Best Restaurants for Sale - May of 2019

Posted by Robin Gagnon on Jun 3, 2019 9:33:15 AM

The month of May, 2019 has ended, and with it, the list of the best restaurants for sale is now available.  We Sell Restaurants tracks the most popular and thus, best restaurants for sale based on the online inquiries, the signed confidentiality agreements, traffic to our Certified Restaurant Brokers and phone calls to our corporate offices. 

With restaurants ranging from coast to coast and hundreds in our database to choose from, narrowing the range to the top ten is no easy task.  Here's what we found to be the best restaurants for sale, based on customer traffic, for this month. 

First on the list was a restaurant for sale in Boca Raton which is ready to convert to nearly any concept.  The ideal location in Florida home to no state income tax and a booming economy, drove the looks, likes, calls and inquiries.  Offered by Restaurant Broker, Ken Eisenband, it's listed at just $55,900 and is sure to find an owner quickly. 

Listing ID:6650 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Restaurant for Sale in Boca Raton, Florida - Can Convert to any Concept
Lease: Expires May 31, 2020; Option 5 years
Monthly Rent: $4688.73
Inside Sq. Ft. 1497
Outside Sq. Ft. 0

City:Boca Raton

Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

The second best restaurant for sale for the month, generating strong traffic and inquiries is a two-store franchise group in Metro Atlanta.  Two units with strong sales and earnings always generates traffic and these two franchises for sale were no exception.  The location, in Woodstock and Marietta Georgia, allows someone to leave the corporate world behind in taking over these open and operating locations. 
Listing ID:6647 Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox    
2-Store Package! Franchises For Sale in Metro Atlanta - National Brand
Lease: Lease Expires July 2019 plus 5 year option |
Monthly Rent: $4361.01,4225.68,
Inside Sq. Ft. 1876,1880,
Outside Sq. Ft. 200

City:Woodstock | Marietta

Dominique Maddox
(404) 993-4448

Coming into the top ten at number three for the best restaurants for sale in May was a University of Texas location offered by Dave Duce, Franchise Partner for We Sell Restaurants in Austin Texas.  Any time you combine college town with restaurant location, you have a built in audience.  The opportunity on this one at just under $90,000 is sure to be snapped up quickly.
Listing ID:6626 Restaurant Broker Dave Duce    
Highly Visible Restaurant for Sale right next to University of Texas!
Lease: expires August 2020
Monthly Rent: $6750
Inside Sq. Ft. 2000
Outside Sq. Ft. 250


Dave Duce
(512) 773-5272

Already in contract, the fourth most popular and best restaurant for sale this month is going, going, gone.  The fully equipped location in gorgeous Ponte Vedra Florida is ideal for any concept.  The new owner will have a great business on the beach in Ponte Vedra when he finalizes the transaction on one of the best restaurants for sale this month. 
Listing ID:6175 Restaurant Broker Eric Gagnon    
Restaurant for sale in gorgeous Ponte Vedra Beach - Fully Equipped!
Lease: expires January 2019 with three 3 year extensions available
Monthly Rent: $2400
Inside Sq. Ft. 1100
Outside Sq. Ft.

City:Ponte Vedra Beach

Eric Gagnon
(404) 800-6700

The state of Florida features not only sandy beaches, no state income tax and a business friendly climate.  Maybe that's why so many of the best restaurants for sale last month were in this state.  A charming Naples cafe offered by Franchise Partner of We Sell Restaurants, Dave Whitcomb made it to the top five with low monthly rent and a small quaint cafe location in downtown. 
Listing ID:6631 Restaurant Broker Dave Whitcomb    
Acquire this Charming Cafe for Sale in Downtown Naples, FL
Lease: Expires May 14 2023
Monthly Rent: $1913.00,
Inside Sq. Ft. 1200,
Outside Sq. Ft. approximately 20-24 seats


Dave Whitcomb
(239) 300-5041

Office building cafe locations in metro markets are always on the list of the best restaurants for sale, especially since they traditionally feature very low rental rates and minimal operating hours.  For high rise buildings in major metro areas, these are often subsidized by the landlord in return for offering this amenity to their tenants.  A two-store package priced to move by Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon made the top ten this month. 
Listing ID:6389 Restaurant Broker Robin Gagnon    
Two Office Building Cafe for Sale Units! Great Locations in Atlanta Metro.
Lease: Expires 2025
Monthly Rent: $3500
Inside Sq. Ft. 3617
Outside Sq. Ft.


Robin Gagnon
(404) 800-6700

More from the state of Florida where a Sports Bar for sale in Delray Beach caught the eye of many restaurant buyers.  A reasonable rent and ample outdoor space made this one of the best restaurants for sale this month.  
Listing ID:6525 Restaurant Broker Ken Eisenband    
Sports Bar for Sale in Delray Beach is Looking for New Owner
Lease: five years plus two five year option
Monthly Rent: $4873,
Inside Sq. Ft. 2250,
Outside Sq. Ft. 2000

City:Delray Beach

Ken Eisenband
(561) 350-3365

The best restaurants for sale would not be complete without Georgia appearing in the mix once again.  A fast casual wings and sandwich shop was driving views, clicks, calls and activities this month with Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum fielding many inquiries. 
Listing ID:6417 Restaurant Broker Steve Weinbaum    
Profitable Fast Casual Wings & Sandwich Restaurant for Sale in GA!
Lease: 2 1/2 Years left plus Option
Monthly Rent: $2190,
Inside Sq. Ft. 1300,
Outside Sq. Ft.

Steve Weinbaum 

(770) 714-4552

Florida dominated this month's report of the best restaurants for sale with a Plantation listing by Certified Restaurant Broker Rob Morrison getting strong interest   The fully equipped location he offers for sale is a small, easy to operate location at just 1,200 square feet and the monthly rent is under $3300. 
Listing ID:6479 Restaurant Broker Robert Morrison    
Fully Equipped Restaurant For Sale in Broward County, Florida - Can Convert
Lease: expires 2019 + two 5 year options
Monthly Rent: $3290
Inside Sq. Ft. 1200
Outside Sq. Ft. 0


Robert Morrison
(917) 499-5137

Charlotte North Carolina made it into the best restaurants for sale list for the month.  Franchise Partner Justin Scotto's listing for a bakery cafe for sale in the Queen City had buyers buzzing for more information.  Offers are pending on this one so we expect to see it off the market before long.  Move quickly if you are interested in this location. 
Listing ID:6642 Restaurant Broker Justin Scotto    
Massive Bakery Cafe for Sale in Charlotte, NC - Keep as is or Bring Concept!
Lease: 10 year term with 5 year option
Monthly Rent: $7000
Inside Sq. Ft. 4183
Outside Sq. Ft. 150


Justin Scotto
(704) 609-4460

Overall, the best restaurants for sale this month were strongly focused on Florida.  That could be the focus in other markets on getting children through the school year and kicking off vacations.  There is a seasonality to the sales cycle depending on where the business is located.  Florida, with its strong second home and older residents, peaks differently than other markets. 

For more information on the best restaurants for sale or any other listings, visit our full inventory of more than 300 restaurants for sale online at the link below. 

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