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Restaurant Brokers Ask...What's Under the Bun?

Posted by WSR Operations on Jan 7, 2015 5:48:33 PM

January 10, 2015 –  The restaurant brokers are going “under the bun!" on their weekly radio show as they speak with national experts on burgers. We are exploring beyond the basic burger to understand why this iconic American food just keeps on growing. Fast casual leaders, fast food giants and great chefs keep delivering more twists on this all American Classic. Join us as we talk to those that can explain the public's fascination with and insatiable appetite for the burger.
We interviewed three guests who are the top experts on burgers. Learn about what makes a “better burger” and why eating burgers are a true experience. George Frangos, of Farm Burger explains the importance of farm to table and difference in taste between grass-fed and grain-feed beef.
These experts describe why fresh ingredients mean so much to capture the taste of the burger. These tactics keep their hungry customers coming back for more. Join the restaurant brokers when John Adbo asks us “Where do you place your cheese? On top or bottom of the patty?” Is this question really a conspiracy or is their scientific research that makes a true difference?
Listen in as our guests discuss what is the proper way to eat your burger? Tune into the entire restaurant radio show live on Atlanta radio station WGKA 920 TheAnswer on Saturday at noon or the rebroadcast Sunday at 1 PM on Biz 1190.
This Week’s Guests:
John Abdo – My Burger USA
The President/CEO of My Burger USA, Inc. He has been “Chief Burger Enthusiast” at My Burger since 2006, after taking over operations of his parents’ lunch-time burger joint upon graduating from the Univer
sity of Notre Dame. Working to refine his family’s burger business model, he knew he had to start from the ground up and learn every angle of running the restaurant. After 5 years, it was time to expand the 
 brand, and John opened the second My Burger restaurant in Minneapolis, MN in 2011, with the thought of capturing the Midwest better-burger market. Currently, he oversees all aspects of the small chain, and is looking towards building a formidable, sustainable and successful burger business in the Midwest US.
George Frangos – Farm Burger
 He is a restaurateur that brought an immense amount of restaurant industry knowledge to the success of opening Farm Burger, having previously worked as a part of the Concentrics Hospitality Group management team and as owner/ operator of Victory 96 State Street in Portsmouth, NH. Through years spent at two of the nation’s first and finest locavore restaurants, Peter Hoffman’s Manhattan institution, Savoy, and Nora Poullon’s Restaurant Nora in Washington, D.C., Frangos developed a commitment to seasonality and sustainability since the restaurant opened. 
David “Rev” Ciancio – Schweid and Sons

David “Rev” Ciancio, is a senior creative professional with 19 years of experience in marketing and business development. Currently Rev is the Director of Marketing for Burger Maker, a family owned and operated gourmet ground beef processor located in Carlstadt, NJ. Burger Maker's high quality ground beef can be found in grocery stores and restaurants under the brand name "Schweid & Sons," which Rev helped to create and launch. His role is to take his passion for hamburgers and match it with his years of experience in branding and hospitality marketing. Restaurants like Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Fuddruckers, BurgerFi and Tasty Burger use Schweid & Sons ground beef.

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