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Restaurant Brokers Interview Beer Specialists!

Posted by WSR Operations on Apr 3, 2015 5:46:46 PM

April 3, 2015- Bottoms Up! Today the restaurant brokers are getting the scoop on what is on tap in the world of beer.  A drink with a rich legacy is getting a lot of attention from customers, social media and marketers alike. - How are local breweries, craft breweries and flavor profiles changing the traditional marketplace? Join us as we interview the owners of your favorite brewery
Ryan Macina of ‘World Of Beer’ gives his unbiased view from a retail perspective – representing almost 30 breweries only in the Atlanta area, Ryan thinks the tap really depends on the seasons; with seasons the consumers flavor demand changes and so does the beer. The consumer does want change!
Zak of SweetWater Brewery describes the beer industry as “changing” and “growing”. Drawing a parallel to the food industry, Zak believes the beer industry is going hand in hand with the food industry and evolving with time. Is it changing for the best? – Join the restaurant brokers and find out!
Erika of DRAFT Magazine shares her expertise on the matter and says that the “availability of flavor” from a consumer perspective is UNBELIEVABLE! Erika thinks the experimentation with spices and other food ingredients in the production of beer is what is keeping everyone at the top of their game. Producers are not only coming up with new flavors, but are resurrecting all the classic styles of beer.
Join the restaurant brokers and these experts on Breweries as they discuss what is on the tab in the world of beer! Tune into the entire restaurant radio show live on Atlanta radio station WGKA 920 The Answer on Saturday at noon or the rebroadcast Sunday at 1 PM on Biz 1190.
This Week’s Guests:
Ryan Macina
Ryan grew up in the Tampa/Clearwater Florida area.  He worked in the hospitality industry, restaurants and bars to get himself through college.  Being in the right place at the right time, he was introduced to the owners of WOB and became their very first employee back in 2007.  When he’s not working, you’ll find him on his mountain bike blazing new trails!

Zak Schroerlucke
An Atlanta native who's held quite a few positions at SweetWater over the last seven years.  I started as a "parking guy"' when I was in college, worked my way into giving tours, became our bar and events manager and now run field marketing in Atlanta and Athens as well as assist in many other departments throughout the brewery. Community outreach is my favorite part of what I do. Anytime I get to connect with the community, especially through environmental organizations like The Georgia Conservancy or Waterkeeper Alliance, it gives me a feeling of fulfillment I don't get anywhere else. I can truly say I have a dream job.
Erika Rietz

Erika Rietz is the founder and editor of DRAFT Magazine. She started her career in journalism as a senior editor in the financial sector and as an editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine. In 2006, at the age of 26, Erika launched DRAFT Magazine, with the intention of speaking to a newly emerging craft beer audience with an eye toward lifestyle, or, “Life on Tap.” DRAFT taps into the freshest flavors, unique experiences and emerging trends in beer, plus food, travel and leisure for a 360-degree view of the modern drinker’s lifestyle. Erika grew up in Owatonna, Minn., and attended the University of Virginia. She lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., with her husband, Dr. David Fusco, a neurosurgeon. Active in her community, she’s worked as a group facilitator for grieving teens and is President of the Arcadia Figure Skating Club.

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