How to Evaluate Restaurant Financials When Buying a Restaurant

By Robin Gagnon
January 20, 2023

  For many people, buying a restaurant is a dream come true. But before you sign on the dotted line, it's important to do your due diligence and understand the financials of the business. Here are some key things to look at when evaluating the...
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3 Benefits of Buying a Restaurant Franchise Resale

By Robin Gagnon
January 12, 2023

  If you are interested in a Buying a Restaurant, you may be considering building, finding a lease a space, or buying an existing concept. Your decision of where to invest your money ultimately depends on your goals for restaurant ownership. Are...
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Buying a New Restaurant Franchise Vs. Buying an Existing Location

By Robin Gagnon
December 22, 2022

  If you are looking at Buying a Restaurant, there are two main options – buying an existing location or investing in a new franchise. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.  When purchasing an existing restaurant, it usually has an...
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Does the Liquor License Transfer When I Buy a Restaurant?

By Mel Ferioli
November 22, 2022

  Do Liquor Licenses transfer? Short answer – Yes AND No… Long answer – Every state has their own requirements but the transfer of a liquor license to a restaurant buyer will be approved provided the application of a purchaser is approved by the...
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Which Restaurant Concept is Right for Me? Tips for Buying a Restaurant

By Emily Benedict
November 17, 2022

  One of the most important questions we ask folks who are on the journey to buying a restaurant is, “What kind of concept are you planning?” Some people don’t have a firm idea yet and are simply looking through our listings, gathering ideas and...
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Buying a Restaurant: What's Included in the Restaurant Valuation

By Jeff Heidt
November 10, 2022

  One of the questions asked by so many buyers searching restaurants for sale is, “Is the inventory included in the price of a restaurant for sale?” A buyer will always say they want the inventory included in the sale price. However, the answer to...
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Buying an Existing Food Franchise for Sale: Costs and Requirements

By Austin & Gary Luke
October 27, 2022

  As with any major investment, buying a food franchise will come with its own requirements and costs. These fees and qualifications help both the inquiring franchisee and the franchisor determine if the brand is a good fit. If you are daunted by...
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Will I Qualify? Guide to Restaurant Financing

By Robin Gagnon
October 21, 2022

  Common Restaurant Financing Options and How to Qualify  When it comes to Buying a Restaurant, there are a variety of methods for obtaining restaurant financing. Before you choose the method for buying a restaurant, it is important to understand...
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The Restaurant Letter of Intent - What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know

By Bob Steinberger
October 06, 2022

  If you are Buying a Restaurant, you may be wondering how to secure your offer on a restaurant for sale. There are two ways to secure your deal: a Letter of Intent or the Asset Purchase Agreement. This blog article will cover the basics of a...
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Top 10 Restaurants for Sale - September 2022 Edition

By Robin Gagnon
October 04, 2022

  Each month, the restaurant brokers assess where inquiring buyers spent the most time and energy looking at restaurants for sale. We Sell Restaurants calculates this top 10 list based on the number of calls, clicks, and signed Confidentiality...
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