Bites of Success: Real Stories from July & August's Restaurant Deals

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Every restaurant carries its own story, from the inspired vision of its inception to the passionate patrons it serves daily. But sometimes, the most exhilarating chapters are those of transition—when establishments find new hands to uphold their legacy or shape a fresh vision. As we embrace the golden hues of late summer, July and August of 2023 have been bustling with such stories. Here are a few of the restaurants we helped transition to new ownership in the last two months:

Listing #8994, Miceli's RestaurantMicelis 8994

Location: Matlacha, FL

"Dave is a super nice guy and so easy to work with. Highly recommend.'
- David Lane, buyer

"Excellent job and amazing work came easy with Dave. You WON'T be let down!"
- Vinny Miceli, seller

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Dave Whitcomb with buyers and sellers of Miceli's Restaurant


9823 Common Grounds-1Listing #9823, Common Grounds

Location: Camden County, NJ

Two other local brokers declined this listing, saying it wasn't big enough for them. We Sell Restaurants closed a deal in just 100 days!

"Our experience with you and We sell Restaurants was excellent! You were knowledgeable, thorough and a pleasure to work with! Your attention to detail was top notch. I would highly recommend anyone looking to sell their business to work with you and your team"

- Laura Byers, seller


Listing #9435, The Lights Café 9435 The Lights Cafe

Location: Columbia, SC

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker Justin Scotto with buyers and sellers of The Lights Café 






9588 buyers RicciosListing #9588, Riccio's

Location: Charlotte, NC

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Justin Scotto with buyers




9588 Seller RicciosPictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Justin Scotto with seller







8581 taco and tequila (2)

Listing #8581, Taco & Tequila Mexican Restaurant

Location: Lincolnton, NC

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Justin Scotto with buyers and sellers of Taco & Tequila Mexican Restaurant

"My Partner in business and I are totally satisfied with We Sell Restaurants. Justin Scotto and all his team are  very efficient and professional. Our Restaurant was sold in less time than we could think. We would not hesitate to work with this brokerage firm again.
- Lucy Dorantes, seller


Listing #8725, Tifa Chocolate & Gelato8725 Tifa Chocolate and Gelato

Location: Charlotte, NC

Pictured: Certified Restaurant Broker® Justin Scotto with the owner of Tifa Chocolate & Gelato





Listing #9680, Southern Routes Catering9680 Southern Routes Catering

Location: Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for your assistant in closing the sell of our café space to Wesley Smith. We sell restaurants was professional and detailed all the way through."

- Adam Maddox, seller



The testimonials from July and August 2023 reveal a common thread: our Certified Restaurant Brokers prioritize a customer service experience worth sharing in every transaction. If you've ever wondered what your restaurant might be worth, now is the time to learn its value. Schedule your free consultation today

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