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Restaurant Brokers Interview Restaurant Design Experts

Posted by Robin Gagnon on May 14, 2014 6:28:00 AM

The We Sell Restaurants radio show airs every Saturday at noon (12pm) in Atlanta on AM Talk 920 and Sunday at 1pm on BIZ 1190AM, (The Wall Street Journal Network) in the nation's 7th largest media market.  The goal of our how is to satisfy our listener's appetite for acquisition, feed the need for restaurant reality and serve up a recipe for busines success.

Restaurant design is a topic the Restaurant Brokers tackled with several industry experts from what are the secrets for designing a restaurant that will "WOW" to does it take a lot of money, a lot of imagination or a little (or LOT) or both?  What about the starting point for designing a restaurant?  And is it the front of the house, the back of the house or does it begin with the brand?

Industry experts joining the Restaurant Brokers to tackle these topics and more, are Joe Carbonara, Brent Bueche and Steve MacNeil...

Joe Carbonara is the editor in chief of Restaurant Development + Design Magazine, a two-year old publication for people who design, build, remodel and maintain restaurants.  In his role, Joe oversees the entire editorial process from concept to completion.  Restaurant Development + Design is a user-driven resource for restaurant professionals charged with building new locations and remodeling existing units.  The magazine helps facilitate a conversation and exchange of ideas among restaurant development executives at the corporate and franchisee levels, design consultants, construction providers and other integral players in the building and renovation pprocess.  Restaurant Development + Design provides a platform that allows these professional from divergent backgrounds to come together to share best practices, perspectives and experiences in the pursuit of developing solutions they can apply in building, maintenance and repairing of their various locations.  Restaurant Development + Design covers the trends and topics that are most essentiatl to the restaurant design and construction professional today.

Brent Bueche, President/CEO of BBI Architects, is a graduate of LSU and has been a licensed architect for over 24 years.  He is a nationally recognized authority on restaurant design, protoptype design and building program management.  he has experience in all types of design; including schools, offices, corporate headquarters, military facilities, testing labs, warehouses and assisted living facilities.  He has served on several boards and commissions in service to the community.  BBI Architects was founded in 2002 by Brent Bueche in Baton Rouge. Their priority is creating "Spaces that Work".  They have designed hundresed of restaurants for local, regional and national clients; including Chic-Fil-A Restaurants.

Steve MacNeil, co-owner of Nomas! Productions.  Steve is a visual artist and industrial designer with a degree in Fine Art from California State University of Long Beach.  He started Nomas! Productions in 1996 with his partner, Walt Bilinski, and has been involved in more than 100 different restaurant decor concepts since that time.  His project work includes the design of custom lighting, furniture, bar and accent pieces.

The Restaurant Brokers begin with Joe, who says the key to designing a succesful restaurant is to start with the brand and mind and work outward from there.  Steve, who often works with restauranteurs who are redecorating, says that it's importaing to consider function but that there must be that impressive "WOW" factor...make an impression.

And what common design mistakes?  All three experts agreed here - that lack of consistency is often the tendency.  Ensure continuity in the decor, in keeping with the overall theme and food style, etc. 

Design is vitally want to ensure your customers like the ambiance.  Why is this important you might ask, other than the obvious?  Well, according the Brent, who had great parting advice..."the longer they stay..the more they buy."  Obviously, depending upon the type of restaurant you have in mind, this bodes well for you and your wallet.

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