Breaking Records: We Sell Restaurants Honors Multi-Million Dollar and Million Dollar Top Producers

Posted by WSR Operations on May 16, 2023 5:52:12 PM


We Sell Restaurants recently recognized and celebrated the outstanding achievements of its top producers who reached remarkable milestones in their sales performance. These exceptional individuals have demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise, dedication, and professionalism, resulting in multi-million dollar and million dollar sales in the restaurant brokerage industry in 2022.

The group of multi-million dollar top producers at We Sell Restaurants represents the pinnacle of success in the field. These individuals have proven their exceptional abilities by facilitating restaurant sales that surpass the multi-million dollar mark. Their expertise in navigating complex transactions, industry knowledge, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service have established them as leaders in the restaurant brokerage industry.

In addition to the multi-million dollar top producers, We Sell Restaurants also recognized the extraordinary achievements of its million dollar top producers. These talented individuals have showcased their exceptional business brokerage skills by successfully closing restaurant sales amounting to one million dollars or more. Their dedication, negotiation prowess, and deep understanding of the restaurant industry have earned them this well-deserved recognition.

The success of these top producers is a testament to the firm’s commitment to one of its core values, “We Are the Brand and are Passionate About Sales Results.” Their achievements highlight the firm's commitment to delivering exceptional results for restaurant owners seeking to sell their businesses. Through their tireless efforts and exceptional sales acumen, they have not only facilitated successful transactions but also helped owners achieve their desired outcomes.

These exceptional restaurant brokers not only exemplify the highest standards of integrity and expertise but also showcased their exceptional business brokerage skills.  They were award the "Million Dollar" Top Producer Award and "Multi-Million Dollar" Top Producer Awards  by closing more than one million dollars in restaurant sales in the year 2022. Join us in recognizing and congratulating these individuals for their remarkable success in helping restaurant owners sell their businesses last year.

Million Dollar Club Award Winners:

Don Mason-1Don Mason: Multi-unit Franchise Partner for Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties in Tampa Clearwater/St Pete Florida, Don is a veteran of the restaurant industry and demonstrated expert in restaurant brokerage. 


Jeff Marcus

Jeff Marcus: With nearly 30 years of restaurant experience, Jeff is knowledgeable business broker with a developed understanding of the restaurant industry. He is the franchise Partner for We Sell Restaurants in the state of Colorado and Wyoming.


Ron Uphouse: Ron Uphouse is an agent of the Denver, Colorado franchise with a history of success in selling restaurants as a Certified Restaurant Broker. 

Bob Steinberger: Another agent of the Denver, Colorado franchise, Bob is Certified Restaurant Broker and expert in the Colorado restaurant market. 

Multi-Million Dollar Club Award Winners:

Steve WeinbaumSteve Weinbaum: A corporate agent, Steve Weinbaum is a Certified Restaurant Broker with over 30 years of experience in business, marketing, sales, and negotiating contracts. He has routinely demonstrated excellence in restaurant sales and is a valuable resource for buyers and sellers. 

Ken EisenbandKen Eisenband: As a seasoned professional in the restaurant brokerage industry, Ken Eisenband has consistently delivered exceptional results for his clients. Ken is the franchise partner for south Florida and trusted resource for buyers and sellers in the Broward County market. 

Justin Scotto-1Justin Scotto: Justin Scotto's strong work ethic and passion for helping clients achieve their goals have made him a standout performer in restaurant brokerage. He is a franchise partner in Charlotte, NC, as well as markets in South Carolina with a history of excellence in restaurant brokerage.

Scott Ruby-2Scott Ruby: Scott Ruby is the franchise partner in Minneapolis, MN. His extensive experience and deep understanding of the restaurant industry have helped countless buyers and sellers achieve their goals. 


Brittney GatesBrittney Gates: Brittney Gates is a valued agent of the corporate office with exceptional skills in restaurant brokerage. Her restaurant brokerage expertise and ability to forge strong connections with clients has translated to a track record of success


dave whitcombDave Whitcomb: Dave Whitcomb's dedication to providing exceptional service to his clients has made him a trusted advisor in restaurant brokerage. He is the franchise partner in Naples, FL, with more than three decades of direct restaurant experience. 


Dave DuceDave Duce: Dave Duce is the the franchise partner in Austin, TX. He is a seasoned business broker specializing in restaurants who has become a resource for buyers and sellers in his Texas markets. 


Chris Gordon: An agent of the Denver, CO franchise, Chris Gordon operates with a passion for the restaurant industry and a commitment to client success. He has achieved remarkable results in restaurant brokerage. 

Tony MiceliTony Miceli: In just his first year as a We Sell Restaurants Franchisee, Tony Miceli handled a multitude of successful deals in his Kansas City market. He has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry and continues to prove his exceptional skills in restaurant brokerage. 

Tabby HemphillTabby Hemphill: Tabby Hemphill's strong work ethic, combined with her deep market knowledge, has resulted in successful transactions and satisfied clients. She is a corporate agent and Franchise Business Consultant with a track record of success for buyers and sellers. 


The annual recognition of these multi-million dollar and million dollar top producers serves as a moment of celebration and inspiration for the entire team at We Sell Restaurants. It underscores the company's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and rewarding exceptional performance within its ranks. The dedication and hard work demonstrated by these top producers are an inspiration to all aspiring professionals in the restaurant brokerage industry.

We Sell Restaurants proudly recognizes and commends these outstanding professionals for their exceptional achievements in restaurant brokerage. Congratulations to all the top producers on their remarkable accomplishments, and here's to another year of helping buyers and sellers achieve their dreams!

About We Sell Restaurants:

 We Sell Restaurants is the nation’s largest business broker franchise focused exclusively on the sale of restaurants, with over two decades of experience in helping buy, sell and lease hospitality locations. We Sell Restaurants and its franchisees have sold thousands of restaurants across the country and maintain a listing inventory of more than $220 million online at their powerhouse restaurant for sale marketplace, including independent and restaurant franchises for sale. We Sell Restaurants is offering franchise opportunities for their brand in select market areas.

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