Restaurant Brokers on Radio Show Talk About Buyer Representation

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Oct 6, 2010 4:34:00 PM

Atlanta Restaurant Brokers We Sell Restaurants talk about representing buyers for another broker's listing.This is a winning strategy for Atlanta restaurant buyers.

A restaurant broker can represent you in dual agency in the state of Georgia, Atlanta Restaurant Brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon explain to the radio audience.  That doesn't mean they have to.  When a buyer finds a restaurant for sale on another broker's website, he's entitled to the best possible representation he or she can find.  In the case of restaurant brokerage, that means We Sell Restaurants.  By representing the buyer, he gets the experience, knowledge and background build from years of buying and selling restaurants.  These services are free to the buyer as commissions are normally paid by the seller.

Eric says, "Often buyers don't realize that we can help with someone else's listing. We can and often do represent buyers on only one side of the transaction.:

The restaurant brokerage duo also discussed Atlanta events they had been attending including the opening night at La Fourchette Bistro and Lounge that launched at 3133 Piedmont Road in Atlanta.  The restaurant is a wonderful fusion of french tradition paired with a totally modern vibe.  La Fourchette means "the fork" in French and though we definitely see this trending to a nightspot, the food is front and center.

They also shared the fun from the Grand Opening event at Douceur de France in their Roswell location at 1173 Alpharetta Road in Roswell.  An incredible tower of pasty was one of the stars of the event.  The structure which was crafted entirely from pastry creme puffs filled with delicious creme filling.  It was decorated by multiple french chefs and then cut apart and served at the end of the evening.

They also described the fun as the Atlanta Restaurant Brokerage firm hosted Zoetic, interpretive dance as part of FLUX 2010 at the We Sell Restaurants building in Castleberry Hill. Hundreds enjoyed the event.

The entire FLUX 2010 event was billed as "a night of art & arm wrestling, performance, outdoor films, escaped zebras, shipping containers, fireflies, dance, autograph signing, window washing, pate abatement, parades, projections and experimentation" and it definitely lived up to the hype.  Zoetic's performances titled Click wa

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