Selling a Restaurant: Nora's Kitchen, FOOD, Keto Kitchen Confections

Posted by Robin Gagnon on May 17, 2024 4:51:50 PM


Every month, the expert restaurant brokers at We Sell Restaurants help numerous restaurant owners successfully sell their businesses. Whether you're considering selling your restaurant to retire, pursue a new venture, or relocate, the following stories of successful restaurant transactions will inspire and inform you. Our Certified Restaurant Brokers specialize in maximizing value and ensuring a smooth transition for both sellers and buyers in the competitive restaurant industry. Read the stories below where we highlight some of our favorite restaurant sales success stories from the past month!

9987 Noras kitchen

Nora's Kitchen
Matthews, NC

We've shared many stories of restaurant owners who have sold their business with us to retire or move on to a new adventure, but what about restaurant owners who aren't ready to retire? 

The owner of Nora's Kitchen also owns another restaurant in the area, but an upcoming move meant he might need to sell his businesses. He called Certified Restaurant Broker® Justin Scotto to discuss the situation.

Ultimately, the owner decided that he wanted to keep his other store and only sell one of the locations—Nora's Kitchen. They signed the listing agreement and Justin's team got to work. Nora's Kitchen sold in March 2024!


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Charleston, SC

FOOD was a beloved diner in the Charleston market known for its signature Cincinnati Chili. Pete, the owner, was proud of the legacy he created at the location. FOOD was the "go-to" spot and amassed a loyal following. Plus, Pete loved interacting with his customers and seeing the positive impact his business had on them. How could he sell a restaurant that meant so much to the community and that he loved so dearly?

Pete also owns and a catering business in North Charleston. While he loved FOOD, operating the catering company and the FOOD restaurant simply wasn't feasible any longer. That's why Pete started a conversation with Emily from We Sell Restaurants to see what could be done. 

Easing his fears, Emily and her team found a strong buyer who Pete could feel comfortable selling his beloved FOOD location to. The new owner, Chef Hara, promises to bring a fantastic new concept to the location for local customers to continue making positive memories. 

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Keto Kitchen Confections10190 Keto Kitchen Confections
Chandler, AZ

Leah and her husband wanted to move to Spain to be closer to family, but weren't sure if their niche bakery concept could sell, especially with its aged equipment and less-than-desirable strip mall location. 

In August of last year, Leah reached out to Certified Restaurant Broker® Mike Smith to see if it was possible to sell before their lease expired in April 2024. She told Mike, "I am just ready to move on", and Mike was ready to help her do just that.

Photo: Certified Restaurant Broker® Mike Smith (left) with Leah, the buyer, and Leah's husband.

KKC Celebration DinnerHe was able to extend the existing lease for another year, making the listing more attractive to potential buyers. Within a few months, Mike secured a cash offer for Keto Kitchen Confections and they closed the deal! Leah and her husband are now packing their bags and preparing for their move to Spain.

Photo: Leah and her husband celebrating the sale of their restaurant with a delicious steak dinner!


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Ever Wondered What Your Restaurant is Worth?

Even if you aren't quite ready to sell your business yet, knowing the value of your restaurant on the market today can help you prepare for a more successful exit. Use our Free Restaurant Valuation Calculator or connect with a Certified Restaurant Broker® near you to learn the value of your business on the market today. When the time is right, We Sell Restaurants has the tools and resources you need for the most efficient experience selling your restaurant!

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