Restaurants for Sale: Holiday Season Success Stories

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In the midst of the holiday hustle, We Sell Restaurants had the pleasure of also celebrating more restaurant owners nationwide who successfully sold their businesses. With 2023 winding down, the buzz for the upcoming year is unmistakable, as a fresh wave of eager restaurateurs prepares to dive into the exciting world of restaurant ownership. Browse their stories below as we spotlight a selection of standout buyers and sellers who wrapped up their deals before the year's end. 

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9678 SubwaySubway
Mt Pleasant, SC
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Emily Benedict

"I highly recommend We Sell Restaurants of Charleston SC especially Emily, she is very knowledgeable professional and a very kind down to earth person. She keeps you updated and always has line of communication opened. She sold our Subway store this November 2023.
- Carmen, seller


Fat Cat Burgers + Bake Shop10095 Fat Cat Burgers and Bake Shop
Charlotte, NC
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Justin Scotto

"Justin got the job done well and painlessly.  I would recommend him and his team."
- Fran, seller

Pictured: Preston from Justin Scotto's team with the buyer and seller of Fat Cat Burgers + Bake Shop.


Talkin' Tacos9779 Talkin Tacos
Doral, FL
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Hannah Eisenband


Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Hannah Eisenband with the owner of Talkin' Tacos.


9678 SubwayClean Juice
Charleston, SC
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Emily Benedict

"You have been excellent to work with on this sale.  I know technically I was not your client, but I felt like you had both of our best interests at heart."
- Josh, buyer



Juice Kitchen 10374 Juice Kitchen
Coral Springs, FL
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Hannah Eisenband


Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Ken Eisenband with the buyers and sellers of Juice Kitchen. 


Miss Mamie's10454 Miss Mamies
Marietta, GA
Certified Restaurant Broker®: Jeff Heidt

"Throughout this process, Jeff has patiently answered all my questions and consistently provided explanations for every detail. He is truly exceptional.

Purchasing a business is a challenging endeavor on its own, but Jeff has made this journey easier with his helpful and professional demeanor. His supportive attitude has been a constant, and he has always been willing to assist. In every interaction, he has taken the time to clarify every aspect.

Buying from Jeff has been a delightful experience, thanks to his patience and dedication. His helpful and professional approach has made the otherwise daunting task of acquiring a business much more manageable. I am grateful for his assistance and the ease he has brought to this process."
- Tugba, buyer

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Jeff Heidt with the buyers an sellers of Miss Mamie's.

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These are just a few of the restaurant buyers and sellers who closed a deal in the last two months, and there are still more who will close before December 30th. 

As we look back at the restaurants for sale and restaurants sold in 2023, we see that the restaurant industry is alive with dynamic opportunities for both seasoned owners and those looking to make their mark in the culinary landscape. These testimonials and images not only offer a glimpse into the personal journeys of those who have successfully bought or sold their restaurants but also serve as a testament to the invaluable role that our Certified Restaurant Brokers play in the transaction process. If you're harboring dreams of owning a restaurant in 2024, take advantage of our free tools and templates for buying a restaurant to kickstart your journey.

For those restaurateurs contemplating retirement in the new year, connect with a Certified Restaurant Broker® near you for free and accurate restaurant evaluation. As we usher in the promise of a new year, let these stories inspire and propel you towards your aspirations in the restaurant industry.  

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