Restaurant Broker Demonstrates the Waiter Wallet From Restaurant Show

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 10, 2013 3:20:00 PM

Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon from We Sell Restaurants was intrigued by the Waiter Wallet she discovered at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.  Watch as she demonstrates this new and improved way for servers to manage orders, money and more.

Waiter walletAccording to Robin Gagnon, "Here's one of the smartest things I saw at the National Restaurant Association show.  It's called the waiter wallet.  Not that nasty thing that waiters pull out of their pockets and have things falling out of it.  Instead you have a nice concise system.  All your specials go here.  You can download and customize your menu here. Put your dollars and those pesky credit cards that fall out in one place.  Smart Idea for restaurant owners."

This Waiter Wallet, according to their website is everything the restaurant broker described where they say, "No matter how organized of a waiter I was, holding everything I was challenged to carry was a tall order. Let's face it, a credit card presenter may be okay for presenting a check, but they are an organizational nightmare. Enter the Waiter Wallet™, the ultimate server book."

We agree that this is the ultimate server book and don't know why more restaurant owners aren't using this today to keep their wait staff streamlined, organized and efficient.

Here's a link to the company where you can check out ordering, costs, a video and more. 

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