Restaurant Brokers Join Rachel Ray from Food Network

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jan 16, 2011 5:06:00 PM

The Donna Show interview with Food Network's Rachel Ray was only part of the action this past Saturday show with Atlanta restaurant brokers from We Sell Restaurants.

This weekend's radio show was jam packed with news and information on the Atlanta restaurant scene along with an incredible interview with Rachel Ray from the Food Network.  Atlanta restaurant brokers, Eric and Robin Gagnon talked about the state of Georgia's unprecedented act to extend liquor licenses until February first.  That's right.  It's official  The state of Georgia for the first time we can remember in the history of the state is extending liquor licenses.  Was it the backlog?  The confusion and mixed messages depending on which clerk you talked to?  The winter storm which meant licenses didn't go out this week?  Was it the overall failure of the system to process applications they've had in hand for weeks?  We don't know but we've been hearing horror stories about trying to get licenses to pour.  Breath a sigh of relief, restaurants and bars have been granted a temporary stay by the state of Georgia.  We're told everyone was caught off guard by this announcement and restaurants are having to pull up the document to prove they're compliant for liquor suppliers to restock them.  You can catch the official word online at the Georgia Alcohol and Tobacco Division website. 

In addition the restaurant brokerage team shared stories of why it's ALWAYS best to use a broker to sell your restaurant. Some of the reasons include the lack of emotional connection by the broker to the deal and his ability to get your restaurant sale from offer to the closing table.  Did you know only 30% of all restaurants placed under contract close?  That's not the statistic at We Sell Restaurants where fully 90% of all listings that go under contract make it to the closing table creating a check for the owner.

Lastly, Eric and Robin shared some of the best deals on listings in the market right now.  Did you know there's an Atlanta nighclub on the market for $25,000?  How about a sports bar doing $700,000 in sales that's listed for only $99,000.  There are great deals in the marketplace if you're in the market to buy a restaurant.

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