a restaurant owners turn to We Sell Restaurants for success in Selling a Restaurant.

Whether you are a restaurant owner looking to expand or exit your business, read these stories to learn how a Certified Restaurant Broker® near you can help you achieve your dream. 

9909 Golden Hills

Frank & Tammi's Story: FL Coffee Roasters Experience Overwhelming Growth
The Villages, FL

Golden Hills Coffee Roasters was established in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Tammi and Frank. In 2021, the couple decided to open two small cafes as way to increase brand awareness and build their distribution list.

Within a year of operations, the cafes showed strong performance and the brand was gaining recognition. In fact, the plan to increase brand awareness worked so well, that soon enough their distribution customer list grew and Frank and Tammi even took on a few major clients.
Pictured: Certified Restaurant Brokers Ellie Ramirez and Mel Ferioli with the buyer and sellers of this Golden Hills Coffee Roaster location.

Tammi and Frank called We Sell Restaurants when it became too overwhelming to manage the roastery and both of their café concepts. Restaurant broker Mel Ferioli answered the call to help them cash out and divest their portfolio. 

In less than a year, Mel and her team qualified a buyer for each of the two cafés for sale, empowering Tammi and Frank to focus on the growing success of their coffee roastery and its new distribution clients. 

Frank and Tammi described their experience with Mel as "Fast, professional service from an outstanding team." Today, the couple continues to focus on their roastery and are able to supply their growing list of customers. 

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Gigabites BuyersKabir's Story: Gigabites Virtual Kitchens Sold in 4 Months
Ormond Beach, FL

We sell restaurants, but what about ghost kitchens? YES! We sell those, too. 

Restaurant owner Kabir was an experienced restaurateur with two physical concepts and one ghost kitchen in his portfolio. However, his goal was to find a bigger location capable of converting his ghost kitchen, GigaBites, into a restaurant for customers to visit. He needed to sell the ghost kitchen space first in order to accomplish this. With the lease expiring in March, Kabir needed to sell his ghost kitchen location FAST.

Pictured: Buyers of the Gigabites ghost kitchen space

That's when Kabir discovered Certified Restaurant Broker® Brittney Gates on Instagram. Brittney went straight to work to value, market, and qualify a buyer for the business. Within four months, she found a buyer and sold the location just weeks before the lease expired! 

"For me, running three restaurants and selling one at the same time can be challenging, so calling Brittney was the best decision," said Kabir of his decision to sell. "Not only she found me a buyer for all the equipment, but she also helped the buyers take over the space. Paperwork and the legality of it all can sometimes take a lot of time, but Brittney worked fast and definitely made the whole transaction very simple for both parties." 

Now, Kabir is free to find a bigger location for his concept without worrying about moving the ghost kitchen equipment out of an expired lease space. 

Kabir shared that, "It was a pleasure working with Brittney and her team...I’m definitely calling Brittney again if ever need to buy or sell a restaurant."

Restaurant owners turn to We Sell Restaurants when they need to sell their business for the most money in the shortest time on market.

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Ernesto's Story: Cerealphoria Dessert Truckscerealphoria 10270
Surprise, AZ

Ernesto and his wife owned and operated two dessert trucks in Arizona serving ice cream with cereal toppings. As most restaurant owners know, operating a food business is a full-time, and often over-time, job. The couple ran both Cerealphoria trucks for five years until Ernesto's wife decided to return to her teaching career. 

Now back at work, she and Ernesto simply didn't need both Cerealphoria trucks anymore. It was time to sell.
Pictured: Ernesto, with the new owner of the Cerealphoria dessert truck, Sara.

After trying to sell one of his trucks on Facebook Marketplace with no success, Ernesto spoke with Certified Restaurant Broker® Doreen Gorman for a solution. Doreen found a qualified buyer and successfully sold Ernesto's dessert truck, allowing him to focus on the other truck while his wife could focus on her teaching job. 

Ernesto and his wife needed a path to cash out on their business, and Doreen of We Sell Restaurants showed them the way. Doreen found the right buyer who was eager to get into the business and take over.

When it's time to shed units, multi-unit restaurant owners trust We Sell Restaurants to get the deal done. 

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How to Successfully Sell a Restaurant

As demonstrated by these customer stories, it's advantageous to work with a resource like We Sell Restaurants when selling a restaurant. Our Certified Restaurant Brokers serve to guide you through the entire selling process, covering every step from an accurate restaurant valuation, to marketing, to qualifying buyers, and more.

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