Selling a Restaurant Successfully: Tony's N.Y. Pizza, DB Pickles, and The Bakery

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When it comes to Selling Your Restaurant, hiring the right broker makes all the difference. From the valuation, to the marketing, to the legality and more, specialized restaurant brokers play a pivotal role in your success in selling your restaurant. Take the real stories from restaurant owners Chuck, Peter, and Tammy below. These stories collectively show the invaluable expertise and efficiency that a Certified Restaurant Broker® brings to the table for restaurant owners who are ready to exit their businesses. 

Certified Restaurant Broker® Dave Whitcomb shaking hands with Chuck, the seller.

Chuck's Story: Restaurateur and Repeat Client
Fort Myers, FL

Chuck is a restaurateur in Southwest Florida who owns multiple stores. Last year, he called Certified Restaurant Broker® Dave Whitcomb to buy a restaurant in Port Charlotte, FL. This year, Chuck called We Sell Restaurants for help selling his pizza restaurant in Fort Myers.

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Dave Whitcomb shaking hands with Chuck, the seller.

Chuck was an absentee owner for Tony's N.Y. Pizza. The business was doing well and showing strong earnings, so he debated whether it was time to sell. A text conversation with his local Certified Restaurant Broker®, Dave Whitcomb, eventually solidified the decision. They quickly agreed on the listing price and Dave got to work marketing and qualifying buyers for the business. 

Dave found the perfect buyer for Tony's N.Y. Pizza and sold the restaurant in just 49 days!

Once the deal was complete, Chuck shared, "I've used David for buying and selling. In both transactions he really helped make the process seamless, quick and easy."

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DB Pickles 8700Peter's Story: Brittney Gates Sells DB Pickles
Ormond Beach, FL

How does a restaurant broker actually help you sell your restaurant? This story from former restaurant owner, Peter, says it all.

Although he was a former realtor with experience in selling businesses, this owner of DB Pickles was looking for a specialized resource to sell his restaurant. 

Peter first tried to sell his restaurant with another business broker, but with no results. After this first broker was unable to secure an offer, Peter turned to Certified Restaurant Broker®, Brittney Gates, to facilitate a successful transaction. 

Peter said this of his experience with We Sell Restaurants. 

"I would like to thank you for all the hard work you did in the sale of my restaurant. You are very professional and being a former realtor I know how hard it is to work the sale of a business. I appreciate the fact that you pre-qualified the buyers that looked to purchase my business because there are so many Tire kickers out there that waste your time. Your legal and Financial knowledge was the Cornerstone to completing the sale with the buyer. You also dealt with the landlord in securing additional lease terms for the buyer and you took a lot of pressure off of myself in dealing with all the details. Thank you again and your work was much appreciated." 

Peter found the right broker to sell his restaurant in Brittney Gates and We Sell Restaurants. Brittney's expertise in closing restaurant deals created a pain-free experience for Peter and brought him successfully to the closing table. 

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Tammy's Story: Contract to Close in 30 Days!Selfie of Certified Restaurant Broker® April Greenwood with the Seller, Tammy (left) shaking buyer, Mark's (right) hand in front of The Bakery.
Jacksonville, FL

Tammy Demetree was the proud restaurant owner of The Bakery in Jacksonville, FL. While she loved owning the business, she had another love in her life: her grandkids. The demanding hours of restaurant ownership took Tammy away from the quality time she wanted to spend with her family. Tammy reached out to Certified Restaurant Broker® April Greenwood for help finding someone to take over the business. 

Pictured: Selfie of Certified Restaurant Broker® April Greenwood with the Seller, Tammy (left) shaking buyer, Mark's (right) hand in front of The Bakery.

April immediately connected Tammy with a gentleman named Mark, who had been searching for a café concept in the last several months. After just one showing, Mark was ready to make an offer, and Tammy knew that he was the right buyer. 

Not only did April sell The Bakery successfully, she also moved the deal from Contract to Sold in just over 30 days! Thanks to April's strong restaurant brokerage skills, Tammy was able to sell her bakery and start enjoying more time with her grandchildren. 

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How to Successfully Sell Your Restaurant

Selling a restaurant successfully requires the knowledge to accurately value the business, effectively market the listing, and smoothly transact the deal. Chuck, Peter, and Tammy's story represent just a few of the restaurant owners We Sell Restaurants guides to success each month. Their successes are the result of specialized training and industry knowledge exhibited by a Certified Restaurant Broker®. 

Whether you are considering retirement, a new career, or are simply ready to cash out, make sure you have the right restaurant broker in your corner fighting for your success. Schedule a call with a Certified Restaurant Broker® to get your FREE Restaurant Valuation Today.

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