Turnkey Franchising: Starting Your Business with Minimal Effort

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Dec 16, 2021 1:19:04 PM


Typically, when you decide to turn your dreams of business ownership into reality, it will take time to establish yourself. Experts agree that a reasonable timeline for opening is about a year, dependent, of course, on the industry, build-out, financing, paperwork, etc. However, if you are looking to invest in an opportunity that will start quickly, consider turnkey franchising.

Turnkey Franchising

Turnkey franchising is when you are provided everything you need to start the business. You pay the necessary fees to the franchisor, and simply and figuratively “turn the key” to open the door to your new business.

Depending on the brand, the concept means everything you need to get the business started — from the business model to the location, name, equipment, inventory, permits, systems, etc., are ready to go. Staffing may be the only thing you will have to do on your own; some franchisors will even do that for you. These are just some of the benefits of franchising.

Turnkey franchising is advantageous to a franchisee because the initial work has been done. Unlike a new business start-up, you don’t have the headaches and frustrations of learning a new industry, understanding the ins and outs like market research, determining your target audience, planning, paperwork, licensing, leasing, site selection, advertising, and financing. What’s expected of you is that you pay the necessary fees and royalties and operate under the franchisor’s proven model to effectively run the business. In turn, you benefit from a quick ramp-up, which means a great opportunity to be profitable faster.

A franchise will provide a complete and proven business model for your use. You benefit from partnering with an established brand and recognized brand name, tested and trusted products or services, and a potential built-in customer base. You are trained and coached through the setup of your franchise. You are given the tools to succeed, with marketing and ongoing support that may include websites and social media platform setups. Compared to starting an independent business from scratch, a turnkey franchise usually involves less startup time and less risk.

But research is still important. Understand the fees, your commitment, and your job in this transaction. Before you write the check for the initial franchise fee and sign the agreement, you have access to current franchisees to discuss whether or not they are pleased with their investment.

Bottom line, a turnkey franchise is ideal if you have the capital to invest in a particular brand without having the risk of building a business from scratch, which allows you more peace of mind.


Turnkey Franchising Opportunities Like We Sell Restaurants

We Sell Restaurants is a perfect example of turnkey franchising; you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. We are a business broker franchise specializing in buying and selling restaurants. As a franchisee, you own your own We Sell Restaurants franchise and broker to restaurant owners and buyers.

In true turnkey fashion, We Sell Restaurants has already done the heavy lifting by testing the process, development, marketing, and methods. We perfected a branded systemic franchise process for buying and selling restaurants that capitalizes on the demand for restaurant industry experts.

Ramp-up time is short, allowing you to get started building your business. The typical timeline from franchise agreement signing to opening your practice can be as short as 30 to 45 days. In that time, we onboard and train you thoroughly yet quickly, so you can launch your practice. Our training and support mean you are designated as a Certified Restaurants Broker, a credential respected and known in the industry for expert understanding in the practice of business brokerage.

The swift establishment of your brokerage means the potential for income is expeditious and favorable. Our franchise profitability shows the effectiveness of our business model. The median commission income in 2020 was more than $308,000, with nine transactions.

The opportunity is yours for an initial franchise fee of $40,000 for a single area. This is a true turnkey franchise — a low-cost investment that provides flexibility, a quick ramp-up, and a proven concept.

We Sell Restaurants does not require a costly office lease or build-out. This is a home-based franchise, with regular business hours affording you a great work-life balance. Work from home or wherever there is a trusted internet connection.

Are you ready to turn the key to unlock this business ownership opportunity with We Sell Restaurants? Request info, and let’s get the conversation started.

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