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November 6, 2015 – Next week, restaurant brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon are talking with former contestants on the hit Fox Television show Hell’s Kitchen. They are joined by Richard Mancini winner of the first season, Robyn Almodovar from season 10, and Frank Bilotti from Season 13 of this hit TV show hosted by Chef Gordan Ramsey!    
What is it really like in Hell’s Kitchen? What do you need to survive the heat of Chef Ramsey’s temper?  The restaurant brokers get personal with these contestants that found themselves on the wrong end of a dish served at less than perfection!  They have faced off with Chef Ramsey and lost or won on national TV!  What do you need to land a slot or even win on Hell’s Kitchen?  Richard Mancini, winner of season one says you need “Three things, ego, craziness and know how to cook.”  How’s the competition?  Robyn Almodovar, a fan favorite from season 10 says she had to “beat 100,000 people to get on the show.”
The challenges, according to these three feisty guests are both on and off camera where they reveal that being ‘locked in a dormitory with 19 people” presents its own set of opportunities. We asked how our guests prepared themselves for the show and one of this season’s competitors, Frank Bilotti, said “It’s about pushing yourself to the limit and stepping out of your realm.”
The question on everyone’s mind however is about Chef Gordan Ramsey. His reputation for pushing chefs to deliver their best is well known in the industry. What’s he like outside the kitchen?  Chef Robyn Almodovar says “Outside the kitchen he’s a crusty marshmallow.”
Join the restaurant brokers if you have every wondered what it means to your career to make it to national television. These guests talk about life before and after Hell’s Kitchen. They offer advice for would be contestants and revel how their lives were changed by this experience.
Listen in as our guest’s give us the inside scoop on what it’s really like in Hell’s Kitchen. Listen to the entire restaurant radio show on GLN the Good Living Network next week, Monday at 2pm EST and Tuesday at 9PM EST.
This Week’s Guests:
Chef Richard Mancini, Season 1
Chef Richard Mancini is quite at home in the kitchen. He has been chef to a host of stars including the Rolling Stones, U2, INXS, the crew of Air force 1, the movie crews for Chain Reaction, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and more. Chef Rich has appeared on prestigious cooking shows as well.  He was on Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell where he won the title in Season 1 was most recently on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. After an 11-year stint as an acclaimed restaurant owner, Chef Rich is getting back to what fills his heart… catering to people directly. Whether its an in-home gathering, catering or a corporate party, the service is sure to satisfy with Chef Rich in the kitchen.
Robyn Almadovar, Season 10
Chef Robyn Almodovar grew up in Staten Island, New York, the youngest of her mother’s children. Coming from a half Puerto Rican, half Italian background her childhood was filled with culture, vibrancy, and a deeply ingrained passion for food. At 23, Robyn started a new venture to become a cosmetologist and enrolled at Roffler & Muller Cosmetology School but it was not long before the culinary sirens call lured her back to the kitchen and Robyn decided to finally follow her heart. Robyn has worked at several respectable restaurants in South Florida including The Forge and Danny Devito's before obtaining an Executive Sous Chef position at the Royal Palm Hotel. After working at the Royal Palm for almost a year, Robyn felt she was missing that HEAT in the kitchen again. She decided to part ways and started her own venture by purchasing a 24’ mobile café (food truck). That’s when “Palate Party” was born. Chef Robyn Almodovar is raising the bar. She is a Culinary ARTIST. She uses her passion and prepares each dish with LOVE.
Frank Bilotti, Season 13 
Frank, a native son who hails from Grant City, is an executive chef from Staten Island, New York. His signature dish is Filet Mignon Bordelaise with Shallot Fig Chutney and Gremolata. Frank graduated from the ‘Johnson and Wales University’ with an Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S), Culinary Arts/Chef Training and has been a master creator ever since! He has been the Executive Chef for ‘Bin 5 Restaurant’ as well as ‘Casa Belvedere’.

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