Restaurant Brokers End Year on Dishing with Donna Radio Show

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Dec 17, 2010 4:53:00 PM

Atlanta Restaurant Brokers thank their customers, tips for saving on Christmas party expenses and a recap of the 2010 year in the Atlanta restaurant market. 

Thank you to the many people that have contributed to another great year at We Sell Restaurants.  That was the theme of today's radio show on AM920. Eric and Robin thanked Donna of the Dishing with Donna Show for another great year.  The team also thanked those Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit was not dampened by the ongoing recession but continued to push forward and seek their own success. 

Restaurant brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon of We Sell Restaurants also discussed the trends they noted in 2010. Trends in the market for the year included sales that grew healthier as the year progressed with third quarter sales twice as good as first and second.  In addition Atlanta saw it's share of burger centric restaurants launch here as well as across the country. 

Robin announces that Eric Gagnon has been elected President of the state's only association of business brokers that focus on selling businesses, the Georgia Association of Business Brokers.  This statewide organization focuses on education and ethics as its priority.

Eric reminded restaurant owners that it's not too late to salvage something from their business if they are thinking of closing down on December 31.  He recommended that anyone in this position still has time to call the team at We Sell Restaurants and offer their business for sale.

Lastly, the team provided tips to those looking to do their office Christmas party on a budget.  These include planning your event for a slower night of the week, such as Tuesday or Wednesday when you can often reserve the entire restaurant.  Another idea is to hold your holiday event as a lunch instead of a dinner event when you can get more for your money.  Lastly, don't forget catering inside your office as an opportunity to save some dollars and still provide a nice event

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