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Posted by Eric Gagnon on Dec 8, 2010 4:51:00 PM

Atlanta Restaurant Brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon key in on marketing ideas to help drive sales for restaurant owners.  Don't cut those marketing budgets yet.

We Sell Restaurants founders discuss the critical role of marketing to the struggling restaurant operator.  As the recession has lingered for so many restaurant owners, those marketing dollars look like a great place to cut.  Not so fast say these restaurant brokers in their weekly segment with Donna Rodriquez of Dishing with Donna on AM920 WGKA Radio.  


Marketing dollars may not result in an immediate return but they definitely pay off for the long run.  We Sell Restaurants recommends you carefully look at the dollars you are spending and consider reallocating funds before you cut back altogether.

If you're still running the same old ad in the newspaper or doing direct mail targeted lists, maybe it's time to freshen your approach with electronic coupon companies that specialize in the industry like Groupon or Scoutmob.  Sites like this give you instant trackable results that you can tie back to real volume taking place at your business.

The days of relying on paper coupons are virtually over so a reinvention might be needed if you're still focused on this approach.  In addition, social media marketing avenues like Facebook and Twitter also delivers targeted diners to your restaurant if the offer is compelling.  Some key ideas to remember are to always make sure you're tracking those valuable marketing dollars.  Don't be afraid to experiment and be creative in your approach.  Just don't cut marketing dollars altogether. 

We Sell Restaurants also shared the good news that all four Derby locations in Atlanta have been sold by the firm. The sale  has culminated in new life for a well known local chain of sports bars.  All four Derby sports bar locations have been acquired by a new owner including Nesbit Ferry Road in Alpharetta, the Hammond Drive location in Sandy Springs, the Spalding Drive location in Norcross and the Sugar Hill location on Suwannee Dam Road.

The sports bars which bill themselves as "great food, great sports and great entertainment" will now be under the ownership of a new corporation with seasoned operators at the helm.

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