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5 Compelling Reasons Franchise Resales Should be a Critical Strategy for Most Brands - 5 Part Series

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 25, 2020 9:19:24 AM

Ask any Franchise Development leader and they will acknowledge that franchise resales happen – a LOT.  Ask if they have a definitive program in place to handle those franchise resales and the response may be, “not so much.” 

Here are five compelling reasons this Restaurant Broker sets up programs for franchisors nationwide.

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Reason 1:

Failure to Plan is not a strategy.  It is rare to find a restaurant franchise group that has a clear vision in writing for franchise resales.  A clear vision means everyone understands the position on resales and it has been properly communicated and shared by everyone from Development to the C-Suite.  Without a clear picture and plan, we see franchise resales be swallowed up or placed to the side of the seemingly more important task of new franchise development.

The problem with this approach is that resales average 8% to 10% of your brand each year and it is difficult to outgrow the impact of these numbers.  If you don’t plan to handle 10% of your stores transferring, you may need to be prepared for those same stores to go dark.  That’s why it’s imperative that you develop a strong resale program.

Reason 2:

No Trigger Identification.  With a definitive program in place, it’s easy for franchisors, like the franchise restaurant groups we work with to identify the “triggers” for resales within the system.  These can include items like expirations, renewals, legal issues, operational issues, or financial issues.  A well crafted program, anticipates transfers through early warning systems set up against these triggers to anticipate store turnovers.

By monitoring these triggers, you can bring in resources to transfer those stores, rather than see them fail.  Quick implementation of a franchise resale strategy can ensure the stores turn over to new owners rather than losing the location.  

Reason 3:

Things change.  A plan for franchise resales includes discussions around succession planning with your Operations team and franchisees at least annually.  They should be tracking the plan for each unit.  Even with a plan in place, you may still be caught off guard by the “Three D’s” of resales – death, divorce and drugs.

With a culture that encourages discussion around the next generation of store ownership however, and partners who know how to make the stores move into the hands of those outside the family where necessary, each store has the potential to be saved.

We see many franchise restaurant operators surprised when the next generation of leadership simply moves on to another field.  That’s why discussions on succession planning are critical.

Reason 4:

It’s a different client.  While most marketing teams have a strong development strategy for attracting new buyers to the brand that is well funded and carefully reviewed, the story is often a bit more muddled for franchise resales.

Unless your marketing team has a strong plan for attracting those to “second generation” opportunities or franchise resales, you have missed the mark and it’s a compelling reason for bringing in an expert to help you get this on track.  The customer for a franchise resales is not the same as a new location.  They will have a higher aversion to risk and a different need for lending.  Pushing them through the same lead funnel as new franchise sales or attempting to attract them with the same marketing messages sets you up for failure.

Reason 5:

Intellectual Property Control.  Your trademark and the use of the brand in marketing franchise resale locations by third party brokers or for sale by owner messaging can attract the wrong attention from new franchise candidates.

Have you considered how and when your logo can be used on a franchise resale versus a new sale situation?  A well planned program will make sure you do not lose control of that valuable intellectual property and ensure that any ads for franchise resales conform to your requirements for the brand.

These are just five of the top twenty compelling reasons you should have a well thought out franchise resale program whether you are a 50- unit franchise restaurant brand or a 100-unit service concept.

As a Restaurant Broker, I set up programs for franchisors across the nation to confirm that these compelling reasons result in a strategy that retains and attracts the best clients for franchise resales.  For a look at some of our franchise restaurant resale listings, click this link.

We'll continue with this five-part series on compelling reasons why franchisors need a resale program in the coming posts.

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5 Ways to Improve the Price when Selling Your Restaurant

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 20, 2020 10:36:14 AM

Selling your restaurant should not result in a bargain basement pricing and a stressful situation.  Here are tips from the nation’s most successful restaurants brokers at We Sell Restaurants.  Use these tips to improve the price you receive and shorten the time on market when selling your restaurant.

Tip #1 – Don’t overprice the Business

You may be tempted to tell the Restaurant Broker you’re working with the pricing you want for your business but unfortunately, that’s not how valuation works. The market, the earnings and math arrive at the right answer.  You can be driving the pricing down by listing too high.  Here’s how.  Your Certified Restaurant Broker tells you the valuation based on the earnings model and what it will qualify for with SBA lending.  You counter that you need $100,000 more.  The broker agrees to the pricing and you go on the market for a very L-O-N-G time with no activity.

After months on the market with no activity, you agree to lower the price.  Unfortunately, your listing is now stale.  It has already been exposed to those shopping in the market.  It will now have the stigma of a major price reduction associated with it.

Selling Your Restaurant - Improve PricingMeanwhile, you are accruing more months of operating costs, maybe at a profit or maybe at break even or a loss.  Did this benefit you with selling your restaurant or overall lower the pricing?  Odds are the buyer who comes in will now smell blood in the water and offer less than the original price recommended to you by a true professional.  Over pricing your store at the outset depresses pricing over time.

Tip #2 – Negotiate Fixed Costs Where Possible

If possible, work to renegotiate fixed costs, especially occupancy costs to raise the selling price of a business.  Every dollar saved on the bottom line is added to your selling price at a multiple, increasing the pricing.  If you are in a mall location and have not worked to renegotiate pricing in the past three years, get a good attorney or representative to assist you and get busy.  Malls are bleeding shoppers, market share and tenants.  You should be able to score a rent reduction. 

If you are in a hot area with a below market rent, this strategy won’t work but good rates and plenty of option years make your restaurant more valuable in the long run. Make sure you have at least enough lease term plus option years to meet the magic 10-year mark, the requirement for SBA lending. 

Tip # 3 – Use an Expert

There are several firms who may represent you in selling your restaurant but only a specialist has a database of buyers who are actively seeking businesses like yours today.  Someone representing buyers for anything from a convenience store to the corner garage will not have the training and experience to adequately price the business.  Similarly, they won’t have the buyer database shopping ONLY for restaurants like yours.

Tip #4 – Be Sure Your Books Are Solid  

The highest pricing obtained when selling your restaurant comes from good books and records which translate into lending for your store.  The lending market is very strong at this time however, sloppy bookkeeping or running money “off the books” will result in a decrease in pricing as the best listings at premium pricing will qualify for lending with a down payment of 20% or so.

Tip #5 – Keep Your P&L Up to Date

Once your store is listed at the highest possible pricing, then make sure you keep your profit and loss statement up to date.  The first thing a buyer wants is a deeper dive into the business.  That means selling your restaurant is not a “one and done” production of numbers but an ongoing exercise.  Pay more to keep your bookkeeper or CPA focused on getting the numbers out on a monthly or worst case scenario, quarterly basis.

These five tips will improve the overall price when selling your restaurant and ensure that the offers you receive are fair and appropriate in today’s active market.

Are you interested in selling your restaurant?  Give us a call at 888 814 8226 or click this link for selling a restaurant to receive a call from the nation’s only Certified Restaurant Brokers at We Sell Restaurants.

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Restaurant Franchise Wrap Up from IFA Conference

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 13, 2020 8:15:23 AM

The International Franchise Association (IFA) meeting is over and while we have returned exhausted, we are also energized by the conference aptly themed, "Franchising's Future Starts with Us." We are thrilled with the level of interactions and opportunity that We Sell Restaurants was able to uncover at the annual event attended by Robin and Eric Gagnon along with Steve Weinbaum of We Sell Restaurants. 

Here are some of the highlights

Prime [Photo]-2Annual Leadership Conference - Robin served on the committee for the Annual Leadership Conference which featured the award of the Crystal Compass to Paul Pickett, Chief Development Officer of Wild Birds Unlimited.  His thoughtful acceptance speech featured seven key parts of his core values he uses daily.  In addition, Dippin' Dots CEO Scott Fischer, who was recently on Undercover BOSS, shared the story of acquiring this brand out of bankruptcy with 100% debt and diversifying and building a mega brand.  Lastly, Peter Holt, CEO of The Joint Chiropractic allowed his brand to be the Case Study for teams to analyze what went right and wrong in their path to franchise growth. His statement to, "Follow your Pain" resonated with this attendee. 

CFE Graduation – Robin Gagnon, Co-Founder and the firm's Chief Marketing Officer graduated as part of the Certified Franchise Executive Class of 2020.  The graduates were honored on stage at the General Session and with a pinning ceremony with the President of IFA and other notables in the room. In the picture collage, you see Robin with Shannon Iverson of Marco’s Pizza, a fellow CFE graduate who is part of the Franchise Development team for the brand. 

VetFran - Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants, is a member of the national VetFran Committee. Founded in 1991, VetFran is a strategic initiative of the International Franchise Association and the Franchise Education and Research Foundation. The group works to stand beside veterans through their transition to civilian life and entrepreneurship. Eric worked on initiatives at the conference to continue this important work.

Networking - Steve Weinbaum, Certified Restaurant Broker, attended the Orlando Conference and took countless meetings to discuss resale programs for major chains.  He represented the brand with distinction at multiple educational and social events.

Speaking - Robin Gagnon also developed and led a panel titled, “Raising the Value of Your Franchise through a Well-Executed Resale Program.”  Her fellow panelists were Cherry Hearn, President of Which Wich, Kitt Shipe, Franchise Attorney for Kilpatrick Townsend and Peter Baldine, President of Moran Brands. 

She developed knowledge and experience from the panel to demonstrate how a well-executed franchise transfer program can increase the value of the franchisor in five critical ways:

  • Attracting new candidates who will not only acquire existing units but also sign development agreements to grow additional stores.  
  • Raise the “after-market” or resale value of franchise units.
  • Bring new capital to tired units as they transfer and refresh the locations to the current standards.
  • Raise AUV as older stores transition to new, energized owners who will embrace the latest franchise strategies and raise sales in underperforming or aging units
  • Provide existing franchisees with assurances that they are building a valuable, transferable asset

Friends - We Sell Restaurants was able to interact and greet familiar faces like Don Fox and Brent Greenwood of Firehouse Subs, Trey Doster from Zaxby's and Charles Watson of Tropical Smoothies Cafe.  The We Sell Restaurants team wined, dined and networked for three solid days. 

Women's Franchise Committee - Robin was named the incoming Vice Chair of the Women's Franchise Committee at the national level and is shown above with the current Chair, Michele Rowan, CEO of Franchise Business Review. Formed in 1996, the Women's Franchise Committee (WFC) is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging women in franchising by creating a network of business professionals dedicated to strengthening the success of women in franchising. The WFC has created programs and resources in order to achieve this goal, ranging from "how to" guides and conferences to local networking chapters.

Education - in addition to committee meetings, the team attended educational sessions to learn the latest in franchise development, best practices and tips for restaurant franchise brands we represent in the marketplace.  Robin led a Roundtable discussion on Franchise Resales for the established franchisor that was well attended as well.  She also kept her LinkedIn feed pumping with photos and updates to the convention.

When the dust settles, we anticipate picking up several new relationships and deepening existing ones after this whirlwind convention. 

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We Sell Restaurants Sells Sugar Chef in Boynton Beach, Florida

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jan 3, 2020 4:04:31 PM

Franchise Partner Ken Eisenband sells another one!  We Sell Restaurants announces the latest closing on Sugar Chef in Boynton Beach, Florida.

We Sell Restaurants announced the recent sale of the Sugar Chef bakery located at 1499 SW 30th Avenue in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Marie Roth, a principal of Les Jardins De Bagatelle, Inc., acquired the company from Kate Townsend, the owner of Cakes by Kate Inc.  The transaction was handled by Ken Eisenband of We Sell Restaurants.  

Cake Photos Sugar Shack-1Sugar Chef is a bakery that specializes in premier wedding and occasion cakes. Open for more than two decades, the business in Boynton Beach has a legacy of filling special occasions with delicious baked goods and cakes. 

The buyer, Marie Roth, shared her thoughts on her experience with the We Sell Restaurants group. “My experience while working with We Sell Restaurants and Ken Eisenband was excellent.  Ken is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and his expertise regarding the buying and selling process is nothing short of phenomenal.” 

She continued her praise of the transaction and Ken’s actions saying, “He walked me through each step of the selling process and made sure I understood everything that I needed to do.  He was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had and, even though he is a transactional broker, I really felt he had my back.  Ken is a credit to his field.”

Ken Eisenband leads two offices for We Sell Restaurants with distinction in the southern part of the Sunshine state and directs a team of Restaurant Brokers as a multi-unit owner. He is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF), where for multiple years, he has received the prestigious Dealmaker Award.  The Dealmaker Award designates Eisenband as one of the top five transaction agents in the state of Florida

Ken has been named to the Million Dollar Club of the BBF each year of his membership.  In 2018, Ken won the Co-Broker of the Year award for the Southern Division of BBF.  He has also prepared training and spoken before the group at large as a subject matter expert in selling restaurants. 

Ken's entire inventory of restaurant for sale locations can be found directly online at

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm, specializing in restaurants for sale, restaurants for lease and franchise restaurant resales.  Found online at, We Sell Restaurants offers services in 45 states nationwide.

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We Sell Restaurants Brokers Achieve Multi-Million Dollar Status with GABB for 2019

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Dec 17, 2019 9:09:18 PM

Twenty-two members of the Georgia Association of Business Brokers (GABB) were named to the 2019 Million Dollar Club and We Sell Restaurants had 100% representation in the Multi-Million Dollar Club for the year. 

The GABB Million Dollar Club Awards is a program that spotlights industry sales professionals recognizing business achievements of professional Business Brokers for successfully closing business acquisition transactions totaling one million dollars or more.

We Sell Restaurants’ brokers were recognized as Multi-Million dollar producers.  In addition, Steve Weinbaum and Robin Gagnon were recognized among the top five Business Brokers for their performance and multi-million dollars in business sales.  Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants was also named to the Multi-Million Dollar club and said of the group's achievements,  "This was an outstanding result for the team and in particular, Steve Weinbaum.  His performance was recognized as the third highest in the state."  He added.  "To see every member of the We Sell Restaurants team meet this important milestone of multi-million dollars in sales is very exciting." 

4801 award winner-1STEVE WEINBAUM of We Sell Restaurants is a licensed real estate salesperson in Georgia and Florida and has been a Certified Restaurant Broker for more than four years with the ability to sell restaurants throughout the United States. He graduated from SUNY Albany and has over 30 years of experience in business analysis, marketing, sales, relationship management and contract negotiations. He is a member of the GRA, GABB and BBF. Steve can quickly and accurately review and evaluate financial data. This skill enables him to provide sound valuation feedback and business guidance. His years of experience negotiating complex business-to-business contracts translates to high closing rates. Steve has experience with Casual Dining and Quick Serve Franchise brands, growing both sales and customer engagement. As a Certified Restaurant Broker, Steve is closing an average of two businesses per month and is skilled in complex lease negotiations. His success is highlighted by the personal attention he devotes to each client.

4803 Robin G winner-2

ROBIN GAGNON CFE, MBA, CBI is the co-founder of We Sell Restaurants, the largest restaurant brokerage firm in the nation and the only franchisor dedicated exclusively to restaurant sales. A Certified Franchise Executive, she is one of the most prolific Restaurant Brokers in the industry and is a specialist in franchise resales. In addition, she has completed study, testing and experience requirements by the International Business Brokers Association to be awarded the credential of Certified Business Intermediary or CBI. Robin is the co-author of Appetite for Acquisition, an award winning book for restaurant buyers. She serves on the Women’s Franchise Committee of the IFA and is past chair of the Women’s Franchise Network Atlanta and current member of its Executive Board. Robin holds an MBA and graduated first in her class where she was named "Outstanding MBA” from her business school.  She is a lifetime emeritus member of the Appalachian State University Business Advisory Council and founding member of the Entrepreneurship Board. Robin is a licensed real estate salesperson in both Georgia and Florida and member of the Business Brokers of Florida and the GABB. She has been named a National Industry Expert by Business Brokerage Press in Franchise Resales. She teaches the only Certified Restaurant Broker training offered nationwide as part of the We Sell Restaurants franchise brand.

4811 Eric G award-1ERIC GAGNON is the founder and President of We Sell Restaurants and Eric is an industry expert in restaurant sales and holds the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation from the International Business Brokerage Association (IBBA).  A frequent writer and speaker in the restaurant industry, Eric co-authored Appetite for Acquisition, an award-winning book on buying restaurants. Eric was named a Fellow of the IBBA in 2018 for his outstanding contribution to the business brokerage industry and was a recipient of the Outstanding Producer Award given by the International Business Brokers Association for multiple years. Eric began his career in the financial services industry for Bank of America, Bank of New York and big five accounting firm, KPMG before launching the nation’s premiere restaurant brokerage firm and restaurant brokerage franchise nearly two decades ago. He oversees the development and training of Restaurant Brokers nationwide and has created the industry's only Certified Restaurant Broker coursework and testing program. Mr. Gagnon is a past GABB president, a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Club and received the GABB Phoenix Award, presented to a select few who have received the Million Dollar Award for more than a decade.  He is also a member of the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF). Eric is a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) where he serves as a board member for VetFran, a strategic initiative of the IFA and the Franchise Education and Research Foundation. He currently serves on the Board of Directions for the Southeast Franchise Forum (SEFF). Eric has also been designated a Business Industry Expert by Business Brokerage Press.

The Georgia Association of Business Brokers (GABB) is the state’s only professional organization dedicated to buying and selling businesses and franchises.  The GABB’s website t lists hundreds of businesses and franchises for sale throughout Georgia in a variety of fields, including automotive, business services, child care, cleaning, construction, electronics equipment, fitness, flooring, floral, food, gas stations, landscaping, manufacturing, medical, shipping, restaurants, retail, security, signs, and businesses related to the internet.

We Sell Restaurants is the nation's largest restaurant brokerage firm in the nation, specializing in professional services for buyers and sellers in the restaurant industry. 

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We Sell Restaurants Sells Pack House Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Dec 10, 2019 11:36:45 AM

We Sell Restaurants closes on another restaurant for sale transaction; the sale of Pack House, an iconic restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The buyer describes his experience as "just incredible."

We Sell Restaurants is pleased to announce the sale of The Pack House located at 500 E. Morehead Street in Charlotte North Carolina.  The buyer, Vishnu Palanisamy acquired the company from Treehouse Kitchen, LLC.  Justin Scotto, We Sell Restaurants Franchise Partner and Multi-Unit owner in the market handled the successful transaction.   

Packhouse Restaurant SoldThe Packhouse was a fine dining location in Charlotte for many years, described by The Charlotte Observer as, “an exploratory taste of vintage plates, bowls and casserole dishes”  The location will be relaunched under the brand, Boga Mexicana by the new owner, Vishnu Palanisamy who is bringing his existing concept from Europe to the Morehead Street spot.  The full service Mexican restaurant will offer homemade quality food including Tacos, Enchilada, Burritos and more.

The buyer, Vishnu Palanisamy, shared his thoughts on the service provided by We Sell Restaurants, saying, "I really feel blessed that you popped up on our horrendous search for an optimum restaurant space for the past two years.  Your co-operation, commitment and spontaneous willingness to help me not only on accomplishing the sale and lease deed but also on all aspects of restaurant functions were just incredible.”

He continued his high praise of Certified Restaurant Broker, Justin Scotto saying, “Your diligent involvement all through the process and especially your promptness on the final closing days were just awesome. All the members of our Team know the great value of your valuable help and support. I never dreamt of such a reliable and prompt help like the one you extended. On behalf of all my team members, I extend my sincere thanks once again. I will stay in touch and will keep you informed about the progress of our aspiration.”

Eric Gagnon of We Sell Restaurants said, “One of our core values is to Create a Customer Service Experience Worth Sharing.  From this buyer’s words, it appears that Justin Scotto, has once again, delivered upon the brand experience.”

Franchise Partner Justin Scotto is a Certified Restaurant Broker and Multi-Unit owner.  A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he lives in Charlotte and when he is not busy selling restaurants, he enjoys family time with his wife and five children.

Justin is also a member of the Carolinas-Virginia Business Brokers Association. Justin can be reached by phone at (704) 609-4460 or by email –

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm, specializing in restaurants for sale, restaurants for lease and franchise restaurant resales.  Found online at, We Sell Restaurants offers services in 45 states nationwide.

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Howard's Famous Corned Beef and Deli - Restaurant Sold

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Nov 11, 2019 11:10:28 AM

We Sell Restaurants closes on another restaurant for sale transaction; the sale of the Howard's Famous Corned Beef and Deli in Boca Raton, Florida


We Sell Restaurants is pleased to announce the sale of Howard's Famous Corned Beef and Deli located at 3571 N. Federal Highway in Boca Raton, Florida. Sal Angrisani of Greenacres, Florida acquired the company from Howard Rich.  The transaction was handled by Ken Eisenband, Franchise Partner with We Sell Restaurants for Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Howard's Famous Corned Beef and Deli is an outstanding location that’s been described as one of the most authentic delis in Boca Raton, Florida. The concept features signature corned beef that is cooked in-house as well as smoked salmon. They offer half pound sandwiches with their daily fresh breads. Howard's Famous Corned Beef and Deli also offers catering service and onsite beer and wine sales.

The seller, Howard Rich, said of his experience with Ken Eisenband, “I listed my restaurant for sale with Ken Eisenband and We Sell Restaurants. The process was very easy, and he brought in many prospects. Once we were in contract for sale, Ken was very organized and guided me through the entire process. I would definitely recommend Ken and We Sell Restaurants to anyone looking to sell their restaurant.”

Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants said of the transaction, “Ken is an excellent Franchise Partner and one of the strongest players in the competitive business for sale marketplace in South Florida.  He is a consistent top producer for the brand and the state with excellent feedback from his clients.”

Ken Eisenband is the multi-unit Franchise Partner for Broward County and Palm Beach County Florida, the southern part of the Sunshine state. Ken leads two offices for We Sell Restaurants with distinction and directs a team of Restaurant Brokers as a multi-unit owner. Ken is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida Association where for multiple years he has received the prestigious Dealmaker Award as one of the top 5 transaction agents in the state of Florida as well as receiving the Million Dollar Club award.

Ken graduated with Honors from The School of Hospitality at Michigan State University in 1983 and has thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry.  In 1996 Ken joined Ruby Tuesday’s finance team as an analyst working closely with the Real Estate department and Vice President of Operations on site selection and feasibility studies. Ken can be reached by phone at (561)-350-3365 or by email – His listings can be found online at

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm, specializing in restaurants for sale, restaurants for lease and franchise restaurant resales.  Found online at, We Sell Restaurants operates in 45 states nationwide assisting those buying or selling a restaurant.  

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Selling a Restaurant?  Figure out if you Want the Real Deal or Facial Tissue. Brands Matter

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Oct 24, 2019 1:33:43 PM

Do brands matter when selling a restaurant?  We think so, along with the 80,000 buyers in our database.  Learn why brands matter when selling a restaurant.

Newsletter (3)

The ten most valuable brands in the world, according to Forbes, in order, are:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Microsoft
  4. Amazon
  5. Facebook
  6. Coca-Cola
  7. Samsung
  8. Disney
  9. Toyota
  10. McDonald’s

Branding matters.  It becomes such a part of the public consciousness that no one asks for a soda, they ask for a Coke or a Coca Cola.  No one says, "Do you have a facial tissue?"  They say, “Can you hand me a Kleenex?”

According to Inc. Magazine contributor and the President of Uppercase Branding, Mike Pile, “a name is the most powerful and cost-effective communication tool there is.”  He goes on to say that, “No marketing message will be used as widely or as frequently as the brand name.  It is the single most profound form of business communication.”

That takes us to We Sell Restaurants, our brand name.  Our brand is descriptive.  Our brand is successful.  Our brand is part of a marketing engine that allows us to meet our vision to sell more restaurants than anyone else. PERIOD.

The United States Patent and Trademark office agree with us. They granted to We Sell Restaurants, the ONLY authorized use of the term “We Sell Restaurants” for business brokerage in the principal registration of our Service Mark #4,663,265.  Feel free to look it up.   

Does branding matter?  It certainly does.  Virtually every single month, we task our attorneys with sending “cease and desist” letters to other business brokers who want to “piggy-back” on our good name with social media hashtags under We Sell Restaurants, using our name on their home pages, copying our brand colors, our photos, and using it in descriptions of their services.   

Trust us.  We’re flattered.  But our customers are not fooled.  They know there is only one brand selling more restaurants than anyone else.  Here are just a few statistics.

  • We Sell Restaurants is the most highly ranked name when searching restaurants for sale.  That means anyone looking to buy a restaurant sees this powerful name first, not that of a “one-man” shop or someone with limited listing counts.
  • We Sell Restaurants has a listing inventory or just at $150 Million Dollars. That makes us the largest in the world in terms of listing inventory.
  • We Sell Restaurants has over 530 restaurants for sale, dwarfing any other brand in the nation. Those listings are active and available for sale.  We do not “fluff” up our listing count by leaving sold listings in the mix. 
  • We Sell More Restaurants than anyone else. PERIOD.  Our sold listings are published on our website (separately from our “available” listings) along with raving testimonials from our clients.   
  • We Sell Restaurants services 42 states nationwide.  We are credentialed, licensed and national in reach, unlike other brands.
  • We Sell Restaurants has more than 80,000 in buyers in our database and we send 6.4 Million emails per year on our inventory leading to more closed transactions.
  • We Sell Restaurants educates our brokers with the longest training program in the industry.  We provide more hands on training, more specialized knowledge and the only testing in the nation to achieve the status of “Certified Restaurant Broker.”  That sets our brokers apart and is also a trademark of our company. 

It is no wonder We Sell more restaurants than anyone else.

Think about that the next time someone offers you their Restaurant Broker “knock off” brand.  Do you want facial tissue or the real deal?  Are you going to have that unbranded, “cheaper” quality or do you want the premium brand that delivers results?

Listen.  We’re flattered that there are plenty of people trying to imitate our success. Just make sure you know what you’re buying before choosing a fake or watered down attempt to sell restaurants. There’s a reason brand names have higher market equity.

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Another Which Wich Franchise Sold by We Sell Restaurants

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Oct 15, 2019 1:14:28 PM

We Sell Restaurants closes on another restaurant for sale transaction; the resale of the Which Wich franchise in New Braunfels, Texas

We Sell Restaurants is pleased to announce the sale of Which Wich located 2830 Town Center Dr #110 in New Braunfels, Texas.  The purchasers are The Dagwood 4B LLC, a group made up of Lance Becker and his wife, Sarah Becker of New Braunfels Texas, along with Gene and Sue Bedingfield, also from the area.  This is an experienced group that at one time owned and developed up to 40 units of the Liberty Tax Franchise brand and currently operate 4 Club Pilates franchises in the area. 

Copy of Copy of newsletter (1)

The store was acquired from SMART Restaurant Group, a multi-unit group led by TJ Schier of Dallas Texas.  Mr. Schier is a nationally recognized multi-unit owner who speaks frequently on the restaurant industry and is transitioning full time to a speaking and consulting career.

The buyer, Lance Becker said, “It was a pleasure working with Robin and her team at WSR.  They made the challenging task of coordinating the multiparty franchise acquisition virtually seamless.  The negotiations with the seller, introduction to the franchisor and timeline to closing were all well planned and executed along the way to keep the process running smoothly and on track.  We look forward to working with WSR in the future as opportunities arise."

The transaction was brokered by Robin Gagnon, Certified Restaurant Broker and co-founder of We Sell Restaurants.  She said of the transaction, “It was my greatest pleasure to work with Lance and his family on this deal.  It is always exciting to assist experienced franchise operators enter the restaurant industry.  Which Wich is a strong prospect for resales with many of our buyers.  Their in-depth training and support make it a winning opportunity for those entering the food and beverage industry for the first time.”

Which Wich, a franchise chain that started in downtown Dallas has branched out nationwide specializing in crafting each sandwich with care. Founder, Jeff Sinelli, ignited this brand to specialize the best possible versions of each sandwich. Their menu features many exclusive recipes for the ultimate customer experience. Which Wich are committed to making the world a better place by participating in program like the PB&J.   

Other franchise restaurants for sale can be found directly online at We Sell Restaurants is the country's leading restaurant brokerage focused on those buying, selling or leasing a restaurant.

We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firm, specializing in restaurants for sale, restaurants for lease and franchise restaurant resales.  Found online at, We Sell Restaurants works in 45 states nationwide.

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Latest Restaurant Franchise Deals and Openings Announced

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Sep 3, 2019 3:34:03 PM

Restaurant Franchises are growing across the nation and the globe.  Some are open, some are signed, and some are target markets!  We've gathered the latest announcements about what's opening and what's in the future based on the latest signed restaurant franchise agreements and deals announced across the industry. 

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken -- It's not just Popeye's that has Chicken on the brain after last week.  There's a lot frying up in the Chicken franchise space. 

The first Zaxby’s in Chantilly, Virginia is coming this month to 43820 Eastgate Shoppes Drive. A fan favorite for chicken fingers, wings and salads, the new fast-casual restaurant is the first location this licensee team will open with plans for an additional five Zaxby’s in the future. Construction on the Chantilly Zaxby’s began in March led by local engineering firm Tri-Tek Engineering.

Franchise openings

The brand is also expanding to Spring Lake, North Carolina in September as well to 130 S. Third St. A. The new fast-casual restaurant is the third location owned and operated by Alan Ward and Fry Guys Management Group 3, LLC. Zaxby’s has 119 restaurants in North Carolina and more than 900 locations across 17 states. Construction on this location began in April.

Slim Chickens, a leader in the “better chicken” segment of fast casual restaurants, will continue expansion of its fresh chicken and unrivaled flavor in Illinois, with its grand reopening in Plainfield on September 5, 2019.  They also inked a six-unit deal with Preferred Development, LLC, with the first location expected to open in Minot, North Dakota. 

Huey Magoo's Chicken Tenders signed a six-unit deal with new franchisee Buck Harris, who will open restaurants in Lowndes, Dougherty, Lee and Taft counties in South Georgia. Harris is a former a Chick-fil-A franchisee and now also owns locations of Chicken Salad Chick.  

That wraps it up for the latest chicken deals.  Meanwhile, pizza is still hot.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, LLC, a leading California-based family-style pizza chain, known for its legendary crispy, curly pepperonis and Mountain-sized pizzas, is focusing its expansion efforts in northern California’s Humboldt County with a Eureka, California location already in development.

Data uncovered during an in-depth market analysis paired with the brand’s longstanding success throughout northern California makes Humboldt County a natural fit for a concept like Mountain Mike’s, which caters to families, large groups and celebratory occasions. There are currently 211 Mountain Mike’s Pizza locations in operation throughout California, Oregon, Nevada and Utah.

Following a successful restaurant opening in Newington earlier this year, famed New York-style pizza institution, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, has announced that its second Connecticut restaurant will open in Downtown Hartford this winter. The upcoming outpost will replace the former McKinnon’s Pub at 114 Asylum Street near the XL Center, in the heart of the city and at the epicenter of the revival and renaissance taking place in Hartford.

On the sweet side there’s plenty of new restaurant franchises in the mix as well.  

Doughnuttery, which launched its franchise program in February, signed its first area development deal, a six-unit agreement with Brian Burwell, managing member of Arizona Doughnuttery LLC, for shops in Arizona. A second area development deal, this one for three locations in Virginia, was signed with Doughnuttery of Nova, Inc., led by Leyla Khater, president, and Katherine Ronckovitz, partner. Doughnuttery has four open locations, three in New York City and one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Baskin-Robbins inked a multi-unit agreement to develop 10 new locations across Upstate New York, including in Syracuse and the Southern Tier, in addition to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania. With a portfolio of 40 Dunkin' restaurants and one multi-brand location, the deal was signed with franchisees Manish Patel, Sarika Patel, Krunal Patel and Tarak Patel of Bapa Chambers Rd Ice Cream, LLC.

Fast casual sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs remain in the mix with lots of opening planned coast to coast.   

Burgers, Fries & Shakes, a fast casual, “better burger” chain, is ready to satisfy the taste buds of burger enthusiasts in Orlando. The restaurant franchise is set to have two openings in late 2019 and early 2020 at 8050 International Drive and 3155 South Orange Avenue in Orlando. The Orlando openings mark the second and third MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes restaurants in the market, joining the existing Oviedo Mall location that opened last fall. The franchise brand is planning to bring an additional six locations to the greater Orlando area, creating a total of more than 200 jobs across the area.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop inked several multi-unit deals for development in six states. In New York City, husband and wife Ashok and Maleka Isranie signed for three locations; in Phoenix, Arizona, Steve Holdeman of franchisee group Pastrami Boys will open eight units. MAAAFOOD, Inc. and franchisees Daniel Hoffman and Michael Vanderwoude signed a deal for three locations in Hammond, Indiana, while in El Paso, Texas, Tessie Rodriguez plans to open three Capriotti's. Business partners Anthony Reviglio and Ken Cassas signed on for two restaurants in Boise, Idaho, and in Florida, the following franchisees signed for three units each: Todd King (Jacksonville); Mark and Michele Maroulis (Sarasota); Scott Crawford and Stephan Poletta (Tampa).

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ has an estimated opening date of late October in Houston Texas.  The brand is famous for its delicious Grilled Hot Dogs, brats and sausages along with its amazing BBQ sandwiches. Crave was founded in 2018 by Samantha and Salvatore Rincione. Since then, the company has signed multiple locations in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and more.

Dog Haus, the craft casual concept known for its gourmet hot dogs, sausages, burgers and one-of-a-kind creations, opened its second Chicago location inside Kitchen United’s brand new Eats on Sedgwick, located at 831 N. Sedgwick St,. on Sept. 3.

Across the Globe 

QDOBA Mexican Eats®, a leading Mexican fast-casual chain, today announced its continued expansion across Canada through an agreement with multi-unit operator, Burgess Enterprise. The five-unit deal focuses on locations to be developed in and around Northern Ontario, with the group’s first QDOBA restaurant set to open in Sault Ste. Marie in early 2020.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen signed a new agreement to develop and open more than 1,500 Popeyes restaurants in China over the next 10 years. Franchisee group TFI TAB Food Investments, led by CEO Korhan Kurdo lu, already operates Popeyes and Burger King restaurants in Turkey and Burger King in China. The commencement of Popeyes' operations in China is subject to a regulatory filing in China.

That’s the list of the latest restaurant franchise openings.  Keep an eye on the We Sell Restaurants website for franchise restaurant resales or click this link to see our latest franchise for sale listings.

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