Increase Your Restaurant's Value - 3 Things to do Before Selling

By Steve Weinbaum
September 27, 2022

  I’ve been a certified restaurant broker for many years and the number one question I am asked by restaurant owners interested in Selling their Restaurant,, pub, café, sports bar, or fast casual franchise is, “What is my restaurant worth”. This is...
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What to Expect from a Career as a Business Broker

By Robin Gagnon
September 20, 2022

  Starting a career as a business broker is great for motivated, knowledgeable, and business-savvy people looking for a rewarding and flexible future. Learn about the day-to-day operations of owning a Business Broker Franchise. Business Broker 101 ...
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Franchise Restaurant Day of Discovery - Do's and Don'ts

By Don Mason
September 13, 2022

  So, you have made the decision to buy a franchise restaurant—This was probably a well thought-out but time-consuming decision. You presented your offer, cheered when it was accepted, worked with a bank to secure the loan, and then completed your...
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Franchise Restaurant Success - Vital Tips for a Franchise Resale Program

By Robin Gagnon
September 08, 2022

  If you are are the franchisor of franchise restaurant business, keep reading to learn why establishing a strong franchise resale program is key to the success of your brand.  Franchisees sell their businesses for a variety of reasons. As the...
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Work Experience in the Hospitality Industry and How to Reboot Your Career

By Robin Gagnon
September 06, 2022

  When you have work experience in the hospitality industry, your skills can transfer to many different career paths. Learn about a career restart in franchising.   High Stress on the Menu Working in the restaurant industry is fast-paced and...
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What's it Making? - Understand Seller's Discretionary Earnings when Buying a Restaurant

By Dave Duce
September 02, 2022

  When you are Buying a Restaurant, one of the most important elements to understand is the financial situation of the current business. This can help you determine if the investment is right for you, as well as reveal areas where you could improve...
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The Top 10 Restaurants for Sale in August 2022

By Robin Gagnon
September 01, 2022

  The summer months come to end as we welcome the month of September. Before we kick off the fall season, let's take a look at the most popular Restaurants for Sale from August. This top 10 list ranks restaurants based on the number of calls,...
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Is it Possible to Buy a Restaurant that is an Absentee Business for Sale?

By Jeff Marcus
August 30, 2022

  Are you thinking about Buying a Restaurant, but don't want to be tied down to the day-to-day operations? Or maybe you're already a restaurant owner and are looking to expand your portfolio by purchasing another location. Either way, you may be...
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Starting a Business Brokerage Company: How to Find Support and Grow

By Robin Gagnon
August 26, 2022

  Starting a business brokerage company on your own can be challenging. Find out what it takes to get started as a business broker and where you can find support. By definition, business brokers help facilitate the sale of a business. But their...
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What's My Equipment Worth? How to Calculate the Value of a Restaurant

By Chris & Misti Gordon
August 25, 2022

  The restaurant equipment is the backbone of any restaurant. From the kitchen and prep areas to the table and chairs, restaurant equipment is a necessary cost to get a restaurant up and running. When the time has come for a restaurant owner to...
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