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E-2 Investment Visas for Buying a Restaurant - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Sep 25, 2019 11:30:00 AM

Have you seen a restaurant for sale with the words "E2 Visa Qualified' and wondered what it means?  We'll take you through the ins and outs and frequently asked questions on investment visas for buying a restaurant or any other business. 

What is an E2 Visa?

This refers to a foreign Investor Visa.  This allows foreigners to live anE-2 _d work in the U.S. if they buy a qualifying U.S. business or create one and are a national of a qualifying treaty country.   With the current immigration  climate, it's a way to gain access to the U.S. as the State Department literally puts those with visas at the front of the line. 

How do I know if the U.S. has a treaty with my client’s country?

Check this link on the State Department website for a list of countries. Some countries such as Canada, Colombia, and Austria issue a five-year Visa.  Others issue them for a shorter period of time.  Countries like Ecuador, Jordan, Ukraine, and Thailand, issue only a 12-month visa however, these are renewable. 

How do I know if the business qualifies for an E-2?

  • The price must be right.  The process requires that you make a "substantial investment"
  • You must have employees. It cannot be a one person business.
  • It must be an active not a passive business investment like real estate. 
  • The funds must be invested from a legal source
  • The funds are invested or will be actively invested shortly
  • The restaurant buyer must be seeking to come to the U.S. to develop their business
  • Ownership must be at least 50%
  • The business can be unprofitable but it must have "potential" to make a profit in future as demonstrated by a business plan.

The Certified Restaurant Brokers at We Sell Restaurants screen the restaurants for sale that qualify for an E2 Visa.  They can help you with the ones that will meet the criteria when buying a restaurant.  One additional caveat, not all franchise brands will allow for visa candidates.  They will require proof of residency prior to buying a restaurant.

How long can you investors stay in the U.S. after buying a restaurant? 

The depends on the country's treaty agreement with the United States.  Typically they are 5-year visas, but when you initially enter the U.S. you get a 2-year status. There is no limit to the amount of extensions, but if a visa expires and you need to travel, you will usually need to renew it six months before the date that it expires.

When do the E-2 investors get social security numbers and driver’s licenses?

Those buying a restaurant with an E2 visa can apply for a social security number after they enter the U.S. Once they get a social security card, they may apply for a driver’s license. Spouse and children can get social security numbers but without a work permit, their cards may say not valid for work.

Why go for an E-2 Visa when buying a restaurant?

  • The ability to travel freely in and out of the U.S.
  • The ability to work legally in the U.S. with the E-2 company only
  • The opportunity to remain in the U.S. for a prolonged basis in E-2 visa status if you qualify
  • Dependents can accompany you while working in U.S. and spouses and children under 21 an apply for a work permit
  • Dependents can attend school in U.S. However, once they are 21, they will need an F-1 visa

    What are the Disadvantages of an E-2 Visa when Buying a Restaurant?
  • Limited to specific treaty countries
  • Must work for E-2 business
  • Approved in two years status increments and some countries have 1 year E-2 treaty visas
  • E-2 beneficiary must always have intent to be in the U.S. temporarily during E stay

Overall, buying a restaurant and acquiring legal residency in the United States through a visa is a great opportunity for those seeking to relocate to our great nation.  If you need more assistance on this topic, contact one of our Certified Restaurant Brokers, or see the listings that qualify when buying a restaurant at this link. 


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3 Main Mistakes in Due Diligence When Buying a Restaurant

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Sep 11, 2019 12:23:46 PM

The most common mistakes we see with those buying a restaurant is failure to understand the due diligence process. Due diligence is undertaken to confirm the items learned during the initial discovery phase of the business.  For those buying a restaurant, the issues fit under three major headings:

Due d
  • Too Soon
  • Too Much
  • Wrong Focus

Let’s look at these one at a time.

Too Soon -

When buying a restaurant, some take the approach that they want to see everything, and they want to see it before any form of an offer is made.  As Restaurant Brokers, we’ll receive a laundry list of items before a deal even goes into contract. Taking this approach, however, can hinder your ability to purchase.  Here’s why.

Sellers are cautious by nature.  They want to avoid revealing too much about their business until the buyer feels more “certain” to them. They trust the broker but aren’t sure, (YET) whether they have faith in the buyer to keep this information confidential.  Even though a confidentiality agreement may be in place, they are thinking of the people who work in the store, their customers and their current livelihood.  All of these are put at risk if someone doesn’t honor the terms of the confidentiality agreement. 

It’s too soon if you start pushing for items like tax returns and 941 filings before a deal is even accepted.   There hasn’t been enough time in the transaction to develop the trust needed between the parties.  It will happen; just not at the outset. 

To avoid the problem of “too soon,” it’s better to go into an agreement to purchase, with a due diligence period and a fully refundable escrow if you are not satisfied.  If the books don’t bear out in the due diligence period, you have the option to terminate or renegotiate the pricing or terms.

Asking for sensitive data like tax returns and 941 filings before a deal is even accepted is often a path to seller resistance, buyer stubbornness and ultimately, failure in buying a restaurant.


Too Much

There is a checklist for buying a business floating around on the Internet that is ten pages long and has about 100 items on it.  I know this because I’ve been presented with the exact same checklist dozens of times. 

This list asks for items that have very little to do with buying a restaurant.  I’ve received it on franchise transactions multiple times.  This list asks for terms of the intellectual property owned and all trademarks and patents.  HINT:  The franchise brand owns the intellectual property and the rights to all trademarks and patents.  It also asks for the minutes from every shareholder meeting.  HINT:  The average small business being transferred has one meeting on the books – the one that established the legal entity.  There’s nothing else.  It also asks for contracts with every vendor.  AGAIN – the average main street business doesn’t have vendor contracts.  If they are a franchise, they typically have one, their franchise agreement. 

If I receive this checklist after I’m in contract, it tells me that as a business broker, I need to do a better job to setting expectations and providing good stewardship over the deal.  I need to make sure my buyers seek my guidance about what they should be looking at in buying a restaurant.  If I receive this checklist before a deal is even made, I know I have a buyer who doesn’t really understand what he is buying and probably needs some more education about the industry and small businesses in general. 

If your interpretation of due diligence is to Google - - “Buying a business Due Diligence Checklist” and present your broker with a ten page document that isn’t relevant, it’s TOO MUCH, the second mistake made by most buyers.


Wrong Focus

Along with too soon and too much, the third mistake is “wrong focus.” Some of the items cited above are examples of items that are not relevant to the transaction.  Another area where buyers spend too much time and money are in areas they can’t change.  One example is the franchise agreement review.  It is rare to never that a franchisor will change the terms of their franchise agreement.  It simply doesn’t happen.  All 1,000 units operate on a similar plane and they simply will not exempt any one party from certain element. 

When a buyer spends time hiring an attorney to review the franchise agreement, knowing that it cannot be changed, it’s the wrong focus.  The restaurant buyer should be looking at whether a franchise model is the right fit for him or her.  If he wants to change the menu; a franchise is not a good fit.  If he or she wants to reduce the royalties to earn more money, it won’t happen.  Don’t waste precious dollars focusing on the items you cannot change.  Instead, focus on the items in due diligence open to negotiation or change.

These three mistakes in due diligence can cost you the restaurant you want to buy.  Avoid pursuing due diligence too soon.  Be careful of requesting too much and lastly, watch your focus.

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Latest Restaurant Franchise Deals and Openings Announced

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Sep 3, 2019 3:34:03 PM

Restaurant Franchises are growing across the nation and the globe.  Some are open, some are signed, and some are target markets!  We've gathered the latest announcements about what's opening and what's in the future based on the latest signed restaurant franchise agreements and deals announced across the industry. 

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken -- It's not just Popeye's that has Chicken on the brain after last week.  There's a lot frying up in the Chicken franchise space. 

The first Zaxby’s in Chantilly, Virginia is coming this month to 43820 Eastgate Shoppes Drive. A fan favorite for chicken fingers, wings and salads, the new fast-casual restaurant is the first location this licensee team will open with plans for an additional five Zaxby’s in the future. Construction on the Chantilly Zaxby’s began in March led by local engineering firm Tri-Tek Engineering.

Franchise openings

The brand is also expanding to Spring Lake, North Carolina in September as well to 130 S. Third St. A. The new fast-casual restaurant is the third location owned and operated by Alan Ward and Fry Guys Management Group 3, LLC. Zaxby’s has 119 restaurants in North Carolina and more than 900 locations across 17 states. Construction on this location began in April.

Slim Chickens, a leader in the “better chicken” segment of fast casual restaurants, will continue expansion of its fresh chicken and unrivaled flavor in Illinois, with its grand reopening in Plainfield on September 5, 2019.  They also inked a six-unit deal with Preferred Development, LLC, with the first location expected to open in Minot, North Dakota. 

Huey Magoo's Chicken Tenders signed a six-unit deal with new franchisee Buck Harris, who will open restaurants in Lowndes, Dougherty, Lee and Taft counties in South Georgia. Harris is a former a Chick-fil-A franchisee and now also owns locations of Chicken Salad Chick.  

That wraps it up for the latest chicken deals.  Meanwhile, pizza is still hot.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, LLC, a leading California-based family-style pizza chain, known for its legendary crispy, curly pepperonis and Mountain-sized pizzas, is focusing its expansion efforts in northern California’s Humboldt County with a Eureka, California location already in development.

Data uncovered during an in-depth market analysis paired with the brand’s longstanding success throughout northern California makes Humboldt County a natural fit for a concept like Mountain Mike’s, which caters to families, large groups and celebratory occasions. There are currently 211 Mountain Mike’s Pizza locations in operation throughout California, Oregon, Nevada and Utah.

Following a successful restaurant opening in Newington earlier this year, famed New York-style pizza institution, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, has announced that its second Connecticut restaurant will open in Downtown Hartford this winter. The upcoming outpost will replace the former McKinnon’s Pub at 114 Asylum Street near the XL Center, in the heart of the city and at the epicenter of the revival and renaissance taking place in Hartford.

On the sweet side there’s plenty of new restaurant franchises in the mix as well.  

Doughnuttery, which launched its franchise program in February, signed its first area development deal, a six-unit agreement with Brian Burwell, managing member of Arizona Doughnuttery LLC, for shops in Arizona. A second area development deal, this one for three locations in Virginia, was signed with Doughnuttery of Nova, Inc., led by Leyla Khater, president, and Katherine Ronckovitz, partner. Doughnuttery has four open locations, three in New York City and one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Baskin-Robbins inked a multi-unit agreement to develop 10 new locations across Upstate New York, including in Syracuse and the Southern Tier, in addition to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania. With a portfolio of 40 Dunkin' restaurants and one multi-brand location, the deal was signed with franchisees Manish Patel, Sarika Patel, Krunal Patel and Tarak Patel of Bapa Chambers Rd Ice Cream, LLC.

Fast casual sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs remain in the mix with lots of opening planned coast to coast.   

Burgers, Fries & Shakes, a fast casual, “better burger” chain, is ready to satisfy the taste buds of burger enthusiasts in Orlando. The restaurant franchise is set to have two openings in late 2019 and early 2020 at 8050 International Drive and 3155 South Orange Avenue in Orlando. The Orlando openings mark the second and third MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes restaurants in the market, joining the existing Oviedo Mall location that opened last fall. The franchise brand is planning to bring an additional six locations to the greater Orlando area, creating a total of more than 200 jobs across the area.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop inked several multi-unit deals for development in six states. In New York City, husband and wife Ashok and Maleka Isranie signed for three locations; in Phoenix, Arizona, Steve Holdeman of franchisee group Pastrami Boys will open eight units. MAAAFOOD, Inc. and franchisees Daniel Hoffman and Michael Vanderwoude signed a deal for three locations in Hammond, Indiana, while in El Paso, Texas, Tessie Rodriguez plans to open three Capriotti's. Business partners Anthony Reviglio and Ken Cassas signed on for two restaurants in Boise, Idaho, and in Florida, the following franchisees signed for three units each: Todd King (Jacksonville); Mark and Michele Maroulis (Sarasota); Scott Crawford and Stephan Poletta (Tampa).

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ has an estimated opening date of late October in Houston Texas.  The brand is famous for its delicious Grilled Hot Dogs, brats and sausages along with its amazing BBQ sandwiches. Crave was founded in 2018 by Samantha and Salvatore Rincione. Since then, the company has signed multiple locations in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and more.

Dog Haus, the craft casual concept known for its gourmet hot dogs, sausages, burgers and one-of-a-kind creations, opened its second Chicago location inside Kitchen United’s brand new Eats on Sedgwick, located at 831 N. Sedgwick St,. on Sept. 3.

Across the Globe 

QDOBA Mexican Eats®, a leading Mexican fast-casual chain, today announced its continued expansion across Canada through an agreement with multi-unit operator, Burgess Enterprise. The five-unit deal focuses on locations to be developed in and around Northern Ontario, with the group’s first QDOBA restaurant set to open in Sault Ste. Marie in early 2020.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen signed a new agreement to develop and open more than 1,500 Popeyes restaurants in China over the next 10 years. Franchisee group TFI TAB Food Investments, led by CEO Korhan Kurdo lu, already operates Popeyes and Burger King restaurants in Turkey and Burger King in China. The commencement of Popeyes' operations in China is subject to a regulatory filing in China.

That’s the list of the latest restaurant franchise openings.  Keep an eye on the We Sell Restaurants website for franchise restaurant resales or click this link to see our latest franchise for sale listings.

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We Sell Restaurants Sells Nona's Sweets of Charlotte, North Carolina

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Aug 23, 2019 4:50:53 PM

We Sell Restaurants closes on another restaurant for sale transaction; the sale of Nona’s Sweets in Charlotte, North Carolina

We Sell Restaurants is pleased to announce the sale of Nona’s Sweets located 1520 Overland Park Lane in Charlotte.  Mikel Leka of Greensboro, North Carolina acquired the company from Dominica and JoAnn Morlando. The transaction was handled by Justin Scotto of We Sell Restaurants.

 Nona’s sweets is a unique family-based concept that was launched by Jo-Ann and her daughter Dominica Morlando. They specialize in delivering an exceptional experience with their “tradition of creating old world taste with new world flair.” The new owner Mikel Leka will take this concept to the next level!

Nona Sweets photo

The seller, Dominic and JoAnn Morlando, said of his experience with Justin Scotto, “Thank you for all you did to make our business sale go smoothly. With the sale of a business, a small family business, there are many dynamics and emotions. You explained to us the steps and phases to sell the business and implemented the tools to see results.”

Justin Scotto is the multi-unit Franchise Partner for the Charlotte, NC Region and surrounding communities. A Certified Restaurant Broker, Justin has been in the restaurant industry for 20 years. Justin is a longtime veteran of the restaurant industry. He started out as a busboy as an early teenager and worked countless restaurant jobs from sports bars to sub shops. In recent years, Justin developed and operated 12 fast casual restaurants with Firehouse Subs from the ground up. In the process of selling his own restaurants, Justin came across the We Sell Restaurant brand. Impressed with their firm, he was ready to join forces with them to help restaurant buyers and sellers alike achieve their goals.

Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants, said of the transaction, “Justin Scotto has proven time and again, that he is an unmatched resource in the Charlotte market for those buying or selling a restaurant.”

Other restaurants for sale can be found directly online at We Sell Restaurants is the country's leading restaurant brokerage focused on those buying, selling or leasing a restaurant.

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm, specializing in restaurants for sale, restaurants for lease and franchise restaurant resales.  Found online at, We Sell Restaurants offers services in 45 states nationwide.


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We Sell Restaurants Sells Zaatar of Plantation, Florida

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Aug 16, 2019 9:13:15 AM

We Sell Restaurants closes on another restaurant for sale transaction; the sale of Zaatar in Plantation, Florida

We Sell Restaurants is pleased to announce the sale of Zaatar located at 1893 N Pine Island Road in Plantation Florida.  Wissam Farhat of Dearborn Heights acquired the company from Darin Richards. The transaction was handled by We Sell Restaurants Franchise Partner, Ken Eisenband.  Ken is the multi-unit owner of both Broward and Palm Beach counties Florida. 

It was a great experience, professional, honest, dependable and reliablesZaatar serves nothing less than authentic Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant specializes in providing expletory Lebanese dishes. The most popular dish is called the Shawarma platter which combines a massive amount of meat with flavors leading to an insanely delicious fresh salad.

The seller, Darin Richards, said of his experience with Ken Eisenband, “It was a great experience, professional, honest, dependable and reliable. If I have another restaurant to sell it will definitely be Ken’s (listing).”

Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants, said of the transaction, “Throughout the years Ken has topped the charts with restaurant brokerage. Every day Ken is improving in sales techniques and competitive skills that create the best experience for buying or selling a restaurant in South Florida.”

Ken Eisenband leads two offices for We Sell Restaurants in the southern part of the Sunshine state with distinction and directs a team of Restaurant Brokers as a multi-unit owner. He is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida Association where for multiple years, he received the prestigious Dealmaker Award.  That designates him one of the top five transaction agents in the state of Florida.  He has also prepared training and spoken before the group at large as an expert in selling restaurants. 

Other restaurant for sale in Ken’s market and nationwide can be found directly online at We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s leading restaurant brokerage focused on those buying, selling or leasing a restaurant.

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm, specializing in restaurants for sale, restaurants for lease and franchise restaurant resales.  Found online at, We Sell Restaurants offers services in 45 states nationwide.

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Why Restaurant Buyers Don’t Pay for “Potential”

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Aug 12, 2019 10:36:34 AM

It seems every day in selling restaurants, an owner describes the “potential” the business has for more volume or more profit.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled (3)
For those selling a restaurant, this potential or opportunity for the future is seen as a reason that a buyer should invest and rightly so, as the future prospects makes the listing more attractive to buyers.  It can also encourage a restaurant buyer to identify this as a better long-term opportunity.

When it comes to pricing the business for sale, however, Restaurant Brokers must price according to common lending practices and standard valuation methods.  That means that “Blue Sky” or potential for the future is not something buyers are willing to pay for and lending can be provided for.  A buyer will only pay for the past performance and a bank will only lend on past results.

Here’s why buyers will not pay for the “potential” in your business.

Lending is trickier.  Most lenders avoid any open and operating businesses built on a pro forma. This is the Latin words for “to form.”   It is standard practice to develop a pro forma in a startup situation where there are no existing metrics to rely upon for sales and earnings.  The commonly accepted definition of a pro forma is, “assumed or forecasted information presented in advance of the actual or formal.  The objective of a pro forma business plan is to give a fair idea of the revenue, expenses and earnings in anticipation of the actual occurrence

If a business is not open, it’s easy to formulate underlying data points and put them into a business plan to forecast the pro forma earnings.  The only problem with this method is that pro forma financial statements estimate how the actual statements will look if the underlying assumptions hold true.

For open and operating businesses, the underlying assumptions have already been put to the test.  Now we have actual statements and actual performance.  The underlying assumptions may be revealed as flawed or inaccurate.  If a restaurant owner built a pro forma based on sales of $6000 per week and the actual performance is only $4500 in sales per week, that fact is now known and therefore, must materially adjust the pro forma. 

The second reason that “potential” cannot be factored into the selling price of a restaurant is that all the risk, effort and financial commitment to meet the business potential belongs to the buyer, not the seller.

In our earlier example, there is “potential” is to increase the number of customers each day and improve the volume to the original forecasted point.  That, however, may require any of the following conditions be met:

  • Investment in Advertisement
  • Investment in Marketing 
  • Change of Concept
  • Improvement in Service
  • Change in the ingress/egress to the business
  • New Residential or Commercial Development 
  • Improved Signage
  • And the list continues

For an open and operating business, that means the buyer must invest some level of energy, effort and/or financial resources to improve the current performance of the business.  That investment and effort is on the part of the buyer, not the seller.  Therefore, the “up-side” or “potential” is still unknown, can’t be quantified and thus, can’t be sold on the front end of the listing.

The next time you consider selling your restaurant and offer up “potential” as a reason to buy, just remember, it cannot factor into the listing price. It is a definite selling point and makes a business more attractive but is not part of the valuation model.

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We Sell Restaurants Recently Sold Terra Thai of Boulder, Colorado

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Aug 6, 2019 10:30:00 AM

We Sell Restaurants closes on another restaurant for sale transaction; the sale of Terra Thai in Boulder, Colorado

We Sell Restaurants is pleased to announce the sale of Terra Thai located at 1211 Broadway in Boulder Colorado. Usman Chughtai of Thornton, Colorado acquired the company from Karuna Wiwattanakantang. The transaction was handled by Franchise Partner and Certified Restaurant Broker, Jeff Marcus of We Sell Restaurants.terra thai

Terra Thai is a Restaurant on the hill of Boulder Colorado and one of the few that is close to the University of Colorado. This iconic concept is highly recommended by Yelp users who say, they have a “great selection of original hard-to-find Thai dishes.” This small jewel was sold from start to finish in just 49 days by We Sell Restaurants far outpacing the national average for days on market before selling a restaurant.

The seller, Karuna, said of his experience with Jeff Marcus, “It went quick and Jeff was very helpful, accommodating both seller and buyer.  It saved us time in negotiation and paperwork. Everything was clear and with his experience in (the) restaurant business, he knew my concerns and helped get the price right for both parties.”

Jeff Marcus is a Certified Restaurant Broker and the Franchise Partner for We Sell Restaurants in the state of Colorado and Wyoming. Jeff is a licensed by the Colorado Real Estate Commission as a Broker. Jeff has nearly 30 years of restaurant experience. Starting at an early age of 13 working in Chinese, Pizza, and high-end tablecloth concepts, Jeff has done it all and trained in every position in the industry.

Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants, said of the transaction, “One of our newest Franchise Partners, Jeff Marcus, has shown significant sales results in a short period of time. We are looking forward to seeing his continued success in the future.”

More than 450 restaurants for sale can be found directly online at We Sell Restaurants is the country's leading restaurant brokerage focused on those buying, selling or leasing a restaurant.

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm, specializing in restaurants for sale, restaurants for lease and franchise restaurant resales.  Found online at, We Sell Restaurants offers services in 45 states nationwide.

Copy of Find a Franchise

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Best Restaurants for Sale in July of 2019

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Aug 2, 2019 6:58:14 AM

The best restaurants for sale offered this month by We Sell Restaurants recorded had some of the highest views, calls and overall activity we've ever seen for an individual listing. 

Opportunities in Florida dominated the top three positions on the list for the month led by a Naples restaurant grossing $5.2 million which started a bidding war among interested parties.  The final outcome was a business that went far above asking price with multiple offers after spending just a few days on the market. This demonstrates the power of having a top tier business with excellent books and records and a verifiable performance.

We Sell Restaurants measures the best restaurants for sale by consolidating their views online, the direct outreach to our Certified Restaurant Brokers, signed confidentiality agreement and the inquiries from all our social media channels. 

Here's how the full list of the best restaurants for sale breaks out with our monthly top ten.This Naples Florida restaurant kicked off the most activity ever recorded in the shortest period of time and is in contract with multiple offers, including backup offers.

Listing ID:7004 Restaurant Broker Dave Whitcomb    
Naples Restaurant for Sale Grossing $5.2 MM - Owner Income 7 Figures!
Lease: expires June 30, 2021
Monthly Rent: $9941,
Inside Sq. Ft. 3774,
Outside Sq. Ft. seating for 25 on patio deck


Dave Whitcomb
(239) 300-5041

From a seven figure listing price to a low cost entry, another Florida restaurant for sale, offered by Certified Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband in Coral Springs also hit the top of the chart. This fully equipped and inexpensive business is ready to convert into a new concept and is currently a fast casual format.
Listing ID:6849 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Fast Casual Restaurant for Sale in Coral Springs – Fully Equipped
Lease: To be negotiated
Monthly Rent: $5620,
Inside Sq. Ft. 1400,
Outside Sq. Ft.

City:Coral Springs

Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

Another low price entry, also in Florida, continued their domination on the chart this month.  This small business in Jupiter Florida is ideal for a change of concept.  A very low monthly rent of just $2124 makes this "starter" restaurant easy to operate and "right - sized" for a budding entrepreneur.
Listing ID:6997 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Restaurant for Sale in Jupiter, Florida – Bring Your Own Concept
Lease: Expires April 2022
Monthly Rent: $2124,
Inside Sq. Ft. 1250,
Outside Sq. Ft.


Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

Finally breaking out of the southern coast, an opportunity in the Atlanta Metro suburb of Suwanee Georgia generating six figures got a lot of looks and calls for the month.  Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum is representing this opportunity that has nearly six figures in cash flow and is selling for less than $100,000.  The business is 3300 square feet and the owner will train on the recipes and process for a new owner.
Listing ID:6428 Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum    
Earn Around SIX FIGURES in Suwanee GA, Priced Under $100,000
Lease: 3 years + 5 year option
Monthly Rent: $4000,
Inside Sq. Ft. 3300,
Outside Sq. Ft. n/a
Steve Weinbaum
(770) 714-4552
A multi-store opportunity in Charlotte North Carolina took one of the top positions for the month as the best restaurants for sale.  This two store package which includes two health focused franchises for sale offers very high earnings that exceed a quarter million a year!  That motivated our determined restaurant buyers to call, text, email and click on this great package which is still available.
Listing ID:6938 Restaurant Broker Justin Scotto    
Two Health-Centered Franchises For Sale, $288,000 Owner Benefit
Lease: 7 year term
Monthly Rent: $4646.40,4220.00,
Inside Sq. Ft. 1815,1060,
Outside Sq. Ft.


Justin Scotto
(704) 609-4460

From East to West, the best restaurant for sale opportunity west of the Mississippi was another multi-unit opportunity.  The three-store package, represented by Certified Restaurant Broker Jeff Marcus, has $3.5 million in sales on the books and six figure earnings.  That got the attention of many buyers reaching out for a reason to buy big cash flow.  SBA lending opportunity on this strong performer also made it a hit.
Listing ID:6742 Restaurant Broker Jeff Marcus    
Three Smashburger Franchises For Sale In Colorado - $3.5Million Sales!
Lease: Expires 02/28/2023
Monthly Rent: $7325.66,7596.91,12959.81,
Inside Sq. Ft. 2232,2214,2582,
Outside Sq. Ft.


Jeff Marcus
(970) 373-8205

Florida was back in the mix with a four store multi-unit package of franchises for sale in South Florida.  The units are in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth.  The Sunshine state, with no income tax and a business friendly environment to operate, attracts a lot of buyers from out of state for relocation.  This listing is still available and waiting for the right restaurant buyer.
Listing ID:6384 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
4-Store Package! Franchises For Sale in South Florida - National Brand
Lease: five years plus five year option
Monthly Rent: $5900,5900,3900,4500,
Inside Sq. Ft. 1539,1500,1450,1560,
Outside Sq. Ft. 300

City:Delray Beach | Boca Raton | Boynton Beach | Lake Worth

Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

Austin Texas made the cut with some of the best restaurants for sale.  A business offered by Certified Restaurant Broker Dave Duce in Austin Texas made the phone ring and the website clicks come to life.  Restaurants for Sale in Austin have some of the shortest times on market in the entire We Sell Restaurants inventory and we expect this well priced opportunity to go into contract any day now.
Listing ID:6878 Restaurant Broker Dave Duce    
Gorgeous Restaurant available in Central Austin! Won't Last Long
Lease: expires March 2023 + 5 yr option
Monthly Rent: $8999,
Inside Sq. Ft. 2350,
Outside Sq. Ft. 500


Dave Duce
(512) 773-5272

A second Austin opportunity also made it onto the best restaurants for sale list.  This coffee shop, again, priced to move, demonstrated enough activity to push it ahead of 400 other listings to make the best restaurants for sale list for the month.  Downtown Austin is thriving and this location is sure to move quickly.
Listing ID:6284 Restaurant Broker Dave Duce    
Amazing Coffee Shop location available in Downtown Austin!
Lease: negotiable
Monthly Rent: $5500
Inside Sq. Ft. 1750
Outside Sq. Ft. 350

City: Austin

Dave Duce
(512) 773-5272

The final location on the list of the best restaurants for sale went back to Florida.This lunch and breakfast cafe near the ocean in Pompano Beach attracted those in the market to move south!  Franchise Partner and Certified Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband is still accepting offers on this 2,160 square foot location that is fully equipped, open and operating and offered at very compeitive pricing.
Listing ID:6319 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Lunch and Breakfast Cafe for Sale in Broward County - Near Ocean
Lease: Expires December 31, 2020 plus five year option
Monthly Rent: $5473.80
Inside Sq. Ft. 2160
Outside Sq. Ft. 500

City:Pompano Beach

Ken Eisenband
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That sums up the best restaurants for sale in a month that is traditionally slower for buyers due to summer vacations and less focus on business.  July 2019 broke the mold on that thinking and generated more buyer inquiries than normal for this time period.  

Florida remains red hot with temps in the 90's and restaurant locations that's can't be beaten but We Sell Restaurants has listings in more than 30 states nationwide online at our powerhouse website.  Click any of the links to listings above to see more.

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Ken Eisenband of We Sell Restaurants Presents Seminar Selling Restaurants

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jul 25, 2019 1:02:12 PM

Ken Eisenband, We Sell Restaurants Franchise Partner for Broward and Palm Beach county, recently presented a seminar titled, “Selling Restaurants 101” to the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF).

Ken's educational seminar was focused on helping other brokers understand the key metrics and items on the restaurant financial statement as they perform valuations or assist others in selling or buying a restaurant. He focused on key points such as, “what is the broker Selling?” along with a primer on the variables found on restaurant financial statements. He reviewed common ratios for cost of goods sold, labor costs and rent along with other expenses. The most important number, in his words, “Rent – you cannot fix a bad rent deal.”

KenEisenband reminded the group that other items on the profit and loss are controllable.  Food is in his words, “easily fixed by a new owner” and other expenses are “easily re-budgeted.”  Even labor, in Ken’s opinion is “easy to fix over time with new staffing, new pay structure or new scheduling parameters.”  Rent, however is a fixed cost that cannot be changed.

Ken also cautioned brokers on the practice of selling a restaurant that is doing a “cash business” stating that the owners have “lied to the IRS, lied to the Florida Department of Revenue, lied to their accountant, BUT, expect the buyer to trust everything they are told.”  Ken’s enlightening and entertaining presentation was attended by business brokers from across the state who are members of Business Brokers of Florida. 

The Business Brokers of Florida is a nonprofit association for business brokerage companies and their agents in the state.  The BBF association is the largest state business broker association in the country, and the second largest association of business brokers in the world.

The Business Brokers of Florida membership is restricted to those with experience in the industry or who attend specific training and have demonstrated knowledge in the industry.  They must establish this expertise when applying for membership.  Any member of the BBF is also held to a strict code of ethics, ensuring that buyers and sellers receive principled treatment in any transaction. 

Other members of the BBF include those supporting transactions such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, appraisers and various financial institutions specializing in business loans. The association has more than 1,400 members and over 4,000 listings in their database. The Business Brokers of Florida currently has five districts within the state of Florida.

Ken Eisenband is the multi-unit Franchise Partner for Broward County and Palm Beach County Florida, the southern part of the Sunshine state. Ken leads two offices for We Sell Restaurants with distinction and directs a team of Restaurant Brokers as a multi-unit owner. Ken is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida Association where for numerous years, he received the prestigious Dealmaker Award as one of the top 5 transaction agents in the state of Florida as well as receiving the Million Dollar Club award.

Additionally, Ken is licensed by the Florida Real Estate Commission as a Broker and has also completed training leading to his designation as a Certified Restaurant Broker. Ken graduated with Honors from The School of Hospitality at Michigan State University in 1983 and has thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry.

For a look online at Ken's restaurant for sale listings, visit this link

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Warning: Bars for Sale indicating "Cash" -- Do You Buy?

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jul 15, 2019 2:29:48 PM

Bars for sale with cash on the books are promoting earnings that are usually not provable. With a bar, the term, “you get exactly what you pay for,” holds true. Pricing and earnings are difficult to prove resulting in the age-old struggle of how to set pricing on a "cash" business.

We Sell Restaurants would tell you that the only means to value a bar for sale company is based on earnings. Earnings are based on a profit and loss statement on the business and items that benefit the owner directly, called add backs. The sum of these are called Seller's Discretionary Earnings. This method, referred to as the Income Valuation Approach to valuation doesn't work when a bar owner states they have “cash earnings" they want to monetize in the sale.

warning_ bars for sale with _cash_

Buying a bar or pub for sale with verifiable earnings is the answer. The pricing may not seem as great a "bargain" as but if you are a buyer who favors a less risk adverse strategy, it’s the only way to go. Something advertised at a good price with "cash" earnings means there is simply no way to verify that number as a purchaser.

Since pricing is based on earnings that can be proven, any restaurant broker that takes some amount of funds done “off the books” will soon be overpricing the business. The only means by which the value would be right is if the earnings had been authenticated and the purchaser kept the company operating in the same manner he took over. That may mean running afoul of the law since potentially, earnings and revenue are misstated.

Another problem with a valuation that includes “cash” earnings is that the seller has already been overpaid on his unreported income. He (or she) got a huge benefit since he's avoided all the reasonable and customary taxes (state income tax, federal income taxation and more). Now he wants to sell that at a premium.

If the deal looks too good to be true, it likely is and that’s the case with “cash” off the books. Getting to the ideal price is critical. The seller of the bar or pub for sale has operated on a less than candid basis with his franchise (if he has one), the State Alcohol licensing jurisdiction, the state sales tax board and the Internal Revenue Service. It is a little stretch to now believe he or she is going to be forthright with you, as a buyer in an arm’s length transaction. Outside of coming to the business as a worker for a series of months, it is not possible to set up the "actual" earnings.

Trusting in transparency from a Seller that avoids certain tax requirements and doesn't report all his earnings is a difficult task. Should you convert the cash earnings onto the books, you're looking at an instant hit to earnings. The national, state, and sales tax implications alone could drive the operation to a negative earning scenario.

Brokers often promote these listings on the internet with caveats such as “cash to be shown by the seller.” Other restaurant brokers don't take these listings or simply offer them as asset sales since they can't be confirmed.

We Sell Restaurants has a simple recommendation when you buy a bar or pub. Pay for what you can see. Then you avoid the issue entirely and don’t overpay for earnings that never materialize on the back end.

Ready to see our bar for sale opportunities? Click the link below for the latest listings.


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