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Pizza Restaurant for Sale, Mancini’s Pizza SOLD in Huntington, West Virginia

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Sep 28, 2017 10:17:00 AM

Kudos to Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum on closing the deal on the pizza restaurant for sale, Mancini’s Pizza!

Mancini’s Pizza operated in Huntington for over 16 years under the same owner, until the pizza restaurant for sale was sold on August 16, 2017 by Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum. Mancini’s was a favorite spot for hungry Cabell Count9017-Steve W jacket.jpgy customers, with a full menu featuring sandwiches, salads, and piping hot pies. Customers enjoyed washing down their meal with an ice cold drink from the full bar that featured many drink specials.

John Castlegrande brought his best offer and purchased the pizza restaurant for sale in Huntington. Huntington is the second largest city in the state of West Virginia with a population of almost 50,000. It is home to Marshall University, a public college with a 100 acre campus and almost 14,000 students.  The business sits directly across the street from the college and has views of the stadium. Castlegrande will no doubt be serving hungry students and sports spectators alike!

Tony Mancini, the previous owner, cranked out delicious food for the past 16 years before listing this pizza restaurant for sale with Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum. When the pizza restaurant for sale was still operating as Mancini’s prior to the sale, satisfied customers left an abundance of online reviews praising the food and service quality. Some noteworthy reviews include:

  • “Best pizza place in Huntington. Awesome atmosphere, great service, and delicious food.”
  • “We probably spent as much, but got three times the amount of food at any other place. The older rustic pub vibe and the great food make it a place I’d definitely return to!”
  • “Went before a Marshall game and not too crowded and our server was great! Highly recommended!”
  • “This place is a staple. Tony is a stand-up guy that will work with local causes to provide pizza and at a discount no less.

Castlegrande has closed the Mancini’s business and is bringing a new concept to the space. With the numerous positive online reviews, Huntington residents are no doubt anticipating the reopening of the recently sold pizza shop for sale. Castlegrande is looking forward to serving the Marshall University students, their families, visitors and residents.

Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum had this to say of the pizza restaurant for sale deal that he closed: “With this prime location near Marshall University, the new owner will reopen and cater to sports fans ready for another exciting season of college sports. This buyer knew a good deal when he saw it and didn’t hesitate on making a great offer on this business.”

Are you in the market for pizza restaurants for sale such as this one? Click on the link to be taken to our pizza restaurants for sale across the country, and check out all of the listings We Sell Restaurants® has to offer here.

If you’re in the market to sell your restaurant, give the restaurant brokers a call at (888) 814-8226, or click here for a free valuation of your restaurant.

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Certified Restaurant Brokers Steve and Cyndi Weinbaum On the Radio

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jul 13, 2017 11:19:23 AM

What happens when a radio show is seeking experts on the culinary scene in Atlanta?  They reach out to the restaurant brokers! Steve and Cyndi Weinbaum of We Sell Restaurants were recent guests of Business RadioX along with Seth Gragg of Thrasher Coffee Company and Paul McKeon, CEO of Team Building with Taste, a hospitality company he co-founded in 2012.

The players assembled on the air on June 29 and shared their insight and expertise in the culinary world.  Each of the guests, including husband and wife Restaurant Broker Team - Steve and Cyndi Weinbaum, along with McKeon and Gregg offered their take on the current business climate and their opinion on future trends.  Will the pace of fast casual continue to dominate the industry or is there a return to full service?  Will space (currently at a premium in Atlanta) ever be available for the best locations (no!)? 

The full radio interview can be downloaded live at this link.  

The group, pictured below included Paul McKeon, the CEO of Team Building with Taste, a hospitality company he co-founded in 2012. McKeon and his team have merged their love of food with their business experience building and running high performance sales and marketing teams. With custom team building kitchens in Atlanta and Dallas, Team Building with Taste has become the preeminent culinary team building program in the U.S. To learn more about Team Building with Taste, you can visit their website. You can also follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Seth Greg parlayed his love of coffee into his role as VP of Business Development with Thrasher Coffee Company where he uses an extensive background in sales and operational management. Seth has been instrumental in the growth of Thrasher Coffee Company.  The firm specializes in roasting responsibly-harvested beans and supplying premium, fresh, small-batch coffee.  Their discerning customers are seeking the experience at an affordable price and the firm says they, "offer one-of-a-kind roasts backed by an unparalleled commitment to quality and service."

Steve and Cyndi Weinbaum are a husband and wife team who put customer committment first in representing buyers and sellers for restaurants in the We Sell Restaurants database. 


CulinaryAtlanta2017.06.16-768x432.jpgSteve is a licensed real estate salesperson and Certified Business Broker. He has over 25 years of experience working with retail, dining, and financial industry leaders with a focus on Marketing, Business Analysis, and Relationship Management. The importance of establishing open and honest rapport with all his clients is, and will continue to be, paramount.

Steve has the ability to quickly and accurately review and evaluate financial data. This skill enables him to provide sound valuation feedback and business guidance. He has years of experience negotiating complex business to business contracts. Steve worked with most of the major Casual Dining and Quick Serve Franchise brands to help grow sales and customer engagement.

As a Certified Restaurant Broker, Steve is closing an average of two businesses per month and is skilled in complex lease negotiations.

Cyndi is a licensed Real Estate Agent who has been representing Buyers and Sellers for over a decade. And while her experience has been primarily in the residential market, both resells and new construction, her ability to negotiate complex contracts and perform valuation analysis also serves the commercial real estate and business community.

She is a certified negotiation specialist and has attended many workshops and seminars on sales and marketing and is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Club. She has also received instruction and testing leading to designation as a Certified Restaurant Broker.

Cyndi sharpened her negotiating and business analysis skills as a buyer for Macy’s where she collaborated on multifaceted deals in order to maximize return and further developing her ability to quickly and accurately review financial data to evaluate value and drive sales.

As a Restaurant Broker, Cyndi is now working with restaurant owners to accurately value, market and sell their restaurants for maximum value. She is also helping buyers identify the right business opportunity based on their financial goals and objectives. You can follow them both on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Click to download the full 50 minute video at this link to hear the entire interview. 

Radio X.jpg




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A Day in the Life of a Restaurant Broker...What are they doing anyway?

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 15, 2017 9:35:04 AM

50032-Dominique_2011_cropped_for_website_1.jpgHave you ever wondered what your restaurant broker is actually doing every day? Here's a day in the life of Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox who shared these thoughts.

Dominique recently had a conversation with his wife telling her how mentally tired he was after a tough day as a Certified Restaurant Broker when she returned from work. His wife said, “You sit in front of your computer all day, what did you actually do today?" Here's his log of his actions for the day he was kind enough to share.  

5:00 am – Wake up and put on the 1st pot of coffee. Review my business to-do list for the day and add items

5:30 am-  Go to the gym and go beast mode to get ready for the day

7:30 am – On the road to take pictures of a restaurant I recently listed for sale. I must arrive before the back of the house staff arrives so they will not be suspicious.

8:45 am- After battling through the high-dense Atlanta traffic, I make it to my destination 42 miles from my home.

9:15 am- Pictures are finished and I must conduct a conference call between a buyer and seller to discuss expenses on last year’s profit and loss statement while sitting in my car. 

9:40 am-  While still sitting in my car, I get a call from a seller he is not happy. The seller does not want to sign the 4506-T form which allows the bank to request the sellers tax returns for a buyer to get an SBA Loan based on the business financials. The seller discloses to me they need to amend their tax returns because they filed inaccurate numbers.

9:50 am – Receive call from leasing representative the landlord will not offer my client more Tenant Improvement Money to move forward with the lease. The landlord will only offer 2 free months of rent instead of 3 months.

11:00 am – Arrive back at home office to respond back to missed emails and calls.

11:25 am – Review my HOT Report and touch all my pending deals with updates or reminders

11:45 am – Receive call from a financially qualified candidate. Buyer needs help understanding the price valuation of the restaurant. Buyer does not understand the definition of add-backs for a price valuation.

12:00 pm- Receive email from buyer that request to see a lease space I’m advertising. I call the buyer and they don’t want to show proof of funds, business plan, or menu. They just want to see the location first and then decide if they want to move forward. Let them know landlord wants to see those documents to qualify them as a tenant before showing tghe space.

12:45 pm- Receive an email from a buyer in South Carolina, they want to make an offer on a Franchise Restaurant I have listed in South Carolina. The buyer requests a copy of our Asset Purchase Agreement. I draft the Agreement and send for review.

1:30 pm – Follow up with Dickey’s BBQ Pit to confirm buyer’s Discovery Day date to attend at Dickey’s Headquarters.

2:00 pm – Conference call with Wich Wich, buyer, seller, and Area Representative to discuss transfer checklist

2:30 pm-  Schedule a meeting between buyer and seller at restaurant for Friday

2:45pm- Follow up with Firehouse Subs Area Representative to discuss training day for approved candidate.

3:00 pm – Review an 80-page lease to find out the lease expiration, option renewals, security deposit, CAM charges, and type of restaurants allowed in the shopping center

3:30pm- Follow up with closing attorney on debits and credits for Closing Settlement Statement.

3:45pm- Receive a referral for a Firehouse Subs seller who wants to sell from my current client

4:00pm – Assist buyer with working on bank projections for loan approval. Review business plan and give feedback for improvement.

4:45pm- Follow up with listing leads and search for more leads

5:30pm- Work on Science Project with my 5th grade daughter Amaya

7:00 pm- Draft emails to send out in the morning

7:30 pm- My wife arrives at home!

7:45 pm- Receive text message from seller, asking for an update on buyer activity for their listing.

Dominique writes, "To be an excellent Restaurant Broker you must multi-task and be the quarterback of the deal. Nobody wants to get the deal done more than the Broker.  It can be the difference between feeding your family ground beef or filet mignon.  Yes, most days I’m drained from my daily activities and I’m constantly thinking about items that need to be complete on each deal at night. The satisfaction I get from this career is knowing I help people realize the American Dream of Business Ownership. Tomorrow I will get up and do it all again."


Domminique Maddox is a licensed Georgia real estate agent and graduate of Morehouse College which he attended on a football scholarship.  He brings that same competitive spirit and energy to the field of restaurant brokerage. Dominique received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management from Morehouse College.  He has worked in mortgage financing, real estate, business to business sales, and Restaurant Brokerage Sales.

Dominique was named the recipient of the Georgia Association of Business Broker "Rookie of the Year" award from the organization for 2011.Dominique was also elected as a Director to the Georgia Association of Business Brokers for 2012. Dominique has undergone extensive training for restaurant brokerage and has earned the designation as a Certified Restaurant Broker. View his listings online at this link.



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Restaurant Brokers Designated as Industry Experts by Business Brokerage Press

Posted by Robin Gagnon on May 29, 2017 5:07:55 PM

Restaurant Brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon have been designated by Business Brokerage Press as Industry Experts yet again for 2017.  The Industry Expert program is recognized across the nation for brokers that have in-depth knowledge of a particular type of business.  It's based on a questionnaire distributed by the group that demonstrates specialized skill in an industry and transaction experience.  . 

Industry_Expert_Logo.jpgEric and Robin Gagnon will be included in the Industry Expert section of the Business Reference Guide published by Business Brokerage Press or BBP.  Experts in this program must qualify through demonstration of in-depth knowledge for a particular type of business.  Only those qualified and approved by BBP may be listed as a source with expert knowledge in their prospective industry. 

The Restaurant Brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon, have both qualified for this honor for multiple years in both Restaurant Sales and Franchise Resales.  The dynamic duo and husband and wife team are the founders of We Sell Restaurants, the nation's largest restaurant brokerage practice and franchise brand.  

ERIC GAGNON is the founder and President of We Sell Restaurants and  He is the nation’s leading restaurant broker.  Eric is an industry expert in restaurant sales and valuation.  He is a frequent speaker, writer and co-hosted the nation's only radio show devoted to the restaurant industry for several years.  Eric is co-author of Appetite for Acquisition, an award winning book on restaurant brokerage published in 2012 and named "Best of" by Small Business Book Awards.  Eric began his career in the financial services industry for Bank of America, Bank of New York and big five accounting firm, KPMG before launching the nation’s premiere restaurant brokerage firm and restaurant brokerage franchise.  Eric is member of the International Franchise Association, the Georgia Association of Business Brokers and the Business Brokers of Florida.  In addition, he serves on the Executive Board for the Southeast Franchise Forum and the Membership Committee of the International Business Brokers Association.  

ROBIN GAGNON is the Co-Founder of We Sell Restaurants and the firm's Chief Marketing Officer.  Robin is one of the most prolific restaurant brokers in the industry and is a franchise resale specialist.  She is also a writer and speaker that has addressed the International Business Broker Association, International Franchise Association, Sysco Food Show and multiple colleges and universities. Robin's expert articles appear online and in print across the country. She co-authored Appetite for Acquisition, an award winning book on buying restaurants that was published in 2012 and named "Best of 2012" by Small Business Book Awards. She is the co-host of the long-running radio show "We Sell Restaurants."  Robin is a member of the International Franchise Association and serves on the Women's Franchise Committee.  She is also the Chair of the Women's Franchise Network - Atlanta Chapter.  

These veteran industry experts have defined the term “Restaurant Brokers” with their unmatched experience, knowledge and count of restaurants sold.  Impactful speakers, they have presented workshops and served on multiple panels for organizations nationwide where they share their expertise. They created and developed training for brokers to obtain the credential of Certified Restaurant Broker.

The two have trademarked their brand, “We Sell Restaurants” and are franchising nationwide. They share their knowledge through one of the most extensive training programs available to the industry. Their multi-platform training program leads to the nation’s only Certified Restaurant Broker designation.

For nearly 34 years, Business Brokerage Press has worked to benefit business brokers through valuable publications, services and resources specific to the business brokerage profession.  In addition to their Industry Expert program, they publish source books for the industry including The Complete Guide to Business Brokerage; and the Business Reference Guide, first published in 1991.

The Business Brokerage Press legacy extends to the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) as the founders were instrumental in launching this international organization.  For over 10 years, Tom and Barbara West of Business Brokerage Press had a hand in running the Association until they turned it over to a management association company so they could focus their time and attention full time on BBP.

For more information about We Sell Restaurants, visit or for franchising information, visit



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Restaurant Brokers Expanding Coast to Coast - Attendees at We Sell Restaurants University

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Mar 23, 2017 8:30:46 AM

We Sell Restaurants is expanding coast to coast with a new class of training candidates enrolled in We Sell Restaurants University. 

Rob Morrison.jpgWe Sell Restaurants Ft Lauderdale is welcoming Rob Morrison to their team. A former U.S. Marine, Robert is currently a Board Member of the Broward County Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing economic opportunities for active-military and veteran communities.  

Rob studied Communication at the University of Miami and had a long, successful career as an award-winning journalist in New York City. Upon relocation to South Florida Rob entered the real estate business. Rob’s experience in commercial real estate has aided his clients greatly.  He will be completing We Sell Restaurants University next week and will begin work with Ken Eisenband, the franchise partner for this office.  E

Chris Morrison.jpgColorado Franchise Partner, John Jordan is also expanding his group.  His newest Restaurant Broker is Chris Gordon.  Chris has over two decades of experience in the restaurant industry and has proven himself to be an adept leader and skilled businessman.  A resident in the Denver South Metro area, some of his highlights through the years include working at The Fillmore Auditorium, Breckenridge Brewery, and most recently the Tailgate Tavern and Grill as General Manager. 

Chris entered the restaurant industry as a dishwasher when he was 15 years old, and worked his way up through the ranks to managing a multimillion dollar restaurant when he was just 19.  He has been a busboy, host, and cook, server, bar back, bartender, banquet captain as well as a corporate trainer.  He has served in leadership roles as both a Manager and General Manager for multiple operators.  Chris has worked on the Las Vegas Strip for celebrity chef Rick Moonen at Mandalay Bay and Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse.

As the General Manager for Tailgate Tavern he helped increase sales by over 50% the first year.  “We achieved this by completely redesigning the bar to function more efficiently, reducing the cost of raw materials, and creating incentives for the customers to spend more money.”

Scott Ruby.jpgAlso attending We Sell Restaurants University is the newest Franchise Partner, Scott Ruby.  Scott has expereince in both the front and back of the house along with first-hand knowledge of day to day operations and restaurant culture. Scott’s Food and Beverage industry experience evolved during his years in specialty restaurant management and as a Food and Beverage Director in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Scott’s experiences in the Vegas food and beverage mecca included the opportunity to be a key player on the grand opening team at the House of Blues, Mandalay Bay property, manage the House of Blues restaurant and in later years, he was recruited by Station Casinos.  In his tenure with Station Casinos as a Food and Beverage Director he was fortunate again to see expansion in opening both Sunset Station and Green Valley Ranch.  
In recent years Scott’s professional experience has been focused on operations, sales and marketing.   Having worked with the BNSF Railway, a fortune 100 company he served to grow and develop their market share.  Scott was honored to be chosen as employee of the year with this company thanks to his commitment to customer service and company culture.

The full class graduates on March 31 and will begin work in their markets immediately.  


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Eric Gagnon Named to Southeast Franchise Forum Board

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 10, 2017 9:39:14 AM

ERIC GAGNON, the President of We Sell Restaurants has been named to the Board of Directors of the Southeast Franchise Forum (SEFF). The Southeast Franchise Forum is a regional organization established to foster professional relationships throughout the franchise community and to enhance the reputation of franchising through the exchange of information, ideas and solutions.  

gagnon0033-1.jpgClarissa Bradstock, CEO of Any Test Franchising ( said of Gagnon joining the board, "I'm pleased to announce that Eric Gagnon will be joining us on the SEFF board.  With Eric's experience as a franchisor, as well as his experience working with other franchise systems, I think he will bring a unique perspective to SEFF."

Eric is the founder of We Sell Restaurants and and began franchising the restaurant brokerage brand in 2012.   He is the nation’s leading restaurant broker who has been designated an Industry Expert in restaurant sales and valuation by Business Brokerage Press.  He is a frequent speaker, writer and co-host of the nation's long running radio show devoted to the restaurant industry.  

Eric is co-author of the award winning book, Appetite for Acquisition.  His book on buying a restaurant sets the standard for the industry, has consistent five star rankings on Amazon and was named "Best of 2012" by Small Business Book Awards in the year it was published.  Eric's background includes the financial services sector and he held positions with Bank of America, Bank of New York and big five accounting firm, KPMG before launching his brand in 2001.  

Gagnon is also the Past President of the Georgia Association of Business Brokers (GABB) and Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Club. He received the organization's highest honor, the Phoenix Award, for achivement of the Million Dollar Award for more than a decade.  He is a member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) , Business Brokers of Florida (BBF), and the International Franchise Association (IFA).  Eric is licensed as a Broker in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.   He holds degrees from major universities in both the United States and Canada.

Gagnon said of his appointment to the SEFF board, "I am
excited and honored to participate on the executive board of this team focused on franchising in the south.  This is one of the most active chapters of the FBN (Franchise Business Network) of the IFA and I look forward to assisting with its continued success."

Eric joins other board members in the franchise community including the Chairman, Clarissa Bradstock of AnyLabTestNow, Tray Doster of Zaxby's, Chairman Emeritus, Jim Squire of Firestorm, Rupert Barkoff of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, Bill Bishop of Grant Thornton Atlanta Office, RIck Batcheor of Qiigo, Dave Bridges from Leavitt Group Atlanta Office, Stan Friedman of FRM Solutions, Robert May from Rollins Inc and Kathryn Rookes Franchise Attorney.


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BizBuySell Reports 2015 Deal Flow Stabilized - Restaurant Brokers See Growth

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jan 27, 2016 3:47:43 PM

Biz Buy Sell has released their Insight Report for the fourth quarter of 2015. This nationally-recognized economic indicator tracks the health of the United States economy by measuring sales of small businesses. 

BizBuySell says during the October to December 2015 time period, businesses sold nationwide declined by 3.6% over the prior year for the same time period.  They say, "a total of 7,222 closed transactions were reported in 2015, nearly matching the 7,494 transactions in 2014, which was the highest year-end total reported since BizBuySell started tracking data in 2007." That transaction count included 1890 restaurant sales.  

Surprisingly, the report indicates that "The restaurant industry drove much of the transaction lag in Q4 2015, experiencing an 11 percent drop from the same time last year. While transactions were down for the restaurant industry, financials were up" according to the industry giant. They also showed that the median asking price and sale price of restaurants were up from $175,000 to $185,000 and $149,000 to $160,000 respectively.  

The results from the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants differed significantly from the national reporting.  The firm had a 100% growth rate over the prior year in units sold. President Eric Gagnon says, "We are continuing to achieve record growth and the specialized nature of our practice seems to be producing much greater than industry results."  Robin Gagnon, a franchise resale specialist and princple in the firm says, "Doubling our unit counts in fourth quarter was part of a annual trend for 2015.  We do see other brokers struggling to meet the same level of results.  We attribute our results at We Sell Restaurants to both stronger marketing efforts, best in class training as well as a process based system which we have franchised."

The Insight Report stated that 1590 restuarants were sold across the country in the fourth quarter at an average multiple of 2.01.  The restaurant brokers found multiples to be closer to three times earnings based on the high count of franchise restaurant resales in their inventory mix.  BizBuySell indicates an average sales price of $155,000 for restaurants and $180,000 for Bars and Taverns.  

Bizbuysell released the following chart showing national units sold by quarter since 2011 for the entire industry.  

2015 Q4 Closed Small Business Transactions

Other statistics from the report indicate growth in median income for sold businesses in this time period.  This grew to $449,462, up from $417,562 in 2014 while the median cash flow crept up to $102,000 from $100,000 in 2014.The report indicates that while transaction count delined, "Improved financials allowed sellers to both ask for and receive a higher price for their businesses in 2015. The median asking price grew 12.5 percent from $200,000 in 2014 to $225,000. The median sale price also increased a solid 7.6 percent year-over-year, from $185,000 to $199,000. The average sale to asking price ratio of 90% remained flat from 2014 to 2015."  These statistics are displayed in teh chart below. 

2015 Q4 Key Financials of Sold Small Businesses

"After a very active 2013 and 2014, this year's small drop in transactions suggests the large rush of business owners waiting to sell during the recession may have now exited the market and we are left with a more stable, balanced environment," Bob House, Group GM of and said. "Overall, the business-for-sale market remains strong. Business financial indicators are strengthening and owners are receiving stronger valuations, leveling out what has been a strong buyer's market in recent years."

BizBuySell also surved the business broker community in December of 2015. Fifty-two percent of all surveyed brokers believe the market still favors buyers, down from 59 percent in 2014 according to the survey results issued by the company. 

 "Overall, small business indicators continue to point toward a healthy market for buying and selling," House said. "While both sellers and buyers should keep their eye on the upcoming election and possible regulatory changes, it's unlikely either event would unhinge what has been an increasingly active business-for-sale environment. As small business financials improve and the market finds its balance, transaction activity should continue to be strong in 2016."

While results for restaurants lagged last year on the national level, they still represented 21% of total transactions nationally as shown in the chart below. 

2015 Q4 Small Business Sales by Sector


Source: Small business transactions reported on during the fourth quarter of 2015


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The Restaurant Brokers Interview Critics and Bloggers

Posted by WSR Operations on Dec 26, 2015 11:44:15 AM

December 26, 2014 – This week restaurant brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon are interviewing a guest panel of bloggers and restaurant critics.  The written word has a powerful impact on the restaurant business and guests Ari LeVaux, a nationally syndicated food columnist, Amy Riolo, an award-winning author and Matthew Robinson, owner of The Culinary Exchange weigh in.
Join us as our guests with a passion for food discuss how they influence the restaurant scene with the power of their keyboard or pen.  Those in the restaurant radio show audience seeking an outlet for their creative juices can tune it to see how these successful artists got started and grew their blog or online presence. 
The restaurant brokers ask their panel how the restaurant industry overlaps for those working in a virtual world versus the real world. The answers may surprise you. Our guest critics still subscribe to the undercover visit where the restaurant owner never knows he was there until the review is in print.  On the other hand, bloggers embrace interaction with restaurant owners and are ready to cooperate in marketing ventures.  Matthew Robinson of the Culinary Exchange says restaurateurs have a “Love Hate relationship with bloggers.”
Where does this panel see the industry going and how will powerful alliances between print and restaurants or virtual and real world change the restaurant business?  One guest says, ““Restaurants need to find out who are the top bloggers and cater to them. They have a powerful influence and can make or break your business.”   Tune in as we Satisfy your Appetite for Acquisition, Feed the Need for Restaurant Reality and Serve up a Recipe for Business Success in the nation’s most successful radio show in the industry. 
Listen to the entire restaurant radio show on GLN the Good Living Network next week, Monday at 2pm EST and Tuesday at 9PM EST.
This Week’s Guests:
Ari LeVaux
Ari LeVaux is a nationally syndicated food columnist, and is a restaurant critic in Albuquerque for the Weekly Alibi. He blogs for The Atlantic and Slate on food, and he developed himself into a food critic for newspapers -- with a syndicated column.
Amy Riolo
As an award - winning author, chef, television personality, cuisine and culture expert, and educator, Amy Riolo makes frequent appearances on numerous te
levision and radio programs both in the United States and abroad, including Fox TV, CBS, Montgomery and Fairfax County TV, Nile TV, The Travel Channel, Martha Stewart Living Radio, WHYY, and Abu Dhabi Television.  Amy also created and appeared weekly in ninety second cooking videos entitled “Culture of Cuisine” which air on nationally syndicated news shows on 28 different channels across the United States, totaling a reach of over 300 million  people.  One of her videos recently reached a record of four million hits.
 Amy’s most recent book, The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook, (American Diabetes Association) was released in March 2010, received a starred PW review, won the 2011 Nautilus Book Award and was named “Best. Diabetes. Cookbook. Ever” by Her second book Nile Style; Egyptian Cuisine and Culture (Hippocrene Books) won the World Gourmand Award for "Best Arab Cuisine Book" in the United States and was just released in a second edition. Her first book, Arabian Delights; Recipes & Princely Entertaining Ideas from the Arabian Peninsula was chosen as one of the “16 Volumes Worth Staining” by

 the Washington Post (Capital Books, 2007). Amy also contributed to The Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia and co-wrote The Al Tiramisu Restaurant Cookbook: An Elevated Approach to Authentic Italian Cuisine with award-winning chef/restaurateur Luigi Diotaiuti. She is currently completing The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook which will be released in April 2015 and The Italian Diabetes Cookbook which will be released in January 2017.
Amy is a Culinary Advisor for The Mediterranean Food Alliance. He work has appeared in numerous print media including USA Today, Cooking Light magazine, The Washington Post,, The Wall Street Journal, Gulf News, Popular Anthropology Magazine, The UAE National, and international newspapers and hundreds of blogs. She is also the author of a noted culinary/cultural blog called
Amy is frequently asked to lecture and give demonstrations on diabetes-friendly eating, and cuisine and culture at medical conferences, book fairs, universities, culinary symposiums, museums, embassies, fundraisers, libraries, and farmer’s markets on over three different continents, and five states in the USA. Last year her live audiences alone totaled 18,350 people. With the addition of podcasts, her popularity and viewership has grown immensely.
She is a member of The International Association of Culinary Professionals, Cornell Club DC, Les Dames d’Escoffier (Global Culinary Initiative Chair), Slow Food DC, The James Beard Foundation, and the Culinary Historians of Washington. Amy has taught recreational classes at Living Social, Sur la Table, and Open Kitchen in Washington, DC.  Internationally, she had led professional and recreational cooking classes in Italy, Egypt, and UAE.
As a successful restaurant consultant and graduate of Cornell University, Amy enjoys developing concepts, action plans, recipes, training seminars and guides, and themes for corporations, restaurants, and hotels. Amy has created menus for many world leaders, earning her the title “Cook to the Kings” from a Cairo newspaper in 2008. She has consulted international business owners on bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and culinary stores where she taught vocational baking classes for thousands of pastry chefs.
Amy also uses her culinary expertise to write scripts for culinary movies and television programs. She just completed filming a demo for the Two to Travel television series with Chef Luigi Diotaiuti.  The duo also created a video documentary entitled The Beauty of Basilicata at the James beard Foundation. They will also led a culinary cruise from Istanbul to Athens on Oceania Cruises in October 2014.
In addition to her professional work, Amy spends a great deal of her time supporting philanthropic efforts.  Amy can often be found mentoring culinary students, teaching children’s cooking classes, and participating on panels for charity events. One of the highlights of her volunteering career was chairing the Baltimore Luxor Alexandria Sister City Committee which enabled her to obtain a grant to provide clean drinking water for a village outside of Luxor, Egypt. Amy is based in the Washington, DC area and travels extensively through the Mediterranean region.
Matthew Robinson, The Culinary Exchange
Matthew Robinson has spent almost 2 decades in the food industry as a scientist, product developer, and spokesperson for the food industry, interpreting the complexities of various topics into easy and usable information. He innovates every day, creating WOW moments in his kitchen and beyond. He has a Master of Science degree from the University of Georgia in Nutrition Science and a diploma from the professional culinary program at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Matthew is the founder of exCLAIM International, a nutrition science and claims strategy consultancy that helps clients turn the complexities of science and new innovations into communications that are compelling and beneficial to the consumer and health care professional.
He is also creator of The Culinary Exchange website and this blog. Oh yeah, and he’s published a pretty incredible book: Knickerbocker Glory: A Chef’s Guide to Innovation in the Kitchen and Beyond.
Matthew spends a great deal of time innovating both in and out of the kitchen. Because his passion is food, he has eaten his way across Europe for the past eight years.

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Restaurant Brokers Interview Technology Experts

Posted by WSR Operations on Dec 19, 2015 8:50:13 AM

Andrew WaberDecember 19, 2015 – This week, restaurant brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon are talking about restaurants moving into the digital age with John Valentine, Vice President of LevelUp, Austen Mulinder, CEO of Ziosk and Andrew Waber, Market Analyst of Chitika.
How are restaurants using new technology in the digital age? How is this affecting the customer and customer service experience?  The restaurant brokers asked a panel of experts in the field to weigh in on these and other questions.  Austin Mulinder of Ziosk says “technology will gather new data about guest preferences.”  According to the panel, gathering data on customer preferences and habits will be key to innovation in the industry.  The use of this data will, in the words of Andrew Waber, “enhance the experience for guests.” 
What about service?  Will new technology eliminate the need to staffing?  Austin Mulinder says that technology is “an extension of the server model, not a replacement of the service model.”  He elaborates saying that technical support means servers spend “less time back of house at the POS terminal and more time one on one with the guests.” 
The advancements in digital delivery via phones was also a topic of conversation on the restaurant radio show.  John Valentine of LevelUp says, “Customers want to be marketed to.  People want to be engaged with.”  What does that mean?  For one thing, restaurants must adjust offerings onto mobile devices. 
Join the restaurant brokers as they Satisfy your appetite for acquisition, Feed the need for restaurant reality and Serve up a recipe for business success.  Our guests discuss how restaurants are adapting to the digital age and what technology is on the horizon.  Listen to the entire restaurant radio show on GLN the Good Living Network next week, Monday at 2pm EST and Tuesday at 9PM EST.
 This Week’s Guests:
John Valentine, LevelUp
John leads LevelUp's enterprise team in selling custom-branded mobile payment and loyalty apps to growing quick serve and fast casual restaurants across the country. Current clients include: sweetgreen, Argo Tea, Hale and Hearty, Protein Bar, and Fresh To Order.
John graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Economics and from Villanova University with a JD. Upon passing the bar in MA and RI, John joined SCVNGR as an early employee. Now LevelUp, the company has built itself into the largest mobile payment network in the US.
Austen Mulinder, Ziosk
Austen Mulinder brings more than 25 years of experience in managing global sales, marketing and operations. He most recently served as corporate vice president of Operator Channels at Microsoft and previously served as corporate vice president for the communications sector, where he led strategy, sales and marketing of Microsoft services and solutions to telecommunications, hosting, media and entertainment companies. Before joining Microsoft, Austen served for six years as president and CEO of Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc., a wholly owned Fujitsu company. During his tenure there, he led the company's transformation into a leading retail technology solutions vendor.

 Andrew Waber, Chitika
Andrew Waber is a Market Analyst at Chitika, an online ad network based outside of Boston, and also serves as the lead author of reports for Chitika Insights, the company’s independent research arm. Studying a variety of topics relating to how users interact with the online world, Andrew’s commentary on given Chitika Insights studies has been quoted by The New York Times, CNN Money, and The Guardian, among other outlets.

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We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm specializing in restaurants wanted (restaurants for sale), leasing a restaurant and franchise restaurant resale’s. The We Sell Restaurants brand is known nationwide for professionalism, industry knowledge, and unmatched service. They can be found online at  The firm is franchising their brand nationwide and has offices in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee and South Carolina.
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Restaurant Brokers Interview Hit TV Series MasterChef Contestant

Posted by WSR Operations on Dec 11, 2015 5:08:19 PM

December 11, 2015 – Next week, restaurant brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon are talking with a Season five contestant on the hit Fox Television show MasterChef.  They are joined by Christian Green who was on the air of this hit TV show hosted by Gordan Ramsey, Joe Bastianich and Chef Graham Elliot.
What is it really like behind the scenes of MasterChef? How do contestants prepare themselves for the challenges?  The restaurant brokers get personal with this contestant to see how he went from an amateur cook to chef. Through the nationwide auditions Christian was chosen over thousands of people during preliminary auditions. We asked what he doing before the competition Christian said “I was installing cable.” Do you have any advice for future contestants? He says “if you love it and want to do it the sky is the limit!”
The question on everyone’s mind however is about the judges. What are they like outside the competition?  Christian says “Joe and Graham were supportive” When asked about Chef Gordon Ramsay he says “Oh Chef Ramsay? He’s the man!” We asked what his biggest drama moment on the show, Christian said “when Cutter mouthed off to the judges”
Join the restaurant brokers next week if you have every wondered what it means to your career to make it to national television.  Christian dishes on what life was like before and after MasterChef.  He offers advice for would be contestants and reveal how his life was changed by this experience.
Listen in as our guest give us the inside scoop on what it’s really like during MasterChef. Listen to the entire restaurant radio show on GLN the Good Living Network next week, Monday at 2pm EST and Tuesday at 9PM EST.
This Week’s Guest:
Christian Green, Season 5
Christian was one of the top Chefs in MasterChef season 5. He has a history as a Sales Representative in New Orleans, Louisiana. His signature dish is Macadamia Crusted Chicken, Garlic Mash, with Two Signature Sauces. Christian has planned to open up his very own food truck in New Orleans that too with the help of Gordon Ramsay!

About We Sell Restaurants
We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm specializing in restaurants wanted (restaurants for sale), leasing a restaurant and franchise restaurant resale’s. The We Sell Restaurants brand is known nationwide for professionalism, industry knowledge, and unmatched service. They can be found online at  The firm is franchising their brand nationwide and has offices in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee and South Carolina.
The We Sell Restaurants radio show will be on the air on GLN the Good Living Network next week, Monday at 2pm EST and Tuesday at 9PM EST. It is available for download on iTunes as well.

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