Selling a Restaurant: Merlin's Pizza, The Southern General, Firehouse Subs

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From family-owned businesses to established restaurant franchises, restaurant owners from all walks of life call on We Sell Restaurants to help them sell their restaurants. Our Certified Restaurant Brokers enjoy the unique opportunity to work with these owners and help aspiring restaurateurs achieve their dreams of restaurant ownership.

Don't just take our word for it—browse the stories below to hear real stories from real restaurant owners who have recently sold their restaurants. These testimonials represent just a few of favorites, as We Sell Restaurants continues to sell more restaurants than anyone else—Period! 

9972 Merlins Pizza

Merlin's Pizza
Pensacola, FL

For many restaurant owners, the business is a family affair. What happens when the family is ready to step down from restaurant ownership? Restaurant owners like Rick from Merlin's Pizza call We Sell Restaurants to learn how they can successfully transition out of the business.

Rick and his father owned Merlin's Pizza for 24 years before deciding that it was time to exit the business. They operated two locations—one for dine-in and takeout, and one for third-party deliveries. 

While Rick would continue working elsewhere, his father was ready to sell the restaurant and fulfill his retirement plans. They called Jim Broscious from We Sell Restaurants for guidance through this process. After reviewing the valuation and discussing the details with Jim, this father-son duo was ready to move forward and sell the restaurant. 

Their listing attracted several qualified buyers thanks to solid financials and the We Sell Restaurants marketing processes. Ultimately, Rick and his father accepted an offer from a buyer who was leaving his job as a chemical engineer to become a restaurant owner!

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10244 The Southern GeneralThe Southern General
Charleston, SC

What's the difference between a Certified Restaurant Broker® and a business broker? Besides our specialization in only selling restaurants, our restaurant brokers have a pulse on the restaurant industry that other brokers lack. One way we do this is by maintaining an active role in the communities we serve. This is how restaurant owner Tim Erwin discovered We Sell Restaurants.

Tim first found Certified Restaurant Brokers Emily and Bernie in local restaurant groups on Facebook. When he decided the time was right for him to retire, Tim knew exactly who to call. He reached out to Emily and Bernie and The Southern General was sold in April of this year.

Tim said this of his experience with the Emily and Bernie:
"Joining forces with Bernie, Emily and their entire team at We Sell Restaurants is one of the smartest things you can possibly do to get the most out of the sale of your business. From start to finish they handled every curve ball with patience, precision and professionalism. And at the end of the day, we knocked it out of the park. I could have never done it without you. Thanks Gang!"

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Firehouse Subs9401 Firehouse Subs-2
Chandler, AZ

Scott & Elisa Friedman were on the search for a business broker who would understand their business and the restaurant industry. Here's what they had to say about their experience selling after finding Certified Restaurant Broker® Mike Smith:

"The closing of our two restaurant businesses occurred in February 2024. In looking back at selling our two restaurants, it was important to us that the broker needed to have business and restaurant experience to best represent our business. With Mike Smith, we were fortunate that Mike had both requisites for us to professionally and accurately sell our business.

This transaction in securing a qualified buyer, assisting in the valuating our business and then representing our interests throughout the process was amazing. Mike was curious and patient in learning about the business, why we had an interest in selling and to guide us through the process. Mike played a very active role in contributing to the success of the sale. Every step was covered from working with us as business owners, franchisor of the brand and the buyers to ensure all information was secured on a prompt and accurate basis.

The process took some time due to several circumstances, however, Mike continued to maintain a positive outlook, keep everyone informed, participated and contributed along the way. Mike was motivated and provided a positive and optimistic outlook, while keeping his eye on the end game for both seller and buyer.

I recommend Mike Smith to represent selling your business if the need comes along in the future. I thank Mike for his time, willingness to learn all about the business being sold, attention to detail, patience, and being an integral part of finalizing and closing the deal. Thank you Mike Smith!" - Scott & Elisa Friedman

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