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“I was trying to find the best fit for me to continue to be successful in something I would enjoy.

According to these 2021 Career Statistics, a person is estimated to work 12 jobs throughout their lifetime. The frequency for a job or career change is usually triggered by a need for greater work-life balance. Other times it is changed goals, salary ambition, or distaste for a person’s current role that prompts the move. Whichever the reason, a person is statistically expected to develop new goals and chase different dreams more than once in their lifetime. For a restaurant broker, we most often see a desire for improved work-life balance bring candidates to the business.

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Jeff Marcus from We Sell Restaurants North Colorado is just one example of someone who found the We Sell Restaurants Franchise and knew becoming a restaurant broker would be his next career path.

Like many of our other franchisees, Jeff had operated in restaurants as an employee, manager, and owner for several years before buying the franchise. Before he became a restaurant broker, he owned a third-party delivery service that worked directly with over 300 restaurants. Outside of the restaurant industry, he dedicated his time to serve as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. Let’s not forget to mention his role as a father, grandfather, and dedicated athlete.

“I was trying to find the best fit for me to continue to be successful in something I would enjoy,” Jeff shares of his thought process before becoming a restaurant broker.

With the perspective of a former volunteer firefighter, Jeff Marcus was also in search of something that would allow more time for his other passions in life. The restaurant broker career provided that opportunity.

He says of his firefighter career, “it was 15 years of a reality check of what is really important in life: Family, friends and doing what you’re passionate about because, in a blink, your life can change. Seeing that firsthand makes a person think.”

One of Jeff’s passions is coaching high school cross country and track. Sure, that’s great, but—what does that have to do with being a restaurant broker? The two occupations are driven by the same focus: help people achieve their dreams.

“It’s about helping them believe what is possible not only in running but in everything they set out to do,” restaurant broker Jeff Marcus says of coaching.

Likewise, he describes that his favorite part of being a restaurant broker is “the process of helping a buyer find their dream.”

In competitive running and restaurant selling, Jeff Marcus empowers others to work for their goals and accomplish their dreams. At the end of the day, Jeff always circles back to “the important things in life.” On the track, he sees young athletes succeed. At home, he enjoys valuable time with family. With Restaurant Broker training from We Sell Restaurants, Jeff Marcus helps buyers and sellers reach their goals.

On the topic of circling back, Jeff Marcus has even sold a restaurant to the parent of one of his high school athletes. This athlete also happened to win the state championship that year. Talk about a win-win! Dedication is the buzzword when it comes to being a coach, and it rings true for being a restaurant broker, too.

“It takes a lot of dedication and daily work grind of calling potential buyers, sellers and working through the deals,” Jeff states about his restaurant broker practice, “this is the most important part and requires effort to make your business great.”

For those restaurant buyers and sellers wondering who to call, make sure you seek the advice and services of a restaurant broker. The truth is simple: a regular business broker will not provide you the same insight, dedication, and business excellence that a We Sell Restaurants Certified Restaurant Broker will. These brokers undergo the nation's only certification process dedicated to the training brokers in the sale of restaurants and food businesses.

For someone thinking about a new career, learn if a career as a restaurant broker could be for you.

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