Do You Have an Appetite for Acquisition_

This Award Winning Book by the Restaurant Brokers teaches you how to buy a restaurant in a way that is less painful, more profitable, and delivers a better return on your investment. 

Six out of every ten startup restaurants fail. Your restaurant should not be one of them. Veteran industry experts and restaurant brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon present their guide to buy it - not build it so you can beat the odds. 

Buy this book BEFORE you buy a restaurant!  Available today at the special price of just $24.99 plus shipping.

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What this Book Offers

The 10 Reasons you should NOT buy a Restaurant: Why the Landlord is NOT your Friend, The Restaurant Broker's "Rule of Three" for buying a franchise resale, What to request in due diligence, Why to buy a restaurant versus building one, How to prepare yourself for buying a restaurant and much more! 

  • Named "Best of" by Small Business Book Awards
  • 5-Star Amazon Book Reviews
  • Free forms and Documents

A Book for All Buyers

Whether you are an experienced restaurant buyer or just thinking about getting into the business, Appetite for Acquisition delivers the advice you need before writing that first check or committing to a purchase contract.  This book will benefit you and dramatically transform your decisions about how to buy, how much to pay, how to conduct due diligence and avoid costly mistakes. 

All Skill Levels

Appetite for Acquisition consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’re a home chef and fan of Food Network or a professional chef and Culinary School graduate.   This book will benefit you and dramatically transform your approach to buying a restaurant.  Avoid the pitfalls and set your business up for success.  Don't buy a restaurant before reading Appetite for Acquisition.