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Ten Most Popular Restaurants for Sale in February Offered by the Restaurant Brokers

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Mar 12, 2018 7:58:02 AM



February, the month when love is in the air! The We Sell Restaurants website feathing restaurants for sale was feeling the the love! Curious to which restaurants were the most sought after? Be still your heart! We've got the answers. Franchises for sale and Italian restaurants for sale trumped all other categories. What else made it to the top? Read on to find out!

Franchises for sale are always a hit on our website, and February was no different. At the top of the franchises for sale category AND overall is this sandwich franchise for sale in Austin. Wondering what made this one come out on top? Originally priced at just $45,000, the seller dropped the price by $5,000 and is agreeing to pay half of the transferCapture-36.jpg fees!

The second most popular franchise for sale on our website was this Ben & Jerry’s in sunny Florida. There’s no questioning why this listing was so popular – the Ben & Jerry’s name speaks for itself. The owner of this one is scooping up six figures to take home each year as well! Our final franchise for sale in the top 10 is this sandwich franchise for sale in Texas that qualifies for SBA lending. This business is part of a major brand that is well-known and easily recognized! It’s easy to see why these franchises for sale came out on top!

Buyers can’t get enough of our Italian restaurants for sale, and pizza restaurants for sale remain the most popular in this category. At the top of the list was Bella Nonna Gourmet Pizza in Boca Raton – it was so popular that We Sell Restaurants Franchise Partner Ken Eisenband sold it last month as well! Don’t worry, we always have the most Italian restaurants for sale on our website!

Check out this Italian restaurant for sale in Austin with a beautiful build-out. Buyers love this one for it’s beautiful build-out! Rounding out the Italian restaurants for sale category is this pizza restaurant for sale in breathtaking Boynton Beach. This one was on the hot list for buyers in February thanks to the built-in drive-thru window, not to mention the top-notch location!

Valentine’s Day must have been on our buyer’s minds, because this listing for an upscale restaurant for sale was popular last month. Not only is this beauty located in the Sunshine State, but the landlord pays for ALL the building maintenance!

This Greek restaurant for sale on Las Olas garnered the attention of lots of potential buyers! Not only is the build-out flawless, but it also features a 4COP liquor license with a value of almost $150,000.  Restaurant for Sale on Las Olas Blvd. includes 4COP Liquor LicenseSpeaking of liquor licenses, this bar for sale also made the top 10! When buyers see a 100-seat bar for sale with a lease rate that includes utilities, it’s no wonder this piqued their interest!

Rounding out the February 10 most popular restaurants for sale is this restaurant space for sale in Austin. After a $50,000 price reduction, buyers saw that they could steal this one for less than $50,000, AND it’s located in booming north Austin!

There you have it, these were the 10 most loved restaurants for sale on the We Sell Restaurants restaurants for sale website in February. Ready to buy a restaurant for sale for yourself? Click on the link below to be taken to our restaurants for sale website. Thinking now is the time to sell your restaurant? The Restaurant Brokers can help with that, too! Click here to find out more about listing your restaurant for sale!Restaurants for Sale

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Tips for business owners asking the question, “How do I list my restaurant for sale?”

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Mar 8, 2018 3:19:38 PM

Restaurant owners across the country may be wondering whether they should sell or wait to sell their business. The answer depends on whether you have the skill and services of a professional restaurant broker working on your behalf. What does a professional restaurant broker do? He markets and promotes your listing to a database of prospects and seeks new buyers. He makes sure that anyone looking at your restaurant for sale meets the criteria to purchase by having available funds or equity. He ensures that your restaurant for sale name is not disclosed until a confidentiality agreement is in place.

Capture-27.jpgWhile “for sale by owner” is a tactic sometimes used in residential listings, it is not advised for when you are ready to list your restaurant for sale. Before you make the choice to sell single-handedly you should know this is a perilous process. The case for using an experienced restaurant broker couldn’t be clearer and here’s why.

The favorite word in the English language is free and that’s what a seller experiences with the services of a broker. They do the work up front to package and market the restaurant for sale with no pay off until the closing takes place. Very few business models provide full value up front with no investment by the customer. Another reason to use a professional on the job is to make sure you’re getting the most money for your business. The standard method to value your restaurant for sale relies on knowledge and skills to take apart your profit and loss statement and re-state earnings to make sure you are compensated for every dollar of revenue. An expert restaurant broker does this for a living.

Buyers looking for a restaurant for sale have to be bound by confidentiality and the broker ensures this as well as pre-qualifying them to buy. Legal documents are standard parts of their packages that are tried and true to protect sellers from buyers that want to look without buying or out of curiosity. Inexperienced brokers and owners trying to sell on their own are often tempted by those with a good story to provide the address before they are fully qualified. For the experienced broker, “no” is a way of life and that protects your business from countless damage.

Describing a restaurant for sale in glowing terms and at the same time disguising its real name and address is the experienced restaurant broker’s forte. For the inexperienced, it’s a skill that takes time to develop and for the owner trying to get their restaurant for sale sold, it doesn’t make sense to try. The marketing team at restaurant brokerage firms can write headlines to drive responses and phrase the ad to generate leads. They are a whiz at generating activity on restaurant for sale listings. All of this is free of charge to the business owner looking to sell their restaurant for sale.

Unsuspecting sellers often rely on the World Wide Web to post their restaurant for sale. This great resource is often used by brokers but inexperienced owners may have a more difficult time sifting through the inquiries to determine which are “real” versus the work of those who may have less than honest intentions. They may receive multiple inquiries from those who insist they have a buyer or others requesting financial statements. Before they know it they find their restaurant for sale is the victim of financial identity theft. Few sellers realize how dangerous it is to put their financial information in the hands of others who may then borrow against your tax ID number or use a business’s identity to get a loan against future credit card payments.

These are only a few of the reasons that listing your restaurant for sale should always involve the help of an expert restaurant broker. A broker represents your interest and guards your business as if it’s his own until the new owner is in place.

Are you interested in listing your restaurant for sale? The expert restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants are ready to get your business sold. Check out our website,, or click the image below to receive a free valuation of your business.New Call-to-action

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3 Critical Points to Know About Landlords When Selling Your Restaurant

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Mar 3, 2018 4:43:20 PM

Planning to sell your restaurant? Have you already found a ready buyer? Before you get too excited, read what the restaurant brokers have learned over the years when it comes to landlords and lease assignments.

Critical Point # 1 – The Landlord is Not Your Friend – In fact, he’s now Your Enemy

In our book, Appetite for Acquisition, we devote an entire chapter to the premise that the landlord is not your friend. When you request a lease transfer however, you move into totally new waters. Not only is he not your friend; for most sellers, the landlord is now the enemy. Why is he the enemy? Think about the meaning of the term –

en●e●my (noun) a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

At the time you are trying to exit your lease, your landlord, the same guy you have seen every month for the last several years or called up to discuss business with a dozen times is now, actively opposed to that action. Why? It’s human nature. He knows you. He’s seen you pay your rent. You’re on the hook to him for a personal guarantee and guess what – you pay him. He’s not sure the other guy will. He now wants to keep you on that lease for as long as humanly possible. You need to be smart and engage in a strategy early to stay ahead of the landlord for the lease transfer.

Critical Point # 2 – Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

Landlords have office buildings full of legal staff and attorneys trying to figure out ways to protect their own self-interest. Just because your local rep is someone you know and like doesn’t mean he or she has anything to do with the transfer.

The landlord’s attorneys are fighting to retain you on the lease as a guarantor and fully liable, years after you leave the business. They are fighting to retain your security deposit. In some instances, they are fighting to keep from assigning the lease because it has a favorable term or rates remaining. Trying to negotiate for yourself against a pack of lawyers representing a landlord is like the old adage of bringing a ‘knife to a gun fight.” You need fire power. You need someone who will fight back for your best interest.

In most cases, the restaurant brokers are sad to tell you; that means you need to spend the money to get an attorney involved. If it costs you $3000 to get representation to fight back against a bully landlord on a personal guarantee, that is much cheaper than being on the hook for $300,000 if the person you assign the lease to goes belly up after two years.

Photographic Coffee Fact Facebook Post-1.pngCritical Point # 3 – Watch for Dirty Tricks

In the opinion of this restaurant broker, landlords are the spawn of the devil (just kidding – sort of). Landlords are now bringing on a whole new bag of dirty tricks on transfers. A lease transfer is a courtesy that we are now seeing landlords turn into profit centers. Assignment fees are sky rocketing from $1500 to $5000 per transaction. We have seen some language forcing a percentage of the sales price as a transfer fee (one client had to pay $18,000, a percentage of the sales price to transfer a lease). Many landlords won’t even do the assignment any more but pull out a “consent to assign form” which forces sellers or buyers to get the assignment drafted and have to hire an attorney. All of these dirty tricks are ways to drive up revenue for the landlord.

In many cases, they can charge what they want. Far too many sellers did not spend enough time on lease review before signing. They have agreed to terrible terms and/or payment of the landlord’s “reasonable” attorney fees without capping them. Now landlords are cashing in. They’ve figured out how to make all the money to pay those offices full of legal staff they need to fight you. Now a lease transfer document that takes ten minutes to prepare cost you $3500 to $5000 in attorney fees  to the landlord plus attorney fees on the other side to have someone protect your interest.

Recent other dirty tricks by landlords include keeping security deposits. For fifteen years we’ve seen virtually every lease assignment convey the rights to the seller’s deposit to the buyer. Then the buyer reimburses the seller at closing. Now, in alarming numbers, we’re seeing landlords demand new security deposits from buyers while making sellers fight them for return of the own.

Other dirty tricks – saying one thing and papering another. A recent transaction with a landlord in Atlanta turned up a lease assignment that bore no resemblance to the original deal terms. He delayed and delayed before providing the lease assignment at 5:36 PM on a Friday night for a Monday morning closing. He obviously didn’t think the restaurant brokers would read it over the weekend and catch his actions but he was wrong. Watch for late delivery of assignments and read them thoroughly before signing. If you need to postpone the closing, then do it. It’s too important to just accept what landlords give you.

Another recent dirty trick.  A landlord trying to collect fees from a prior assignment at a new closing. We recently did a deal with Weingarten and the prior assignment fee was unpaid. It was owed by the prior assignor. Did the current Assignor or Assignee have anything to do with the last fee? No. Of course not. Did the landlord try to hold up the transfer to get the fee? They certainly did. It took an attorney telling them they had no legal right to do so to back them down.

Selling your restaurant is an exciting time in your life. Be extra cautious in dealing with your landlord to be sure it does not turn into a long term nightmare that costs too much and leaves you with lingering liability for a lease.

Do you have stories of dirty tricks by landlords?  Reply to our blog posting. 


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Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum has sold another franchise for sale. Most recently, Penn Station East Coast Subs in Atlanta, Georgia!

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 22, 2018 4:58:19 PM

Penn Station East Coast Subs was founded nearly 33 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio, and since it began offering its name as a franchise for sale has expanded to close to 300 locations throughout 15 states in the country. Wondering why “East Coast” is featured in the brand name? In the 80’s when the founder made a trip to Philadelphia Pennsylvania he got his hands on – you guessed it – one of the cities world-famous cheese steaks! It was love at first bite and he took the concept back home to Ohio and began selling his take on the classic out of his own deli. Just as it was in Philadelphia, it was a success in Ohio. So much of a success that he started Penn Station East Coast Subs in 1985.

The Penn Station East Coast subs that was listed by the Restaurant Brokers as a franchise for sale is the sole Atlanta location for the brand. The original owner, Joe Quattro, operated this location for three years before calling upon We Sell Restaurants to list his franchise for sale. Any time we have a franchise

Photo Background Typographic Camera Day Social Media.png

 for sale it garners the attention from numerous buyers, and this franchise for sale was no exception. Nearly 60 buyers contacted us expressing interest in this franchise for sale!

In the end, Shiraz Surani came out on top and scooped up this franchise for sale in Atlanta. Originally, Surani was interested in a coffee shop or restaurant for sale, but when he saw the numbers this franchise for sale was doing and the location it was in, he knew it was too good of a deal to pass up! Not only was he scoring an open and operating franchise for sale saving him thousands on a build-out, he was also getting everything that comes with purchasing an existing franchise for sale – in this case that was dozens of positive online reviews, an unheard of low royalty percentage, and training from the seller and the corporate office!

If you are in the market to buy a franchise for sale, click the link below to see all the franchise for sale listings that We Sell Restaurants has to offer across the country. Do you currently own a franchise that you are ready to sell? The Restaurant Brokers have you covered! Give us a call today at 404-800-6700 to speak to one of our customer service representatives about what our Restaurant Brokers can do to help you get your franchise for sale sold! Who knows, maybe your franchise for sale will be the next business showing up on our sold list – and we may be writing about you!

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Restaurant Broker Dave Duce Sells Neighbor's Kitchen

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 4, 2018 10:01:43 AM

One of the first restaurant for sale transactions closed in the New Year by We Sell Restaurants was in Austin Texas. Neighbor’s Kitchen, a full service iconic store in a gorgeous landmark location is now under new ownership. The buyer, Thomas Dickey is an Austin native excited to acquire this full service iconic store featuring both multiple patios and live music.

The Neighbor’s Kitchen has a huge physical plant, with a series of decks and extensive grounds going down to a river. It is in the lifeblood of an historic town, a fast-growing bedroom community of Austin that is the tenth fastest-growing city in Texas. All of these were reasons for this restaurant buyer to make a decision to buy the restaurant which was on the market and viewed by a number of buyers.

The sellers were a partnership and were ready for a new opportunity. Their highly successful business was operated on an absentee basis and delivering a strong return. The live music scene in Austin Texas is booming and this location brings in local and regional bands to play on two different stages.

The river setting, live music, and good food were all part of the reasons this location offered by Certified Restaurant Broker Dave Duce was a hot listing.  Online reviews for the business number in the hundreds. Their online fans say,

“Great food! Friendly staff! Great atmosphere! Unique and one of a kind place. Love the options for live music and the local and national talent they bring in.”

“Great location and setting. Super friendly staff and delicious food. My second time coming here and my family and friends all love it too.”

“Love it. Love the atmosphere (apparently it's a rather ancient--for the Americas--building, one o

f several moved to this area) and the food doesn't disappoint. I love IPAs and they've got two (though I need to call Bell's about their Two-hearted...I just don't know if that's an IPA...), including Stash, and a handful of other craft and local beers. Plus the usual suspects. Great, friendly staff and nice indoor and outdoor seating options. Over the years I've watched football here and brought the family, met with friends and just hung out solo chatting with strangers. It's good for all of that. :)”

With these types of reviews, it’s no wonder the buyer plans to keep the concept the same. He will be hands on in the business and looks forward to interacting with customers.

For information on selling your restaurant, click the image below.

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Business Sales Score Record High in 2017

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jan 26, 2018 9:38:16 AM

BizBuySell has released the latest data on Small Business transactions and the Restaurant Brokers were right when we predicted strong growth last year at this time. Small business confidence, an amazing stock market trajectory and consumer confidence are all combining to create a buying frenzy for small business sales.

What does the national data say?  The largest listing website just released year end data.  The company tracking transaction data provided on a voluntary basis by business brokers says it was a breakout year.  For 2017, BizBuySell reported 9,919 closed transactions compared to 7,842 in 2016, a huge 27 percent year-over-year increase.

How big was that in a historical context?  This rate of transactions was the largest captured since 2013. It wasn’t just the count of businesses and restaurants sold that grew. Asking prices also grew, jumping to an average 11 percent ahead of the prior year at an average of $250,000.  The site also captured increases in revenue of nearly six percent on sold businesses and cash flow growth of almost 7 percent.

Franchise resales, a specialty of the Restaurant Brokers at We Sell Restaurants had a 45 percent growth in 2017 compared to the prior year based on the BizBuySell data.  Franchise resales also demonstrated revenue growth of 22 percent over the prior year and cash flow up by 8 percent. How did that play out in sales prices for franchises for sale like the ones represented by the restaurant brokers?  How about a twenty percent hike in the final sales price or an average of $210,000 in this booming market?   

By sector, restaurants for sale had an amazing showing with 1894 restaurants sold along with 300 bars and another 727 in the "other eating and drinking" category.  That was a total of 2,921 units out of the 9,919 sold or 29 percent of the total sales reported by the industry.  .

In viewing this against the restaurant broker’s numbers, we met or exceeded the same numbers with transactions up over thirty percent for the year.  Selling prices were ahead by 23.5% and the number of days that listings were on the market went down.  Robin Gagnon, co-founder of We Sell Restaurants, predicts that 2018 will outpace these results.  “Last year was a precursor to a banner 2018.  When we predicted record growth last January, the stock market was just beginning to take off, small business confidence, and consumer confidence were improving but not yet stellar and the tax bill looked like a long shot.  For this year, we have unprecedented growth in the market, combined with baby boomers who have been sidelined waiting for a good economy.  Pair that with the impact of money flowing into the economy from the impact of the tax bill and 2018 will be the year for selling your restaurant.”

Eric Gagnon, President of We Sell Restaurants echoes these thoughts but cautions, “Though we anticipate a very strong 2018, that doesn’t mean sellers can hike prices or take their eye off internal sales growth.  The listings moving the fastest, are still though with the best numbers and strongest books and records.”

For a full and confidential valuation of your restaurant for sale, reach out to the restaurant brokers at this link or click the button below.

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Numbers Don’t Lie – Now is a great time to Buy or Sell a Restaurant

Posted by Steve Weinbaum on Jan 12, 2018 4:11:10 PM, the Internet's largest business-for-sale marketplace, reported a record number of businesses changing hands in 2017. Looking into specific industries, the restaurant sector experienced major growth in the second quarter. The number of closed restaurant transactions increased 34 percent year-over-year, and the median sale price jumped from $165,000 to $195,000. Improving financials likely contributed to higher sale prices. The median revenue of restaurants nationwide increased 7 percent year-over-year from $504,500 to $540,000, while cash flows increased 2 percent to $100,000.

Great time to buy o rsell.pngDespite higher asking prices, sales are closing at a faster pace. In the second quarter, the median days on market stood at 168, marking a 5.6 percent decline year-over-year from 178 days. Franchises are also increasingly seen as desirable acquisition targets. Established operating franchises for sale comprised 7 percent of active listings and 9 percent of closed deals in the second quarter of 2017. In addition, the median sale price of franchise businesses in the second quarter was $232,500, slightly higher than the median $229,000 for all transactions.

So what do all these numbers and data points mean to you? Whether you currently own an independent or franchised restaurant…or are considering a move into this arena…NOW IS A GREAT TIME! The combination of increasing revenue, increasing cash flow and fewer days on the market all point to a trend that profitable restaurants and franchises are a solid short and long term investment. In the short term a buyer can be confident of sustainable, and likely increasing, revenue and income. In the long term asset values should grow to protect your initial investment.

Buying an existing restaurant, independent or franchised, takes much of the risk and guess work out of the process. With longevity, verifiable financials, and a negotiated lease in place, restaurant buyers/sellers can expect the purchase price to be somewhere between two to three times ODE (Owner Discretionary Earnings). Buying an existing restaurant is safer because you have an existing customer base. By knowing the sales and cash flow, you can determine the cash flow YOU NEED and shop for a restaurant that is currently generating the required earnings. Then you take your experience and motivation to grow it to the next level.

If you currently own a restaurant or are thinking about buying one, The Restaurant Brokers at We Sell Restaurants are here to answer your questions and assist. We are the Nation’s largest Restaurant Brokerage Group and pride ourselves on our level of service and results. All conversations as well as our listing strategies are done to protect the confidentiality of our clients. Please contact us at 1-888-814-8226 or click this link to have a Restaurant valuation performed at no cost or obligation. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn what your restaurant is worth.


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Restaurant Broker John Kesterson has closed another Pizza Restaurant for Sale Deal

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jan 9, 2018 7:29:21 AM

Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza in Elizabeth is the most recent of Restaurant Broker John Kesterson’s pizza restaurant for sale listings to land on the SOLD list. Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza has been satisfying hungry Coloradans for the past 16 years at their East Kiowa Avenue location. The location is great - within close proximity to other restaurants, a liquor store and a grocery store. Pizza restaurant for sale listings are a hot topic – this one in particular had dozens of inquiries and sold in four months.


David Ehlen of Colorado Springs is the new owner of Buzzard’s big Mouth Pizza in Elizabeth, which is the most populous town in Elbert County. Ehlen has several years of experience in the industry and is currently also a multi-unit Jamba Juice franchisee.

Perry Buswell is the previous owner of this pizza restaurant for sale, having owned the business for six years. Before Buswell purchased the pizza restaurant for sale in 2011 it had been operated by another owner for 10 years. When Buswell decided he was ready to list the pizza restaurant for sale, he enlisted the help of Colorado Restaurant Broker John Kesterson. Kesterson knew he would sell the business in no time thanks to the excellent sales figures the dining establishment has seen over the years, as well as the a-plus online reviews that include:

  • “The pizza is probably the best I've had in the state!”
  • “Great Pizza and Calzone. Definitely coming back here. The place was packed on a Monday night at 6 PM.”
  • “This place was awesome! The service & the pizza was wonderful!”
  • “My husband and I ate here for the first time last night and we were pleasantly surprised.”

Are you on the hunt for a pizza restaurant for sale? Click on the link to be taken to our pizza restaurant for sale listings all across the country, and check out all of the listings We Sell Restaurants has to offer.

If you would like one of expert Restaurant Brokers to get your pizza restaurant for sale sold, give us a call at (888) 814-8226, or click here for a free valuation of your business.Restaurants for Sale

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Reasons You May Not Be Ready to Buy a Restaurant

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jan 5, 2018 12:19:27 PM


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Another Firehouse Subs franchise for sale is now Sold in Louisville, Kentucky

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Dec 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Restaurant Brokers Robin Gagnon and Dominique Maddox know a thing or two about how to get a franchise for sale sold!  The two recently partnered on this transaction.  Their latest  Firehouse Subs franchise for sale listing is now under new ownership in Louisville, Kentucky. This unit was officially off the market on December 1, a great way for all parties involved to kick off the month!

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The seller, Jeff Taylor is a full-time fire fighter who opened this Firehouse Subs franchise for sale location with his wife in 2015.  After two years of successful operation, the Taylor’s decided they were ready to retire. They proceeded to list their Firehouse franchise for sale on their own, and shortly after Dominique contacted them and offered his service and experience to sell their restaurant.  Two months after the Taylors listed their franchise for sale with We Sell Restaurants, they were presented with a purchase agreement.

This franchise for sale garnered the attention of nearly two dozen interested parties.  When all was said and done, the buyer who ended up taking this franchise for sale off of the market was Rahul Lohar who was represented by Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon.  Before Lohar could officially take the reins as the new owner operator he had to complete seven weeks of training in a Firehouse restaurant, and another week of training at the Firehouse headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. After his extensive training, he was all set to take over his recently purchased franchise for sale!

"Firehouse Subs franchise for sale opportunties are very popular listings," says restaurant broker Robin Gagnon, "a well-known brand with more than a thousand units, a proven concept and outstanding training; these are all reasons our restaurant buyers focus on these restaurants for sale."  Firehouse Subs opened its first location in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Founded by two former fire fighters almost 25 years ago the brand has grown into having nearly 1,100 restaurants across the country, as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. This award-winning company has a huge focus on community involvement and has donated over $24 million through its Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation since founding the charity in 2005.

Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox is no stranger to getting a franchise for sale sold – this marked his seventh franchise transaction in 2017! If you are ready to list your franchise for sale, the Restaurant Brokers can provide a no obligation valuation along with counseling on how to get the best pricing and sell in the shortest period of time.  We Sell Restaurants can be found online at or by phone toll free at 1 888 814 8226.  Click here for a free valuation of your business.

If you’re interested in purchasing a franchise for sale, the restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants have over 300 listings across 42 states posted on our website, We are posting new franchise for sale listings every day!

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