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Restaurant Brokers Interview Food Network Host - Buy This Restaurant

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Feb 6, 2014 5:05:00 PM

Restaurant brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon interview the host of Buy This Restaurant, the newest show on Food Network on their recent restaurant radio show.  The restaurant brokers are live on the air in Atlanta Georgia on Talk 920 and Biz 1190 each week.  

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What's the new Food Network show “Buy This Restaurant” about?  Well according to the press it's way for others to watch as aspiring restaurant owners take their first steps toward owning a launching a new restaurant business.

Keith Simpson, the show host of “Buy This Restaurant” told the restaurant brokers that he has has brokered businesses since 2006 and has pretty much been in the restaurant business his entire life.


Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Food Network says of the show, "Owning a restaurant is the new American dream and we wanted to capture the exiciting, yet crucial first stps of launching that dream into reality."  The show is based on finding the right place for business owners to buy a restaurant including background and budget and basic start-up structure. They look over restaurants and size then up as an empty shell that will turn into their dream business.

The show, Buy This Restaurant debuted on Food Network on February 5th at 9PM ET.  Keith says he was chosen for the show in part because of his background in the industry which began in the United Kingdom where he attended culinary school.  According to the restaurant brokers interview with Keith Simpson, he worked with none other than the Royal family in his role at a catering company in London that often served the wealthy patrons of high profile charities.  Some of those patrons included members of the Royal Family including the Queen Mother herself.  Simpson reveals that he and his wife even had tea with the Queen at one point in his career. 

The Food Network host migrated to the U.S. in 1996 and believes there is "greater opportunity" in American than in England and that America offers both restaurant owners and brokers to live their dreams.

What are the rookie buyer mistakes?  Well Eric, Robin and Keith - all of the restuarant brokers on today's show agree that capital is the biggest issue. The Food Network hosts says that he advises buyers to "start small and then take the next leap from there." He suggests that most should not dive in and buy a restaurant but should learning the stress of the business in someone else’s shoes to see if they even like it before they buy.

The full interview can be heard on the iTunes store at the restaurant brokers show link or also downloaded from their powerhouse restaurant for sale website, 

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