Loan Programs

We Sell Restaurants is happy to refer you to a Small Business Administration (SBA) lender that offers a competitive loan program.  Ideal for financing your restaurant purchase including transfer fees, working capital and inventory.  

A Small Business loan has great advantages over conventional financing including:

  • Lower down payment to conserve cash for your business
  • Longer terms - up to 7 years for working capital, 10 years for equipment, and 25 years for real estate
  • Lower monthly loan payment
  • Amortizing terms - no balloon 
  • Loans $350,000 or less approved in hours, larger loans approved in days

We'll refer you today to an experienced finance team that walks you through the entire loan process.

Fast approvals and underwriting on loans up to $5 million
Low-doc closings with a strong sense of urgency

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SBA Loans

We Sell Restaurants has SBA Lenders dedicated to growing businesses across the nation by providing flexible, fast financing.

Our lenders get you on the FAST Track, approving loans from $50,000 and up in less time. 

We Sell Restaurants is dedicated to finding a specialist to find your SBA lending needs

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Whether you are an experienced restaurant operator or new to the business of purchasing a restaurant, working with an experienced brokerage firm helps you eliminate the guess work.  Contact We Sell Restaurants today at 1-888-814-8226 or 404 800 6700 to speak to a Certified Restaurant Broker.


A Buyer's Must Read

Want more information on how to buy a restaurant? Read the industry textbook on buying restaurants, Appetite for Acquisition.

This 352 page book is a guidebook on how to buy a restaurant.  Described in the business as "the definitive guide for anyone looking to enter the restaurant industry." Appetite for Acquisition was Winner of the Small Business Book Award.


Need More Buying Advice?

Check out the blog offered by We Sell Restaurants that offers industry news, buying, and selling restaurant insight.

Not a reader? Check out our YouTube channel for the latest video information on how to buy or sell a restaurant.