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Top Ten Restaurants for Sale in January - We Sell Restaurants

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 1, 2019 5:21:47 PM

The month of January was off the chart with activity, signed confidentiality agreements and buyers seeking new locations.  Forget the government shutdown, our buyers didn't stop for a second.  Lots of deals went into contract and to the closing table. 

What were the most popular restaurants for sale this month?  The warm beaches of Delray Beach and Sunrise Florida rose to the top as our buyers looked south in the face of the big chill.  We gauge the hottest listings by the number of signed confidentiality agreements, phone and text activity as well as inquiries from online websites.  Here's the list ranked from highest to lowest. 

Three of the top five restaurants for sale were in sunny south Florida.  The number one listing for the month was a sports bar in Delray Beach.  Priced to move at $249,000, this has a long-term lease with reasonable rent.  Our buyers are still considering whether to place an offer on this one. 

Listing ID:6525 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Sports Bar for Sale in Delray Beach is Looking for New Owner
Lease: five years plus two five year option
Monthly Rent: $4873
Inside Sq. Ft. 2259
Outside Sq. Ft. 2000

City:Delray Beach

Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

The second most popular listing was also in Florida.  This was a restaurant space for lease offered by Ken Eisenband in our south Florida office.  The easily managed space is only 1,400 square feet and with monthly rent at just $4445, this one is a great opportunity for those ready to do their own concept. 

Listing ID:6538 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Restaurant for Lease in Sunrise, Florida – Publix Anchored Center
Lease: Negotiable
Monthly Rent: $4443
Inside Sq. Ft. 1400
Outside Sq. Ft.


Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

One of our most popular restaurant for sale types is always an office cafeteria. We call this, "the restaurant business with banker's hours."  This hot new listing by Steve Weinbaum offers six figure earnings on limited hours.  That combination of high earnings with no nights or weekends had buyers calling, texting and signing up online for more information.  

Listing ID:6542 Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum    
Highly Profitable Office Cafe - Atlanta - Limited Hours Earning Six Figures!
Lease: 2+ years remain plus 3-year option to renew
Monthly Rent: $0
Inside Sq. Ft. 2013
Outside Sq. Ft. n/a


Steve Weinbaum
(770) 714-4552

Ken Eisenband's team in South Florida continued to dominate the top ten with a Food Court Restaurant for sale.  This location, which is just around 1000 square feet is profitable and easy to operate.  It's no wonder it was causing the phone to ring!
Listing ID:6497 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Restaurant for Sale in Food Court South Florida
Lease: Expires April 30, 2019 - Negotiable Option
Monthly Rent: $4500
Inside Sq. Ft. 1050
Outside Sq. Ft.


Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

Another new listing - a cafe for sale in Alpharetta had Eric Gagnon fielding multiple calls and offers.  The North Fulton market features high income households amidst a thriving retail environment.  Offered at just $125,000, this cafe for sale got not only phone calls and looks but multiple offers in the first few days on market. 
Listing ID:6447 Restaurant Broker Eric Gagnon    
Cafe for Sale in Alpharetta doing $55,000 a Month in Sales! Winner!
Lease: Valid thru 2022, plus 2 - 5-year options
Monthly Rent: $5500
Inside Sq. Ft. 2700
Outside Sq. Ft.


Eric Gagnon
(404) 800-6704

Restaurant buyers with a sweet tooth were all about this donut shop for sale in Colorado.  A landlord ready to extend the lease and a entry level price point had a lot of buyers reaching out to Colorado Restaurant Broker Bob Steinberger on a deal.
Listing ID:6226 Restaurant Broker Bob Steinberger    
Profitable Donut Shop for Sale In Colorado Springs is Priced to Sell!
Lease: 3 years left - landlord will extend.
Monthly Rent: $2037
Inside Sq. Ft. 1900
Outside Sq. Ft. 200

City:Colorado Springs

Bob Steinberger
(303) 901-4938

Minnesota might have gotten the frozen temperatures but buyers were red hot this month.  A three store package of franchises for sale with sales over $1.4 Million brought Scott Ruby into the mix for the month.  Priced to move, these stores are ready for a new owner today! 
Listing ID:6423 Restaurant Broker Scott Ruby    
Three Sandwich Franchises for Sale in Minnesota - Sales over $1.4 Million!
Lease: Dec 2019 2 Options | March 2021 2 Options | May 2022
Monthly Rent: $5375 | 3554 | 4947
Inside Sq. Ft. 1586 | 1360 | 1262
Outside Sq. Ft. 6 seats | 6 seats | 0 seats
Scott Ruby
(612) 352-8718

Overall, the month was jumping with activity and the top ten restaurants for sale got more looks, click, calls and confidentiality agreements than we have seen in recent time!  The cold didn't stop these red hot deals from moving forward.  What's in the future?  We see continued strong interest in the market.  Many deals are closing on restaurants for sale with the temporary life on the government shutdown and SBA lending back in full force. 

Want more information on these restaurants for sale or access to our latest listing?  Follow this link.  

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