Where do you start in buying a restaurant? Restaurant Brokers Share the Secrets

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Apr 26, 2010 3:36:00 PM

How do you buy a restaurant?  Where do you find information on Atlanta restaurants for sale?  How do you start the search to buy a a restaurant?  Atlanta Restaurant Brokers are interviewed live on Atlanta radio and provide the answers.  

They are eager to explain that the best place to start is with an expert restaurant broker.  We Sell Restaurants is the industry leader in selling restaurants and food related businesses, franchise re-sales, and site location for the food service industry. We Sell Restaurants puts restaurant buyers and restaurant sellers together and can guide new buyers through the process.  By using the We Sell Restaurants Assessment Tool© you answer key questions before you begin. This important tool helps you shape your commitment of time and money before you get started.

They also reveal three things to prepare before you get started including:

The Restaurant Buyer's Financial
Many restaurant listings cannot be shared unless the buyer qualifies financially for both the purchase and the lease.

The Restaurant Buyers Credit Score
Just as you wouldn't go shopping for a home without pulling a credit report; do an upfront review before buying a restaurant.

If you plan to borrow money or use investor's money for the purchase of your restaurant, secure this ahead of time and set up a corporation where funds are deposited.


Here's the inside scoop by Atlanta restaurant brokers We Sell Restaurants.  Interview by Atlanta radio host Donna Rodriquez of the Dishing with Donna show AM920

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